okay but instead of confused/”im not GAY” lance, and oblivious/dense keith, and klance keeping their relationship secret/being over-the-top in denial consider this:

lance? figures himself out and is chill with his sexuality, or has known he’s not straight for a long time. keith? he isn’t blind he’s had crushes before he picks up on the cues.

they’ve both grown over time, they’ve both chilled out, they’ve both slowly gotten closer and built up their teamwork and their friendship and they both realize when they want something more and they both aren’t afraid or ashamed to let their trusted teammates see this side of them and see them being romantic and being in a relationship and being happy

Would You Be My Wife (Part 2)

Summary: Bucky needs a way to get rid of his one night stands and decides to offer you a place to stay in exchange for you to pretend to be his wife who has caught him cheating. (Modern-Day AU drabble series)

Word Count: 562

Warnings: None 

Part 1

A/N: Omg hope you guys like!

Originally posted by allsebstan

The door slammed closed, leaving behind silence. You turned towards Bucky, crossing your arms over your chest. “Are you that desperate to get rid of the women you sleep with?”

“They’re clingy!” he answered, shivering at the thought of having to deal with the woman for another second. You shook your head, prompting Bucky’s lips to split into a wide grin. “You did great, though! What do you say we do this every weekend?”

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It’s Friday night, I’m bored, and I want to give you all some of my favorite (in no particular order) Stucky Big Bang 2016 fics. Because good fic should never go unread. (And really, if you haven’t checked these out yet, you should.)


nectar of the gods (and witches too) by witchbarnes / @brickhousebuck (E | 26329 | 1/1)
Summary: the one where Steve owns a coffee shop, Bucky’s a greenwitch, and neither of them are okay, but they’re trying to be.

you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all by biblionerd07 / @biblionerd07 (T | 15225 | 1/1)
Summary: Steve and Bucky aren’t really much of a Steve and Bucky anymore these days. Steve’s sure it’s because Bucky doesn’t see himself as the same guy who used to love Steve. In a desperate attempt to prove him wrong, Steve begs Bucky to go on a road trip together, the way they used to dream about, and does his best to remind Bucky of who he is.

Never Talk to Strangers by mambo / @whtaft (T | 40440 | 1/1)
Summary: Never Talk to Strangers: or; How a Forgotten Childhood Lesson Led Bucky Barnes to Appreciate Charlie Chaplin, Befriend an A.I., Slip on Soap Bubbles, Be Mistaken for a Succubus, and Try to Woo a Superhero.

Yours ‘Til the End of the Line by Hobbit69 (E | 44961 | 15/15)
Summary: Bucky and Steve were best friends who fell out of touch after high school (Steve went on to medical school and Bucky went into the Army) and reconnect. When Bucky is hit by a drunk driver on his motorcycle, he is rushed to the nearest medical facility, where Steve is the surgeon on call.

Captain Fantastic and the Pineapple King by buckyfuckybarnes / @bucky-fucky-barnes (T | 30624 | 1/1)
Summary: In which Steve is saved from his ex in a grocery store, Bucky Barnes is Way Too Chill about absolutely everything, and Sam has had enough of all of these goddamn pineapples in his fucking house. Or: The five times Steve received a pineapple (and one Piña Colada) and the one time he didn’t.

Lucky Seven by BetteNoire (WeAreWolves) (E | 94364 | 13/13)
Summary: Captain America trashes his motorcycle a lot. Tony says he’ll fix it, then never gets around to it and just buys him a new one. Steve, the Depression-era kid, can’t stand the waste and goes looking for somewhere near him in Brooklyn where he can get his bike fixed. That’s how he finds Red Star Bike Repair, and the hot Russian-immigrant bike racer who runs it: all long hair and muscles and tattoos. And for the first time since he woke from the ice, Steve feels a connection to someone; a comfort in the other man’s silences and his space, an attraction in his sheer skill at racing. But James Barnes isn’t exactly who he seems…


Civilians, GDI by relenafanel / @relenafanel (E | 2001 | 1/?) 
Summary: Special Agent Bucky Barnes doesn’t think of himself as a hero. He’s dedicated to his career, and if that keeps him far away from home, all the better. His parents think that he should get a less dangerous job and meet a nice Brooklyn girl (or boy) to settle down with. In Brooklyn.That sounds like Bucky’s definition of a living hell. He’s been running from it for years.Enter Steve Rogers. Brooklyn boy. Not always nice. Hot as hell. And a temptation Bucky can’t resist, even after their initial failure of a meeting.

A Contest of Stories by alby_mangroveshansbekhart, & Scappodaqui / @albymangroves (fantastic art), @hansbekhart, @samtalksfunny (NR | 21245 | 4/?)
Summary: All actions in war take place in an atmosphere of uncertainty, or the “fog of war.” Uncertainty pervades battle in the form of unknowns about the enemy, about the environment, and even about the friendly situation. While we try to reduce these unknowns by gathering information, we must realize that we cannot eliminate them—or even come close. The very nature of war makes certainty impossible; all actions in war will be based on incomplete, inaccurate, or even contradictory information. 

Having said this, we realize that it is precisely those actions that seem improbable that often have the greatest impact on the outcome of war. (Warfighting, Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 1)


The first time it happens is 53 days after the wedding.

Sherlock wakes just after 7am to a text from Lestrade: a body with no head has been found in the back of an abandoned lorry in Islington. Brilliant. He has a quick wash, returns to his room to throw on the same shirt and trousers he wore yesterday because no one will notice, and he’s back down the hall and almost at the door when he is stopped in his tracks.

By John. Asleep. On the couch.

On no particular Wednesday morning, John Watson is asleep on the couch. He’s on his stomach, facing the room, his head pillowed on his jacket, snoring lightly and otherwise motionless.

Sherlock blinks as the possibilities ping around his brain at light speed. He has a theory, but will need more data.

So he leaves it for now and instead moves quietly down the stairs and hails a cab.

* * * * *

John isn’t there when Sherlock gets back from Islington later that afternoon, and isn’t there the next morning, and hasn’t texted to say Oh by the way I slept on your couch last night and I know you know because you were gone when I left, and so Sherlock, heeding Mycroft’s repeated lessons about boundaries (which consist of Mycroft saying “Boundaries, Sherlock,” in that sing-song tone of his), leaves it alone.

The next time it happens is 18 days after the first time. Mycroft insisted that they visit their parents for the weekend - “It is their anniversary, Sherlock” - and Sherlock petulantly refuses to spend two hours with him in the back of a car on Friday night but agrees to take the first train Saturday morning.

So he’s trying to leave the flat at 5:15am and of course it’s raining and as he moves into the living room to grab his laptop from the desk he’s calculating how long it will take him to get a cab and he stops because there’s John again, on the couch, asleep, in very nearly the exact same position.

Sherlock stares at him but just for a second because he really is worried about finding a cab and if he misses the train Mycroft will seethe the entire weekend. He slips out.

His theory has crossed the line into balance of probability.

* * * * *

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anonymous asked:

Hey! For the prompts, can you do " I found the ring when I was moving my stuff out of your apartment and now everything makes sense" with wolfstar pleeeease?


Awkward was an understatement. Knife-cutting tension couldn’t have begun to describe it. Remus wanted to die and Sirius wanted to flee and both of these facts were more than apparent to the other as they tiptoed around each other.

Remus cleared his throat, switching the cardboard box he had brought from one arm to the other, feeling helplessly uncomfortable in this once so familiar entrance hall. Remus turned to shut the door behind him, and as his hand lingered on the wood he had a fleeting image of the feeling of it being pressed suddenly to his spine and Sirius’ lips aggressive against his own. He blinked, turned, and saw that Sirius was instead standing a good four steps away from him.


Remus was painfully aware of the light buzzing over their heads.

Sirius rubbed at the back of his neck. He had cut his hair shorter than Remus had ever seen it, and the skin was now visible, and slightly paler than the rest of him, “Hey.”

How are you?

No, he didn’t want to linger. What was the point, anyway. It didn’t matter how Sirius was, he’d likely never see him again after this. And if he did… he’d make sure it never happened again. It was too much.

“I- Did you get my message? I called- I said-”

Sirius was looking somewhere on the carpet. Remus vaguely registered that he was maybe tracing the pattern with his eyes - anything to avoid looking at Remus, “I got your message. Most of your stuff is probably in the bedroom.”

Remus swallowed, tightening his grip on the box before realizing he was crushing it and loosening his hand again, “Right. Okay.”

Sirius turned without another word and disappeared into the kitchen. He heard him flick a burner on for tea. The sound was too familiar, too painful. Remus hurried into the bedroom - an action, he realized too late, sent no less of a pain ricocheting off his ribs.

He tried not to look at the bed too closely, which was, of course, unmade, nor peer into the bathroom where he just knew there would be water all over the floor from Sirius’ most recent shower. He desperately marched himself right into the small closet, letting his box drop at his feet and letting out a breath. He leaned his forehead against the cool wood of a shelf, feeling it dig in slightly to his scull, before setting to work. He didn’t have much left here, but it was enough that he had missed it. A few t-shirts, some jeans, and that one sweatshirt. The red one with the yellow lion print nearly faded off. Looking at his now bare shelves he frowned, and turned to Sirius’ side. He didn’t have it so it had to be here.

He had rifled through no more than two stacks (or more piles given what Sirius considered “folding”) when his hand touched something hard. It was wedged between two t-shirts. Remus pushed the top half of the pile aside and withdrew his hand, flattening his fingers to reveal a small velvet box resting on his palm.

The sight had Remus’ heart beating in his throat in a second.

Cufflinks, surely. He thought. Or maybe a very small watch. Earrings for Lily.

He shouldn’t open it. It wasn’t for him, it couldn’t be for him. It had been weeks now, three weeks to be exact, and that night-

The night he left.

Sirius would have said something… He would have said something…


Remus felt like the world was tipping backwards, then sideways, then throwing him forward and he leant into the shelves, fingers hovering over the lid. The box made a soft pop when he opened it.

And it wasn’t cufflinks. Or a small watch. Or earrings.

There, nestled in a silky cushion of white, was a ring. A golden, slim, ring with a shining surface all around except for the top center. Remus fingers felt numb as he plucked the ring from the box, and rubbed his thumb over the small crescent moon engraved there.

The message was clear.


It was his.

He dropped the box, his fingers tightened on the ring, his mind reeled.

It was like he was thrown into last month: how distant Sirius had suddenly become, how jumpy. How he practically tackled Remus when he went to answer his phone for him… And that last trip that had ended it all, that had started the last fight… That bag he had held behind his back.

Remus heard the floor creak from behind him.

“Um. Sorry, you were just… taking a long time. I wondered if-“

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

He heard Sirius shuffle slightly from behind him, clear his throat, “Sorry?”

Remus turned before he could stop himself, ring clutched helplessly between two fingers. He watched Sirius’ eyes widen slightly, immediately, and for the first time, going to Remus’ face.

Remus repeated himself, “Why. Didn’t you say anything.”

Sirius just stared at him for a few moments. His eyes flitted from the ring, to Remus, to the ring, and back again. And then his shoulders sagged, his eyebrows drew together. Remus suddenly saw how tired he looked and wondered how he hadn’t noticed before.


Sirius.” Remus ignored the slight crack in his own voice. Because this isn’t a ring this is a future. A future he’d kill for.

“What would I have said?” Sirius threw his arms out and let them fall back to his sides, “What would I have said, Remus? You’d been picking fights with me for a month about secrets when all I was trying to do was-“ Sirius let out a breath and looked sadly at the ring, “I started to think that maybe you wouldn’t… maybe you didn’t- want.. me. Like that.”

Sirius.” Remus exploded, thundering a few steps out of the closet, “You could have said fucking anything. Try just the word ‘ring’! Try ‘wait, stop, let me explain’! Here’s a thought, how about you try, ‘Remus, marry me’-“Remus felt so small even though he had to look down slightly at Sirius. He felt tears prick at his eyes, he heard them, thick, in his words, “Fuck. Why didn’t you just-“ He blinked the tears away angrily and looked desperately at Sirius’, “Why didn’t you just- just throw it at me and I would have understood and we would have-“ Remus let out a breath that was more tears than air, “And I would have-“

Stayed. I would have stayed.

Remus didn’t realize Sirius was crying until he blinked and a tear dropped down his cheek. He didn’t realize Sirius was carefully taking the ring from him until his fingers were pinching at nothing. He didn’t realize Sirius was lowering himself down onto one knee until Remus was really looking down at him. He didn’t realize what was happening until Sirius said his name.


Sirius glanced down at the ring, thumb rubbing over the grooves of the moon, “Moons…” He said softly, and looked back to Remus. He bit his lip in what Remus realized was the beginning of a smile. And suddenly Sirius didn’t look so tired and worn down anymore. No, as he took Remus’ hand, as he held the ring forward, glinting in the light from the bulb in the closet, he looked the opposite. He looked nearly radiant.

“Marry me, Moons.” His grip tightened, he dropped to both knees, looking almost urgent, “So you can never walk out that door on me again… Marry me.”

Remus let out a watery laugh that could have been a gasp for air too. He hadn’t realized he had been holding his breath. He looked for words. He really did, but in the end, he just ended up dropping to his knees right in front of Sirius and kissing him hard on the mouth like it had been months. Really, they’d almost already forgotten that it had been months.

Sirius’ palms pressed into his back, pulling him against his chest, and when Remus’ hands pressed themselves to Sirius’ neck, he felt something cool and metallic pressing into his ring finger.

He pulled away just enough to be able to mumble something against Sirius’ lips, “How the hell did you manage to get that on without me noticing?”

He felt Sirius grin, leaning backwards, against the bed, pulling Remus with him so he was straddling his thighs, “I have my ways.”

Remus just shook his head, fisting the soft material of Sirius’ shirt to pull him back in-

Remus froze, pulling back and glancing down.

Hey. S’my sweatshirt.”

“Mhm.” Sirius tried to capture his lips again.

“My favorite.”

Sirius glanced down briefly, before shrugging half heartedly and running a thumb over Remus’ bottom lip, “I missed you..”

Remus tilted his chin forward, leaning into he touch, and then tugged Sirius’ hand away to kiss Sirius again. He felt familiar and warm and there was so much relief flooding through Remus’ system he thought he would explode.

He supposed Sirius could keep the sweatshirt. After all, he was the one with the ring.

Wirt laughing while grading his students’ papers Friday night, and Dipper bringing him some hot cocoa and being all like, hey, baby, I’m pretty sure those papers can wait for a day or two, it’s Friday night, relax! But Wirt will be all like, oh my gosh, you just look at what Tim wrote here! And they would eventually proceed to grade everything, cause Dipper would get into this as well, since he’s a writer and all that. Just a nice evening! So yeah, this is a story behind this art.

Reading Sterek #12

Everything I read this week: August 9 - August 26


  • Tinder AU by @sterekseason​ 360 G
    • Human AU where English teacher Derek’s overbearing sisters make him a Tinder profile and he matches with Deputy Stiles Stilinski.
  • At Home AO3 by hazelNuts / @fandom-madnessess 423 G
    • Derek comes back to Beacon Hills and the pack welcomes him home.
  • That’s not my hand by @thesushiowl 468 G
    • “So, kanima packs are a thing,” Stiles muttered into Derek’s thick neck where his face was unwillingly buried. “That’s kind of awesome.”
  • Hey by @eeyore9990 476 G
    • Derek waited, his eyes squeezed closed, breath trapped in his lungs. He felt the brush of long, cool fingers along the side of his neck and then… nothing.
  • It happened on a Thursday by @cloudyskiesandcurlyfries 565 G
    • It happened on a Thursday. Derek was walking down the cereal aisle of the grocery store when he absentmindedly grabbed a box of Cheerios and a box of Lucky Charms. 
  • Cooking Class by @omgsterekplease 597 G
    • I need someone like Kira heading the class and she convinced Stiles to come because she’s a little nervous speaking in front of a group and Scott volunteered his only friend with a kid to be there as moral support and Stiles’ kid adores her anyway.
  • Frayed and Free AO3 by nogitsune_lichen / @nogitsunelichen 700 G❤
  • Raised by Wolves by @sophielostandfound 705 G
    • And the one that nearly no one who knows him believes, because he is a teenage boy, because he is a teenage Stiles; the he totally thinks babies are the most adorable, and he that wants to squish all their little faces til they let out that little baby giggle.
  • ❤Soulmates AU by @demisexualhale​ 785 G❤
    • The first time it happens, he’s standing in the bathroom, toweling himself off. He turned sixteen a few days ago and his stomach still spikes with anxiety every time he thinks about it; maybe it’ll happen today.
  • Summer ‘11 Headcanon by @stilinskihaleworld 813 G
    • I like to imagine that after Lydia and Jackson get back together, Stiles looks for anything possible to distract himself from the disappointment.
  • The One With The Grocery List by @lacrimadraconis 838 G
    • “Scott. Scott! SCOTT!” Stiles was knocking on his best friend’s door frantically, voice getting louder and more agitated as the seconds ran by until a very confused and sleepy looking Scott finally opened.
  • Good Literature by @redhoodedwolf 847 G
    • Berkeley isn’t that far from Beacon Hills, but it feels so much farther when his Jeep is no longer fit to drive long distances and he has to find a different way to get to and from school. 
  • Party Dog by @redhoodedwolf 881 G
    • There’s a dude just sitting on the floor, petting the giant dog that had just walked in. The majority of the crowd of party-goers had made a wide path for the dog to pass through, as that thing was monstrously sized, though skinny with short fur, and admittedly a tad scary looking. 
  • Perfect in Any Version AO3 by mountain_ash / @stilinskihaleworld 894 G
    • Derek could hear as the Jeep’s harsh rattle died away and Stiles hopped out onto the gravel drive. He gnawed on his lip as he debated whether he would actually go through with his plan.
  • Shrek AU by @ladydrace​ 1,008 G
    • Stiles, who is temporarily a donkey (it wasn’t his fault, honest, fairy aunts are so sensitive, seriously), decides not to let that stand in his way in his quest to save the lovely Lydia from the clutches of the nasty dragon! 
  • This Has to Stop by @crossroadswrite 1,022 G
    • “This has to stop,” Stiles says, looking down at his blood soaked feet in disgust and then back up at Derek who is stubbornly trying to drag a deer into his house, even though it’s clear that the thing can’t fit through Stiles’ back door.
  • Kittens and Cuddles by @cloudyskiesandcurlyfries 1,088 G
    • Derek was heading up to his front door when he heard meowing. He was almost certain it was coming from inside his house, which was odd because he and Stiles didn’t own a cat.
  • Stupidly Beautiful by @demisexualhale 1,383 G
    • Derek is kind of stupidly beautiful.Stiles has noticed it before, of course he has. It’s kind of impossible not to.
  • ❤Catch Me AO3 by Inell / @inell 1,600 G❤
    • Derek trusts Stiles to catch him.
  • Gotta Shake or Break by @ladydrace 1,852 Explicit
    • Stiles is shaking. Not just a little bit of shivering, no, a full-body shake that ebbs and flows with every breath, but he assures Derek repeatedly that it’s okay, he wants this. Derek’s senses can’t catch a lie, and Stiles certainly gives every indication of wanting to proceed.
  • Thankful AO3 by nogitsune_lichen / @nogitsunelichen 2,140 G❤
    • Derek didn’t protest when she stormed out of the station. Hell he deserved for her to leave too…he didn’t deserve to have her. What he’s done is unforgivable. He’s the reason Peter is comatose in the hospital. He’s the reason his ten other family members are six feet under in one empty casket because there wasn’t enough remains to bury them properly.
  • Take Me HIGHer AO3 by 42hrb / @sterekseason​ 2,156 Explicit
    • Stiles gives Derek a birthday present and they both end up getting more than expected.
  • ❤Adorable by @demisexualhale 2,174 G❤
    • There’s a guy in Stiles’ class that’s driving him insane.Stiles only has one class with him and there’s no way that Stiles should be as infatuated with him as he is, but god, he is. 
  • Remain Nameless by @omgsterekplease 2,366 G❤
    • “You’ve got to be kidding me.” It’s hot as Satan’s balls, barely eleven o’clock, and Derek is fucking done. “Officer Calves, paging Officer Calves, come-in, please,” she says, annoying and nasal and hidden behind her hand. 
  • They’ll Be Calling You a Radical AO3 by dragon_temeraire / @dragon-temeraire 2,416 T
    • Derek is just trying to save the wolves. Wolves are great, okay?
  • ❤Smooth Like Your Face by @cobrilee 2,525 T❤
    • Derek doesn’t even have to look up to know it’s Stiles who’s leaning against his counter, one hip pressed into the formica while he lifts one of the packages of chocolate-covered coffee beans, ostensibly to study it, but really just to focus his attention on something else while he announces, “Your hand looks heavy. You should let me hold it.”
  • Alpha Merman by @loserchildhotpants 2,622 G
    • Stiles comes to coughing up some water and turning over on a rigid, porous rock. He looks out at the shore blearily and sees the Jeep, but no sign of Scott.
  • Wishful Thinking AO3 by Inell / @inell 2,690 T
    • Stiles needs to learn how to think before he speaks so he doesn’t risk ruining a wonderful friendship with Derek due to his stupid feelings.
  • Accidental Boyfriend by @stileshale 2,875 G
    • Stiles lets himself into Derek’s apartment, calling out a hello as he dumps Derek’s mail on the side. It’s not an unusual habit, Stiles spotting Derek’s scant bills and correspondence in his mailbox and grabbing it for him on the way up. 
  • ❤Need You Close by @halekingsourwolf 2,917 G❤
    • “You can’t possibly be blaming me for this.” Derek aims a dry look Stiles’ way. It’s an effort with Stiles plastered grudgingly to his chest like this, their arms wrapped around each other while Stiles’ body slowly stops quaking.
  • Like Real People Do by @omghoechlinplease 3,043 G❤
    • The road trip to New York was Stiles’s idea. Derek was only in Beacon Hills to visit the pack for a week or so in June for their graduation but ended up extending the trip at everyone’s insistence.
  • ❤Fireman!Derek AU by @pantstomatch 3,783 G❤
    • Stiles is not stuck. To random passers-by it could appear that he is stuck, but he’s completely capable of getting down off this motherfucking tree all by himself.
  • ❤Happy Accident AO3 by haleofStilesheart / @hale-of-stiles-heart 4,118 Explicit❤
    • He was about to send another message when he realized that autocorrect had royally fucked him over by changing your pick to your dick. 
  • ❤Shower Boyfriends AO3 by paintedrecs (bon) / @paintedrecs 4,761 T❤
    • Derek likes sticking to his routines: they give his days structure and keep his goals on track. His carefully maintained habits have never been more important than at college, and by his second year, he’s gotten everything exactly the way he wants it. 
  • ❤You’re Going to be Fine by @stilesbansheequeen NA G❤
    • For a frightening moment, Stiles has no idea what happened. All he knows is that the last hellhound  the pack is fighting just tackled him, that his bat flew out of his hands, and that his shoulder just made a terrifying sound as he hit the ground. 

AO3 Fics

Disney Movie

Word Count: 575

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None. Maybe language?

A/N: Written for week 13 of @one-shots-supernatural ‘s hiatus writing challenge. Prompt: “Are you…watching a Disney movie?” 

Today had been complete and utter crap. Not because of any hunts gone wrong or anything horrible. It was just an off day. You were laying on your stomach across the bed you shared with Dean and watching your current favorite movie, Frozen. Sure, you were an adult, but it didn’t mean you couldn’t love that stupid movie.

You were softly singing the lyrics to ‘Let It Go’ along with Elsa when you heard Dean’s footsteps in the hall. You abruptly paused the movie but it was too late, he’d definitely seen and heard you. “Why’d you pause it?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow. “It’s your favorite ‘had a bad day’ movie.”

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RBB is like the phoenix, rising from its ashes all the time. We all remember how much happiness it brought during WWA. It was surrounded by security guys and police officers. It had an official twitter, advertised underneath, followed by Josh.

Then the twitter was gone in 3 days and there was so much tension, a fricking Eric the palm tree constantly drinking vodka was able to stay, but not a rainbow stuffed bear. 

Then the bear disappeared, and Harry sang the first line of I will survive. 

Then it came back for OTRA, pumping new hope into the fandom, officially associated with the band (again). Thanks Josh. And they sang I will survive during OTRA as well.

Then it disappeared for a while, showed up at random concerts.

We had no RBB at the first post-Attitude concert, but we had plenty afterwards.

Then they had a twitter created around the cancelled concert, then it was deleted sometime this year.

And it’s impossible to explain how much joy it brings every time it comes back. It’s such a big fuck you to anyone thinking they can beat these smart boys. 

It’s like a message that they will win it all. And they will.

So I know I said I wasn’t gonna post stuff because I was going to London today but some people *coughs* @pale-silver-comb and @loveactually-rps *coughs* wanted a prequel/sequel to yesterday’s ficlet so here we go!

Read this first

TW: Panic attack, Kate Argent

Derek has never really felt much for the letters appearing on people’s arm. It seems like a roundabout way for the universe to bring people together, and it’s not even foolproof. How do you know for sure if the person who says they’re your soulmate is actually your soulmate?

Besides, age gaps are annoying. The thought-sharing only happens after both people have reached the age of sixteen and right now Derek is nineteen and he still hasn’t seen his soulmate’s thoughts.

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superfuckmelamps  asked:

Just wanted to say I loveeee switchblade and thank you so much for writing it. I love your writing and all the prompts you do. Just wondering what you though about Neil having a nightmare that Andrew died and left him like his mom. Maybe some ooc comforting or just the hand neck thing reassuring Neil that Andrews right there he didn't go anywhere

aw, thank you, glad you enjoy my writing! little post-canon nightmare fic for you:

Andrew woke up to the mattress shifting as Neil levered himself out of bed.  There was no explanation for where he was going – there usually wasn’t.  Neil wasn’t as good with words as he liked to think he was, especially when he woke himself up in the night.

Andrew, who preferred silence anyway, waited until the aching urge to just close his eyes and sleep again faded, and then dragged himself upright.  He grabbed his hoodie from where it was sprawled over the top of the dresser and put it on, folding his pack of cigarettes into the pocket before following.

The entire apartment was still dark, but the sliding door to the balcony was cracked open to let in the sound of the street below.  Andrew went to it, ignoring the bite of cold air across his bare feet. He made sure his steps sounded on the floor as he walked.

Neil had folded himself down into the spot between the lonely outdoor chair they’d inherited from the last tenants and the railing, a black shape huddled in on itself.  Andrew reached for the light switch just inside the door.

Don’t,” Neil said roughly, hearing the tap of Andrew’s nails against the plastic.  

Part of Andrew wanted to anyway – there was nothing for Neil in the dark and the cold.  He didn’t because he could just make out the bowed line of Neil’s neck, curved down, the press of his arm to his scarred left cheek.  This was less run-and-hide than it was reaching for control.  And when it came to coping methods, Andrew didn’t have much of a leg to stand on, even compared to Neil.

He stepped out onto the balcony but didn’t get close, dropping the pack of cigarettes on the ground within Neil’s reach so the lighter inside rattled.  Then he turned around, sliding the door all the way closed behind him.

He went for his sneakers, first, tugging them on.  Then he pulled the duvet off of the bed and threw it over his shoulder.  The cats both protested the rude disturbance as they were sent sprawling onto the mattress, but he ignored them.  It was payback, as far as he was concerned.

Back in the kitchen, he made a mug of decaf coffee – white, no sugar – and one of hot chocolate.  Any remaining adrenaline in his body from being so abruptly woken drained out of him through his hands as he went through the motions he could probably remember in his sleep.

They had a routine, these days.  Andrew sometimes struggled with the idea of that.  Tonight wasn’t one of those times, though.

The pack was in exactly the same place when he returned to the balcony, untouched, which meant that this was one of those nights.  Andrew put the mugs down on either side of it, then took the duvet off of his shoulder and threw it into Neil’s lap.

He took a spot on the concrete on the other side – the balcony wasn’t that big, but it was enough that they both had their space like this.  Once situated, he folded his mug between his hands and let the heat sear his palms a little.  The sensation chased away the habitual desire for the taste of nicotine, the steady inhale-exhale of smoke.

Neil had told him about what that smell meant to him back in Andrew’s junior year, why he used it as his anchor after all this time.  Andrew hadn’t started to pick up the relationship with nights like this one until months later, but he was familiar with the idea of a stimulus riding the edge of comfort and trigger.  Neil knew that, too: that was why he was always so careful with his touch.

After a few minutes, Neil moved.  The duvet rustled as he unfolded it from his lap and then pulled it around his shoulders.  He reached for the second mug and held it up to his face, letting the streetlight-orange steam wash over him.

Andrew looked away, taking a sip of his own drink.  It was too hot, but the sting was a contrast with the rich sweetness of the chocolate.  Comfort, trigger – they were all the same to him.

Neil said, “Can you…”

He cut himself off, and then made a frustrated noise.  No more talking for the man who lived for the damage his words-turned-weapons could do.  

Andrew made it simple, the same way he always did.  He shuffled closer, and put his mug down, and held out his hand to where the barest trace of light silhouetted Neil’s jaw.  “Yes or no?”

At his murmured yes, Andrew touched his knuckles to the sharp line of it – damp to the touch – and then curled his fingers just this side of too firm about the back of his neck.

The sound he got in response was just a breath, shaking on the way out, written all over with relief.

Neil said, “You’re here.”  It wasn’t quite addressed to Andrew, and it wavered between statement and question, but the way his eyes, just barely visible, flickered to him and away again was telling.  

Andrew didn’t reply - his grip was his answer, anyway, unyielding as stone.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2048

Warnings: Angst. Lots of it.

Summary: Two lovers meet in a coffee shop. By the time they leave, they are strangers.

Notes: first story in over a month pls be gentle. getting close to 1000 so here’s a present.

Fat raindrops began to litter the cracked sidewalk, nurturing the plants which crept out of its cracks, winding up towards the sun in places they didn’t belong. The green weeds stretched high for the sky, untamed as they attempted the unfeasible goal of reaching the blue hidden behind the dark grey curtain of clouds. They had rolled their way onto the sky’s stage long ago, but had just now decided to instigate their performance, a bold, dramatic performance beginning with soft tears. You knew all too well that it would eventually change to piercing sobs, featuring many torrents of drops and violent, flickering outbursts. It was a performance you couldn’t avoid, yet you didn’t want to miss it.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! CS + Q please?

hi there!

q: one missed call

1 - KILLIAN JONES.  12:15PM.

The message blinked back at her as soon as Emma turned on her phone.  She’d forgotten to charge it in the morning before running after Storybrooke’s latest crisis (Pongo had run off) pretty much all day.  While Pongo had been successfully returned to his owner, the chase hadn’t been easy, which meant that Emma’s phone had died somewhere along the mad dash through the town streets.

She opened the texts first.

Swan.  Lunch break.  Granny’s?

It’s been two minutes.  No response.  Did I do this right?

I’m calling you.  One sex.


She paused in the stream of messages to open his voicemail.

“Swan, it’s Killian.  I’ll be at Granny’s at twelve if you’re not still chasing that infernal animal all over town.  I tried sending you a few word messages, not sure if you got them.”  A break.  “What is it, David?  Yes, it’s Emma on the talking apparatus.  Little busy.”  His voice returned.  “Ah.  Anyway, I’ll be here if you can catch a break.  See you later, love.”  

Emma was just about to put the phone down when she heard Killian’s voice start up again.  

“Okay, she should be here in a little while.  Everyone in your positions.  You put the ring with the onion rings?  David, Snow, in the corner over there, and Henry…”  

Emma’s heart skipped a beat.

There was a scuffle on the other end of the line, as if Killian had just realized what had happened.  A sharp whooshing sound as he yanked the phone upwards.  “Bloody hell!  It’s still going?  I said goodbye and everything!  Well…”

Emma heard the telltale clatter of feet on his end that meant he was pacing, thinking.  Then his voice returned, an octave higher than normal.

“See you at Granny’s, Swan!”  

The voicemail cut off.  Emma put the phone down for a second, and waited for her heart to start racing.  

For some reason, it didn’t.  Maybe because she’d been waiting for this moment for so long, she wasn’t afraid of it anymore.  Maybe she never had been afraid of it.

Just before she made her way to the diner, for what might be the best lunch break of her life, Emma checked the messages underneath the voicemail.

Come when you can.  See you soon.

Oh, and Swan?

Try not to check your voicemail if you can help it?

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For nurseyxdex prompt CAN YOU DO ENEMIES TO LOVERS WITH A MISCOMMUNICATION or something super cute please God bless ur writing!!!!

this isn’t precisely what you asked for???? but close enough, i guess it’s lightly angsty but honestly i just love soft nurseydex so it gets very soft near the end

Dex is shrugging off his coat at the Haus door when he hears it.

“God, Bitty, I can’t even stand being around him.” It’s Nursey, and Dex can hear frustration in his voice. “I mean, he’s my D-man, we’re supposed to be totally in sync, but I can barely even look at him. And I’m supposed to act like I’m cool with being his friend? Jesus.”

Dex’s coat is off now, but that’s not the reason he suddenly feels very, very cold.

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“Did you clean the table?” Harry asks Louis once Rose is done speaking, now occupied with trying to see if she can reach over and touch Harry’s hair from where she’s sat. At Louis’ nod, Harry frowns. “You didn’t have to do that. You’re my guests here, I could’ve dealt with it later.”

Louis just smiles easily, though, adjusting Rose on his lap so that she’s facing Harry better. She manages to tug on a loose wave of hair, and she makes a noise of triumph that both Louis and Harry smile at.

“I don’t mind,” Louis murmurs to Harry, even though he’s looking at Rose. “This one here seemed very excited to talk to you.”

And, okay. Harry can’t help but think of how domestic this feels, all of a sudden.

[harry is a photographer who’s trying to find his place. louis is a single father with a smile that feels like home.]

author: anyadisee

word count: 52k

one shot, complete