“Hey, Barold?” 

“Yes, dear?”

“Are you dead?”

Barry’s head pokes into the dining room table, the Neverwinter Times folded into his hands. He looks down at himself, pokes his own nose. “I don’t think so? I don’t look dead.”

Lup looks him up and down, then says, “Yep, you really don’t.”


In response, Lup takes the package she’s been holding, grabs it by the ends, and turns it on its head. Letters - bundled into packs bound with black ropes, spare ones scratched on torn napkins, envelopes-within-envelopes written in deep dark ink - spill all over the table.

“What are these?”

“Consolation letters,” Lup says, grinning. She plucks the first one off the table, slits it with a brightly-painted red nail, and begins to read. “‘Dear Lup Taaco, my cult and I would like to express our condolences for your loss.’ Aww, that’s so sweet, they’re cult-bonding.”

Barry narrows his eyes. “Is that a necromantic cult or a religious one?”

“Dunno.” She tosses it aside, picks up another one. “‘Dear IPRE, sorry for your loss. We hope Barry feels better soon. We know most people don’t feel better after being dead but he’s done it before.’”

Barry drifts forward, looking at the stack in apprehension and slight awe. He picks one up at random, skims it, and turns white. “Why do these people think I’m dead?”

“Don’t know, but there’s definitely a consensus, babe,” Lup says. “Aww, someone sent a bunch of dead flowers! I’ll pass them onto Merle.”

“Lup, no, this is weird. This - this is weird.”

“Yeah, for sure,” she says, leafing through the next letters. The mound grows intimidatingly the more Barry looks at it. “What did you do?”

“I - I don’t know.”

“Huh. Maybe someone started a dumb rumor. You never know the kinda shit floating around Faerun these days.”

True? Okay. Okay, no, this is just another mystery. Maybe there are clues in the truly preposterous number of letters sitting on the table. Carefully, Barry picks the first one up, a letter wrapped in a satin ribbon and addressed in dark ink so black it almost looks tar. He tears it open gently and sets the envelope aside, then begins to read.

Dear Miss Lup,

I’m really really sorry your husband is dead. I want you to know that my mom and my dad love him too and that if you ever need someone to talk to because death is a really really bad thing then you can send us a letter any time. I’d give you my mom’s frequency but I don’t know it.



Below is an address. It’s from the far east, a remote village that Barry only knows because he passed through there while hunting for Lup a couple of years into his search.

He’s not freaking out so much as very, very confused. He’s certain he’s alive. Pulse beating in his throat and everything. So why does everyone think he’s dead?

He goes through a couple more without finding any clues. Most are of the same vein - sorry for your loss, hope you’re doing better. A couple recommend Lup some therapists in Neverwinter. Two cite him as his inspiration for practicing necromancy. He’s gonna need to pay those fans a personal visit. Probably with his scythe.

“Barry?” Lup says after a little while. She’s set the letters down and is now looking at him strangely.

He opens another one. This one’s written in blue ink. All the others have been black. Really goes to show what kind of person picked Barold J. Bluejeans, lich and necromancer-turned-reaper extraordinaire, as their favorite of the seven birds. “Yes, dear?”

“When you died, you picked up your bodies, right?”

Barry freezes. He thinks back to those ten years on his own, dying repeatedly. He’d had a process - he’d freak out, flicker a little bit, and pull himself together - with admirable speed and courage, of course. Then he’d grab his jeans (can’t leave those behind), a couple hairs, a bunch of blood (which wasn’t typically too hard to collect), the coin, some supplies, and take off for Wave Echo Cave.

He’d leave the body, though. He didn’t need it.

“Barold J. Bluejeans,” she snaps, setting down her letter with a thwack on the table. “Did you leave your corpses strewn all around this continent?”

“I only needed a little blood to make a new body!” he yelps. “I was a lich, it wasn’t like I could pick up my body and carry it with me!”

“You managed to keep the same clothes for ten years!”

“I’ve had these jeans for a hundred years, they’re precious to me!”

“That’s fair,” Lup says, grinning too widely to be angry. “So you’re telling me, these people stumbled across your dead body and thought it was you?”

“Probably,” he replies sheepishly. “I mean, in my defense, I didn’t think anyone would find it. I kinda fell off a mountain range.”

“And you didn’t go collect them when you got an actual body?” she asks, gesturing toward him.

“I was a little busy creating your body.”

Lup sighs, exasperated. She throws an envelope at him. It drifts unimpressively down to the table. “This is it, Barold. This is what you get when you don’t show up at press conferences ever. People start to think you’re literally dead.”

“I hate them,” he mumbles. “Too many spotlights and reporters and questions. I get all sweaty.”

“You’re one of the seven birds, babe. People want to know your story.”

“They already do, sweetheart.”

“Yeah, but they want to hear it from you.” She glances over her shoulder at the Taako Time™ calendar hanging on their wall and grins. “Babe, there’s one tomorrow and you’re going.”

“I don’t wanna,” he whines. “Lup, they…they suck. All the reporters and the microphones and the spotlights….”

“No arguments, dear,” Lup says, standing and crossing her arms over his head to rest her cheek on his hair. “Lucretia hates them too and she goes.”

“She was the Director of the Bureau of Balance, she’s good at that shit now,” Barry grumbles. “Besides, Davenport doesn’t have to answer questions.”

“Davenport’s at sea, babe. Getting to interview him is like finding a Shiny.”

Barry groans, tugs on a strand of Lup’s hair. It’s dyed red toward the ends. “If you loved me you wouldn’t make me go.”

“I love you,” Lup affirms, “so I’m making you go.”

“Can I at least - ”

“No, you can’t wear your tuxedo T-shirt. You have to wear the sweater vest I bought you.”

Barry slumps his head toward the table. Lup slides down his neck to rest her chin on his shoulder. “Cycle forty or sixty-eight,” he asks, words muffled by the table.

“Forty,” she decides. “I won’t make you do sequins.”

“Thank the Queen.” He straightens. There’s ink on his forehead. Lup laughs, then licks a thumb and wipes it away. “Gross.”

The letters flare in the corner of his vision. Sighing, Barry tugs Lup onto his lap. She sits with a laugh, gleeful and teasing, and reaches reaching for a letter of her own. Leaning her temple against his, she slices open another letter, and begins to read.

“Wow, babe,” she says after a couple minutes. “You’re really an inspiration for some up-and-coming dark magic babies.”

“I know,” he sighs. She chuckles and ruffles his hair affectionately. “I’m gonna have to go talk to them.”

Lup’s counterproposal is cut off by her Stone of Farspeech buzzing against her collarbone. She picks up without looking and says “Heyo, Blupjeans household, whaddya want?”

Barold J. Bluejeans!” screeches her brother’s voice through the receiver. Barry jumps. “You wanna explain to me why my dining table is fuckin’ swamped with condolence letters?!

Lup and Barry turn to stare at each other in horror. Then, right on cue, Barry’s Stone rings. He checks it. It’s Magnus’s signal. They stare at it.

“Oh Gods,” Lup groans, and picks up.

Barry? Barry, are you okay?” comes Magnus’s voice. There are a couple of dogs barking in the background, as there always are when Magnus calls. “I heard you were dead, I know it sucks, like, serious ass to be without a body, I wanted to check in, and also tell you that I’ve got a ticket for Neverwinter on hold if you need me down there - ” he says.

Lup and Barry exchange glances. Barry begins to laugh.

@requiemofkingssuper painful art got me thinking, and that’s never a good thing, so here’s the scene in question and there’s probably going to be a fic that comes out of this but honestly who knows with me, am i right? anyway this is almost 3k and probably the longest “short” fic I’ve written so yeah >_>

Andrew nudges Neil into their room and watches him shuffle inside, appearing a good bit drunk without a drop in him. “The next time you want to risk endangering the mission,” Andrew says once the door is closed and the lock has been slid home, “leave me out of it.” He arms their security system, the pocket-sized one that Renee insists gives them a perimeter of the room’s exact boundaries. Andrew believes her, but Neil is low-tech, so Andrew sets the far cheaper early-warning system of a string, a crowbar, and a bell as well before backing away from the door.

Neil scoffs, the drunk act dropped, and Andrew turns to find him already shucking off his tie, working out of his grey jacket. “Please. You’d be bored if I wasn’t constantly keeping you on your toes.” Neil finally discards the thin outerwear, and he’s left standing in just the black button-up and trousers. Andrew never liked the color on him.

“Bored but alive,” Andrew says, stepping forward to start undoing the buttons of Neil’s shirt. Inch by inch, scarred flesh opens up to him, ending too soon when Andrew tugs the shirt free of Neil’s waistband.

The soft hum that slips from Neil is just as soothing as the man’s fingers skimming Andrew’s throat before working at undoing his tie. “But where’s the fun in that?”

Andrew settles a glare on the idiot, but Neil doesn’t meet his gaze, focused on his own long fingers and the path they sear down Andrew’s front as they undo each button with an artist’s precision.

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Updated Masterlist!

Updated to add the new stuff I’ve written since. And maybe a couple of better descriptions.

Sick Day - in which the reader is sick and Tom takes care of her. Fluff.

Officially untitled; unofficially titled I Almost Posted This on My Main Blog - Reader has a bad day at work and Tom helps her forget about it. Fluff.

Tom Holland Hair Watch 2017 - Tom makes a very concerning tweet about his hair. Fluff!!

Waiting - Reader is waiting on some test results from her doctor. Fluff (there’s a theme here)

Untitled Prompt Request - The reader is upset when Peter Parker blows her off for a study session.

Personal Space - Drabble in which the reader is trying to do homework, but a bored Peter keeps distracting her.

Stop Staring at Me! - Reader has a crush on Peter; Ned knows something she doesn’t know.

Chilly nights - Reader and Tom are hanging out on the couch; the reader can’t get warm. Fluuuffff.

Tonight, I’ll Need You to Stay (part 1) - Tom helps the reader escape her abusive boyfriend. Angst and domestic violence.

Tonight, I’ll Need You to Stay (Part 2) - Six months after the violent end to the reader’s previous relationship, Tom helps her pick up the pieces. This one’s got smut.

Actual Mom Friend Ned Leeds - a bullet point headcanon about our favorite Guy in the Chair.

Love Will Come to You - The reader is Tom’s new co-star and keeps getting her heart broken. Tom, who is in love with her, cannot bear to keep watching this happen.

If I take my heart’s advice - The reader and Tom used to date but are broken up. She’s moved on, but a chance encounter with Tom has her reevaluating everything.

The Boys in the Band - Boyband!AU; the four Holland Brothers and Harrison are in a boy band. The reader is their tour manager; three of the Hollands and Harrison are fighting for her affections.

I give you peace when peace is fragile - Request fulfillment; Tom catches the reader self-harming herself. Trigger warnings: Self-harm, blood, verbal abuse (not by Tom, so don’t worry)

Road Trip with Tom- Bullet point imagine about going on a road trip with Tom.

Prom Night - The reader is in the running for prom queen at Midtown. Her boyfriend - Flash Thompson - and her crush - Peter Parker - are both running for King.

Drunken Confession Night - Movie Night with Harrison and the Hollands always devolves into Drunken Confession Night. During this one, Tom confesses something the reader wasn’t expecting.

Things That Go Bump - Tom and the reader are in bed talking about ghosts; they hear strange noises and go to investigate. Fluff city, bich.

Still working on that Harrison Osterfield thing. But I am always taking requests!

Monday Fic Rec

It’s just past midnight in the UK and my brain won’t shut up even though I’ve got an 8-8 shift tomorrow, so here’s some new fics we can all enjoy:

need your grace by juliusschmidt:

Summary: “I can’t wait to kiss you,” he says, softly. “With, like, tongue.”

Louis closes his eyes. This afternoon on the train in, he would never have guessed that at the end of the night he’d have Harry Styles- the Harry Styles- beside him, begging to be kissed. With tongue. Jesus Christ.

Word count: 30,596

You Might Want to Marry My Husband by Rearviewdreamer:

Summary: When Harry’s husband dies, he asks one thing of him; to find love and happiness again without him. It’s a request that Harry is happy to disregard, until he meets the one person who is impossible to ignore.

Word count: 24,501

Do You Like My Sweater? by kiwikero:

Summary: “Look, for a Sadie Hawkins dance the omegas are supposed to invite the alphas instead of the other way around.”Niall and Liam shared a look. “That… sounds like the sort of thing you would usually be all over, Lou,” Liam said, face pinched in confusion. Niall nodded his agreement.“Yeah, if omegas were hosting it,” Louis replied sourly. “It’s one thing if we decide that we’re going to ask the alphas for a change. It’s insulting that they think we need their permission.”When Harry’s alpha fraternity decides to host a Sadie Hawkins dance, outspoken omega Louis has a thing or two to say about it.

Word count: 13,146

Funny How The Stars Crossed Right by LiveLaughLoveLarry:

Summary: Liam and Louis round the corner to see a horse trotting around the ring. She (or maybe he) is a beautiful animal, with a dark black coat and white socks. A tall man in riding clothes sits atop the horse, speaking softly. He’s completely focused on the horse, and doesn’t notice their entrance at all. Dark brown curls spill out from beneath his helmet, and his expression is one of total joy.

“Who’s that?” Louis asks, finding himself oddly breathless.

“That’s Chester,” Liam says. “He’s an angel.”

Louis is about to comment that he looks like an angel, but then pauses. “The human or the horse?”

Louis is a photography student, assigned to do a project at Greenfield Stables. Harry is a veterinary student, working part-time at Greenfield to gain experience and make a little money. They both have something to teach the other.

Word count: 17,901

Got This Feeling In Our Souls by Anonymous:

Summary: Louis sat up, awoken by something he couldn’t quite put a finger on. He scrubbed at his eyes, unsure if he was actually still dreaming or if he was awake. He didn’t dream often, but when he did they were always vivid like this. Louis opened his eyes and squinted through the darkness before jumping back, his heart racing.

Dream or not, there was a person sitting in the chair in the corner of the room. The chair that usually was only used by Charlie while Louis slept.“

Who the fuck are you and how did you get in my apartment?” Louis asked, voice a bit more squeaky than he’d like to admit. Suddenly there were two flashes of green, and the world went black again.

Word count: 8,250

Boiling Blood Will Circulate by whoknows:

Summary: He misses. The shot misses.

Something howls in the woods, a pretty clear indication that Harry hit it, but there’s no telltale sounds of a big body dropping, no animal charging out at him to take him out before he can finish the job.

Something does turn and run, though. “Fuck,” Harry spits out, scrambling to his feet and slinging the rifle back over his shoulder, giving chase. He’s not going to lose this hunt.

The trail of blood goes on longer than Harry thought it would. He doesn’t know how long he runs for, but his muscles are burning, chest heaving with exertion, until the trail just - goes dead. No more blood, just like that.

“Fuck,” Harry says.

Word count: 42,420

Members Only by kikikryslee:

Summary: “Well, I’m gonna go work out now, so…” Harry said, his voice trailing off.

Louis nodded. “Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Go get, uh, you know, strong and buff.”


Louis wanted to die.

“Um, thanks?” Harry said. “Um…”

Without another word, Harry walked away from the desk.

Louis pinched his thigh – hard – hoping that was some terrible, awkward nightmare that he might soon wake up from.

Or, the one where Louis works at Harry’s new gym and neither one of them knows how to hold a coherent conversation with the other.

Word count: 14,484

the dead things we carry by Anonymous:

Summary: September ‘49 

He hasn’t seen him since that day in France, that horrible muddy day where for one terrifyingly long second, Louis really thought he was going to die. He winces with the phantom pain, the hand not holding his cane going to his stomach automatically, remembering the franticness, the tenderness, of Harry’s hands while Louis was bleeding out.

This is the man who saved Louis’ life.

For one second, Louis fears Harry won’t recognise him, but his eyes widen when he turns to his left and they meet Louis’. He takes a step forward, reaching for him with a shaky hand before stopping himself.

“Louis,’ Harry says with a shudder and Louis doesn’t think his name has ever carried more weight.

This is the only man Louis ever thought about kissing for real.

“Oh,” Mrs. Padley says, clearly taken aback. “You two know each other?”

There are some things people never fully come home from. Until, one day, if they’re lucky, home comes to them.

Word count: 25,314

(we will be) as if chosen by alivingfire:

Summary: There’s not a royal in the world who doesn’t carry some sort of secret, and Prince Louis has more than his fair share. To protect himself and his family, Louis withdrew from the public eye and tried to live a quiet life, biding his time until his sister Lottie could take the throne in his stead. Unfortunately for him, the national media and the worst person Louis has ever met team up to bring him kicking and screaming back into the spotlight.

Under the watchful eyes of millions, Louis has to figure out how to keep his carefully constructed house of cards from falling, and the first step to accomplishing that is to keep from falling in love with the irritatingly charming Prince Harry, who just won’t stop showing up and trying to whisk Louis out of the constraints of his boring life.

Or: the course of true love never did run smooth, because sometimes people are stubborn and sometimes people are scared and sometimes, just sometimes, love can cause just as many problems as it solves.

Word count: 35,591

Love So Soft by lululawrence:

Summary: “Harry?” Louis called out. It was light out and a Sunday. Harry was probably in the kitchen.

Right then, Harry came walking back into the room with some scrambled eggs and toast on two plates. He froze about three steps in though, and looked up at Louis, his brows furrowed.

“I made breakfast, but…you…” Harry stopped and cleared his throat. “Uhm, your scent changed? Just since I got up to make breakfast. You okay?”

Louis bit his lip and shook his head. “I think my heat is coming early.”

Or the one where Harry and Louis have been friends since they were kids, but when Louis’ heat comes early, that balance that always existed between them suddenly changes.

Word count: 4,662

Sugar, I’m Goin’ Down// Bad Boy Shawn // Chapter Seven

(This is unedited for now. I will edit later. Please Reblog if you enjoy this story. reblogs =  wider audience = encouragement = more content)

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five |

Chapter Six

Chapter Six Recap:

“What am I supposed to do with you?” you ask with a little laugh.

Shawn smiles a little and looks up at you. “I dunno…make me a better person?”

“You’re already doing that by yourself,” you fluff his hair and he slumps over on the couch, face pressed into the armrest.

“I’m doin’ it for you,” he slurs before passing out. You stare down at him and put a blanket over him from the back of the sofa. You clean up your drink cups and then come back to put a pillow under his head and he grabs your arm. “I mean it. Wanna be better so you don’t hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, Shawn…don’t think I ever really did.”

Waking up with Shawn in bed with you was both pleasant and very surprising considering you had left him to sleep on the sofa. You didn’t remember him crawling in with you. But sure enough here he is, arm around your middle, holding you tight against him. You roll over and look at him and he opens his eyes slowly, blinking a few times to focus.

“Good morning, I see you found your way to a bed,” you smile teasingly.

“Mmhmm,” he hums and tucks a piece of your hair back. “I woke up and didn’t know where you were. I found you all curled up in bed shivering so I got in.”

“I see,” you look down over him and he rolls onto his back and groans. “How’s those drinks treating you?”

Shawn pinches the bridge of his nose and lets out a loud groan. “My head is pounding and the sun is too bright.” He pulls your pillow out from under your head and covers his face. “Make it stop, babe.”

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Lost Hearts [PART 2]

Part 2 on my collab with @lovelyyyoongi !! Check her out! She is amazing haha💕

Hope you guys liked my part 2 (part 1 is on her blog)


Yoongi pov

Ugh.. is that her? How.. how the fuck..? “I finally found you oh my god!!!” She really went looking for me huh.. I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed to even look at her. I was being so immature.. and now she’s sweaty as hell running around the neighborhood at 2 in the morning. I was too embarrassed to face her so I just left looked away and pretended I didn’t see her. “MIN YOONGIl” y/n practically screams in my ears. “Let’s talk.” Y/n huffes out. “There isn’t anything to talk about though.” I answer my eyes peircing into her gaze. “There is!! You’re acting so weird!! Why?”y/n lets out. “It’s your fault.” I say in monotone. “What?? How is it my fault???” Wow. You make me go crazy and yet you don’t know. This is absolute rubbish. It’s late and I don’t feel like blurting out my feelings toward y/n. “Forget it. I’m sorry for acting so weird. Come on, I’ll buy you something to eat.” I say, standing up from where I was seated and placed my arm on y/n’s shoulder. “It’s 2am though.” Y/n says in confusion. “Who gives a damn?”

Taking a bite from the skewer, I then looked at y/n who was happily and even maybe inhaling down the ramen I bought her. She probably got so tired from running.

“How did you find me anyway?” I ask “oh? Hobi told me.” Y/n says as she chuckles. “Hoseok?” “Yeah” I frowned at the answer, remembering how immature I was at y/n and hoseok hanging out. “So… you free on thursday..?” I ask awkwardly “or are you gonna go with hoseok again?” I laugh out. “Yoongi! Oh my god! This again? I told you already I-“ “I know. Just don’t ditch me again.”


Dramatic Romance


Virgil is the kid in high school that only has two friend. both friends are dating eachother Patton and Logan. Roman is the popular kid who has so many friends. the only person who doesn’t like him is virgil and he don’t know why. Virgil doesn’t like Roman simply because he has a huge crush on him. Patton suggests sending secret admirer notes. He sends a couple without his name but he accidentally writes his name on 1 of them and has to deal with the reproductions

@purplepatton @theoneandonlyfangirlofpower @colie7700 @fandomsandanythingelse @wannabepunkdude @superwaywardangel @storytellerofuntoldlegends @princey-must-slay

@virgil-must-be-angsty @patton-must-make-puns @anonymous-snake @satisfied-sanders-sides @i-just-punched-malfoy @eternal-sanders @dusk-lunari @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @princeyssash @the-prince-and-the-emo @obsessing-over-obsessions @sanders-sides-enthusiast @tinysidestrashcaptain @poisonlyra @ilovemyspoopydad @asexual-trashbag @emo-space-trash @nobodyknowsimkindaqueer

“Guys, I can’t just tell him.” Virgil complained to his friends Patton and Logan.

“Your voice is working you should be able to tell him.” Logan replied.

“He wouldn’t belive me I’m a jerk to him.” Virgil replied.

“Why are you a jerk to him, when you like him?” Patton asked.

“It’s easier than getting rejected.” Virgil replied.

“Why don’t you send him secret notes.” Patton suggested.

Virgil pondered for a second before pulling out his notebook and starting to write.

Prince Charming,

I am but a blip on your radar but you are a gift to my sight.

Virgil decided not to sign the note with anything for fear of drawing connection to himself. The next day he shoved the note in the locker and went on his way to classes. Virgil had assumed that Roman had ignored the note until lunch rolled around.

“Patton, Logan!” Roman called speed walking up to the trio.

The duo who was called looked at Roman confused.

“Look at this note.” Roman stated, setting the note on the table.

Patton looked at the note and smiled. “Awe this is adorable.”

“I know but I don’t know who would have written it because everyone loves me.”

Virgil scoffed.

“Other than you, dark nightmare.” Roman replied.

“People want to be you. That’s not liking you” Virgil shot back.

Roman scoffed and turned away walking off the note in his hand.

“Why didn’t you tell him?” Logan asked.

“Like he would have believed me.” Virgil replied.

Virgil kept writing notes for weeks, getting used to writing each and every letter and putting it in Roman’s locker, it go to the point he didn’t even notice when he signed the letter with his name. Roman one day did not come running to the lunch table going on about the newest letter, which left Virgil on edge for the rest of the day. At the end of the day Virgil went to his locker to drop off everything he did not need for homework that night and inside the empty locker there was a note.

Dark Knight,

You have stolen my heart more than once and led me farther down with winding path to claiming you heart.

-Prince Charming

Virgil shoved the note into his pocket while setting the stuff he didn’t need into his locker. When he finally turned around he came face to to face with Roman.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Roman asked.

“Not like you would have believed me.”

“Not like you could blame me if I wouldn’t have. You seemed to hate me.”

“No one besides Pat and Logan like me. Why would I think you would have”

“I thought someone found me out when I first got the letter. I had to bribe Patton with a Disney marathon at my house to get him to confirm you were writing them.”

“I guess we were both idiots.”

“Maybe you wanna go out to dinner tonight with this idiot as you put it?” Roman asked.

“Only cause you called yourself an idiot.”

“So the insults aren’t gonna stop?”

“Not a chance, Theatrical Idiot.”

“Well I guess I’ll have to play that game to, My Chemical Romantic.”

overly-anxious-chicken  asked:

Drarry camping?

Every time I watch DH I always imagine if Draco went camping with them and whenever the silver doe part comes up, this is what I wish happened. I’ve been wanting to write it down since I first though about it so I hope you enjoy!

Harry took a deep breath and dived in. The water was freezing cold against his bare skin. He saw the sword glistening in the water, but as soon as he touched it the chain of the locket sprung up and choked him. All the breath was taken out of his lungs, and then everything went black.

“Potter. Potter wake up.” He heard a voice say. It sounded familiar though he couldn’t quite place it. Harry started to cough up some water before he looked up to see who the voice belonged to. He felt a warm, comforting hand on the small of his back as the mystery person helped him sit up. “Are you insane?”

Harry’s head shot up and he met the grey eyes of Draco Malfoy. He leaped up and put as much distance between them as he could. “What are you doing here?”

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Thighs of Betrayal (NSFW)

Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: smut

A/N: Just a good ol’ fashion thigh riding smut. Enjoy! Also this is very short, but I am working on some other fics but they probably won’t be done this weekend.

You heard the door swing open as you lay on the couch touching yourself over your underwear. You gave Sam a pitiful look as he just smirked and shook his head.

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anonymous asked:

I really want for Jack to have healing powers that are revealed when Sam gets seriously hurt. Like they need this in the show so badly!!! (Also I adore your writing!!)


Like. Just imagine.

Sam instinctively steps in front of an attack meant for Jack and gets hit full in the chest and falls, and he’s just—already halfway gone. Dean is all the way panicking and remembering every other time he’s lost Sam and been able to do nothing, and all of the sudden his hands are fluttering over wounds he could never possibly staunch and he’s muttering breathy reassurances that are more for himself than anything, because Sam for sure can’t really hear him anymore.

And Jack is just dumbstruck, horrified at how frail humans are, confused because he could have taken that hit and healed from it effortlessly, and he just sort of stumbles forward and ends up on his knees, and Dean is suddenly and irrationally pissed because how dare anyone intrude on this right now, and Jack just reaches out, whispering sorry and I’ll make this okay, and the wounds fade before their eyes and maybe Dean stops treating Jack like a thing, because if you love Sam like that, you’re good people. :D


Guilty | Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Link to Masterlist

Angst | Mild/Implied Smut

Warnings: Contains themes of adultery and cheating (obviously these things are UNACCEPTABLE; this fic is not meant to promote them)

Summary: Two strangers. Two different marriages on the verge of disrepair. A sudden, elicit romance that never meant to break any hearts; but did.

Word Count: 7.6k

A/N: Inspired by the Bollywood film ‘Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna’.

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coffee (part one) - t.h.

word count: 1.1k

summary: a series au in which tom returns to his life as a university student after taking a year out to film spider-man

a/n: this is co-written with my beautiful darling olivia aka @booyfriendtom! she’ll be posting the next part and we’ll be taking it in turns to post updates!!

You first see Tom a few weeks into the term. He’s in the library with a hat pulled over his eyes and a snuggly uni jumper pulled over his body, hunched over notes from his hardest class. You decide against introducing yourself, instead going and buying him a coffee because he looks thoroughly exhausted. 

You go over to his table tentatively, clearing your throat, and he looks up with tired eyes as you speak, “I got you this.”
You shyly place it on the desk and slide it over to him, before reaching up to put some hair behind your ear.

“I’m, uh, you’re-” you stutter and he holds his breath because he knows this cute girl is about to mutter ‘Spider-Man’, just like everyone else does, but when you finish with the words, “my student mentor,” he lets out a huge sigh of relief, followed by a small chuckle.

You suddenly feel a little self-conscious because he’s laughing at you, as if you weren’t nervous enough about talking to him in the first place. Not because he’s Spider-Man, but because he’s the cute boy you’ve had a crush on since your very first day.

When he sees your frown, he’s quick to reassure you, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to- I wasn’t- nevermind, hi I’m Tom.”

You drop your head to smile shyly at your shoes before facing back up to look at him. In a soft voice, you introduce yourself and Tom can’t help but grin a little at your name, because it seems to perfectly suit you.

“Would you want to join me?” He asks, gesturing to the empty table in front of him.

“No, I don’t want to interu–”

“You wouldn’t be!” Tom says a little too quickly before letting out a nervous laugh, “I mean- I’ve got all this room…”

“Alright,” you nod, and he pulls the chair out next to him, despite the fact that there’s plenty of other chairs around the table that you could have sat at. You slide in next to him anyway and sigh, feeling a little awkward and out of your depth now.

“Thanks for the coffee by the way,” he takes a sip and smiles, and you feel immediately a little more at ease.

“I didn’t know if you wanted coffee or tea, you look like a tea kind of guy but then I thought you looked so tired, so I figured coffee, not that you look rough or anything-”
Tom chuckles again because you’re rambling with your nerves and he thinks it’s cute.

“Coffee is perfect, thanks love,” he takes another sip and places it down, before smoothing out the papers in front of him, and you watch him tentatively for a second, noting the way his eyebrows furrow when he’s confused by something in his notes, but then he looks up at you and you immediately scramble for your own books out of your bag.

He gives you a soft smile. You’re like a flustered chicken, squabbling about with your belongings, trying to get them in some sort of order for you to work.

He really wants to fill the sudden silence but he also wants to learn everything about you, like why you picked a black backpack or why you were wearing two different socks, but then he realises that you came here to get work done, so he couldn’t be distracting you. He just gives you a closed lip smile when you two accidentally meet eyes and goes back to his work.

You work in silence for a little while, occasionally stealing glances at each other when you’re sure that the other isn’t looking, until you realise that you actually could do with some help. You clear your throat in hopes that he’ll look up, which he does, raising his eyebrows questioningly.

“Um could you just explain this part to me?” You point it out on your page and he slides closer to you to get a better look. You feel his arm brush yours as he does, and he looks straight at you. The sun is shining harshly through the window opposite him, and he squints a little, but it gives you the opportunity to notice the different flecks of brown in his eyes.

“Yeah, were you in class for the last lecture?” He asks but he already knows the answer. It’s easier for him to notice the people who don’t pay much attention to him when everyone else does. “Where we compared Romeo and Juliet to Taming of the Shrew?”

Of course you were there and of course you remember what he’s talking about. How could you forget when he made the smartest remark in class?

“To be honest, professor, I think Romeo and Juliet’s anti-feminist morals is the biggest juxtaposition to Taming of the Shrew, which has been argued by feminist scholars that it is feminist.”

You had practically sighed in adoration, just like every other girl in class did.

“Uh, yep. Think I made it to that one,” you say, trying to play it cool.

“Okay so that’s essentially all you need to say just here,” he points towards the essay you’ve been writing, “and then I think you’re done.”

He smiles brightly at you and you stare back at him for a second. It feels as though his gaze is burning into yours, so you drop your head back to the table, reading furiously through your work.

“Are you sure? I feel like there isn’t enough?” You run a hand through your hair nervously and he nods, “You- uh, I mean, it’s perfect.”

He lifts his drink back to his lips again and you try to ignore the fact that he very nearly called you perfect, writing everything that you remember him saying.


A little later, you finally decide you’re finished and you begin to gather your things. Tom looks up with a frown.

“Leaving so soon?” He asks and you nod, “I’m all done.”

He runs his tongue along his bottom lip and then bites down on it, as if he’s contemplating something. His next words shock you.

“Would you maybe uh, maybe want to go and get a drink with me?”

“Oh.” You don’t mean for it to be rude, you’re just surprised. Didn’t he have something better to do?

“I don’t mean t–”

“No, I’d love to go!” You smile and notice him breathe out a sigh of relief.

“There’s a pub a few blocks down,” he informs you, shutting his laptop and forcing things into his bag quickly. “You fancy going there?”

“Sure,” you shrug. Everyone knows the pub is pretty shit but the beer is cheap. “Let’s go.”

The Man in the Tower Part Three (Bucky x reader)

Originally posted by marvelimaginesyesplease

Summary: Bucky escapes his handlers and runs through a forest, finding safety in an abandoned tower. What happens when a town girl finds him? Can he trust her enough to finally set foot on ground level again? 

Word Count: 1.2K

Warnings: a few swears, frightened bucky, reader comes into the story finally!

A/N: im making this a point here and now, if y’all don’t leave some sort of reaction to my fics, you’re getting off my tag lists. It’s unfair to me to tag over 100 people on my fics and a majority of my notes are likes with little to no feedback. This is your final warning.

The Man in the Tower Masterlist

Another long week, if the lines on the wall by Bucky had been correct. He had no idea anymore. He felt like he was in a terrible nightmare. He couldn’t escape. He couldn’t eat or drink. And when he fell asleep, he’d awaken with every noise that sounded outside. Of course, he had nothing to worry about by now, his handlers had long gone by now. They were back at the home base, planning to capture more innocent souls to torture and force into their operations.

Last night, he’d managed to escape for a moment and kill a deer with a broken neck. Raw meat was disgustingly disturbing, but he’d eaten worse things in HYDRA’s care. He groaned heavily as he crawled through the opening once again, his back hitting the stone floor with a sharp thud. He knew he couldn’t stay here forever, that would be nearly impossible. He’d have to find a safe haven eventually. He didn’t have a home to go to, unless he’d managed to get in contact with STeve and his other friends. He had no family, seeing as HYDRA had ordered their murder a long time ago. He was slowly losing all hope that he would be safe once again. He was becoming deranged at the thought of going back into HYDRA’s care.

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Trust// Tom Holland imagine

Based off the prompts: 04. “If you loved me you would trust me”

13 “Oh please, I know you still love her!”

Requested by: @perfectlyspookycheesecake

Tom hadn’t been home in 3 days, he said he was going round Harrison’s one night and didn’t come back. You didn’t call or text him because you thought he would.

It was around 2 o’clock in the morning when you heard someone trying to unlock the door of your apartment. You got out of your bed and grabbed the nearest thing that could be used as a weapon, a hardback atlas. You walked slowly out of your room and towards the door. It slowly began to open.

“OH MY- Y/N WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Tom said as he walked through the door. “What am I doing! What are you doing? You’ve been gone for three days, didn’t call or text and now you randomly turn up in the middle of the night!” You screamed. Tom looked at you then down to the floor. “I guess I just got a bit carried away, sorry y/n” Tom said looking up at you and slowly walking towards you. You scoffed and put down the atlas. Tom hugged you you hesitantly hugged him back.

The two of you went into your room and went to bed. It was about six when toms phone wouldn’t stop going off, you looked over and grabbed it to turn it onto silent, that’s when you saw who the notifications were coming from. Eleanor. Toms ex girlfriend. You unlocked the phone to find out why she was texting him. You were shocked at what you saw.

Her: where did you go tommy??

Her: Tommy you left me all alone :(

He had been with her for the past three days and that’s why he was so distracted! You thought. Rage started to bubble inside you and you slammed toms phone back down on the desk causing him to wake up. “What was that? Y/n, sweetie what’s wrong?” Tom said sitting up . “What’s wrong?! You tell me tom, what did I do to make you want to cheat on me!?” Tom blinked. “Cheat on you, what makes you think I cheated on you?!” Tom turning on the bedside lamp. “I saw the texts tom, you weren’t with Harrison, you were with Eleanor!” You said your eyes filling up with salty tears. “First of all, I hate Eleanor. Second of all, she started it! Me and Harrison went to this pub last night and she was there, she tried talking to me and I politely told her to fuck off. Then she started to touch me and then we left. That’s all, I promise.” Tom holding your shoulders and looking into your eyes.

“Oh please, I know you still love her! Don’t lie to me tom, what else happened?” You said furious, your vision blurred from your tears. “I love you tom, I thought you loved me back!” Your voice shaking as you held back your tears. Tom hated to see you cry, his eyes were also on the brink of flooding. “I love you, if you loved me you would trust me y/n.” You looked at tom trying to see if he was lying or not. “Look y/n, I would never do anything to hurt you and I want you to know that. I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight.” Tom got up and went out of your bedroom. You immediately texted Harrison.

You: Hey Harrison…

Haz: Hey y/n, what do want?

You: can’t I just text you to talk to you

Haz: …

You: fine! What happened last night at the pub?

Haz: Well, we got there. Had a few drinks and then Eleanor turned up…

You: what happened?

Haz: she wouldn’t stop touching him

You: and what else?

Haz: she grabbed his face and tried to kiss him. But don’t worry he pushed her away.

You: ok

Haz: but this morning she bumped into us in the hotel. Tom had no time to think y/n it wasn’t his fault.

You: what happened?

Haz: she kissed him, she pinned him against the wall. It happened so fast y/n he had no time to stop her. But he did manage to get her off. As soon as he broke free he said he wanted to go home, back to you. Y/n don’t be mad at him it wasn’t his fault.

You looked down at your phone. You got out of your bed and went to your living room. You crouched down next to toms face and moved the hair out of his face. He nuzzled his face into your hand subconsciously. You kissed his forehead and his eyes slowly opened. “Y/n!” He said quickly sitting up. “I love you so much y/n I am so sorry, I love you so much.” Tom said looking at you. You smiled and he smiled back. “Haz told me what happened, I’m really sorry I didn’t believe you, I love you.” You said resting your forehead against toms. “Can I come back to bed now?” This made you laugh and the two of you went to bed holding each other close.

Hope you liked it! Sorry that it took me so long to actually post it!