So it’s been pretty strongly implied by this point that Hiveswap’s human protagonists Joey and Jude are the offspring of Grandpa Harley and a mysterious Ms. Claire – making them genetic half-siblings of John and Jade.  All this business about the family tree is fairly interesting. But some commenters on FFA pointed out what this knowledge of Grandpa Harley’s secret past life as a family man actually implies about his character:

I can’t wait for Jude’s name being Harley vs. Joey’s being Claire to mean that they were together long enough to have Jude and get Mom Claire pregnant with Joey, after which point Grandpa flipped out about commitment and fled and they got a divorce.

Grandpa Harley had two teenage kids but decided he wanted to move to an island in the middle of the ocean with a baby and a dog to have tea parties with blue-haired ragdolls. Classic Jake!


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It’s happening. It’s happening! I’m so excited!

Well, you know me. It’s analysis time.

The trailer reveals nothing except that it reeks of Arkas. There’s no hints– which MIGHT mean that Arkas didn’t make it to the end, so he didn’t know what to put in the trailer? Or maybe he did and was just short on time, but this UHC was recorded a while ago…

The trailer is set in an ice spikes biome, which is very reminiscent of early UHCs. Surely that can’t be the whole map, though: no trees and it doesn’t make for good fighting. (Unless you’re going to have a Midnight Battle of Twin Peaks-esque ice spike shootout.)

There’s an odd number of players- 17. That could mean teams of three with one guest, teams of four with a wild card, teams of two with one guest, or free-for-all. (FFA is my absolute fave but… so many perspectives…)

Next up: Vechs tweeted: “Hey @docm77 I need some content for tomorrow at 6pm EST, can you help me make a neat video?”

And then: “I think I should also get @nebris88 to help make a video too! The more people the better. Nebris, any ideas what content people love?” (edit: that’s the wrong Twitter, Vechs… the REAL Nebris is @cheatynebris)

Later, somebody commented that it would be lucky if Vechs and Nebris were together again, and Nebris replied with “Fate can be so cruel!”

This heavily implies teams of three. Not sure how anybody can beat a Nebris/Doc/Vechs team, but you know…. it’s UHC. Shit happens.

Happy hype everybody!

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My boyfriend comes from a country with mandatory military service. I found some old photos of him from early university years, and in them he’s heavier than I’ve ever seen him. When I asked about the photos, he said during that time he was dreading the military and he thought maybe if he got really fat, he might not have to go. He was actually gaining weight intentionally to avoid mandatory service - it sounds almost like feedist erotica and the idea makes me feel so naughty. His scheme didn’t work and he has since then lost the weight and finished his service, but I fantasize about this scenario all the time. Part of me is so sad I wasn’t his girlfriend back then. He was dating some girl who wasn’t into the stuffing and gaining :( What a waste!

i’m a chubby lady with two boyfriends. my primary isn’t into feedism (womp womp) but my newer chubby boyfriend… oh wow. i told him about my feels for fatness, and he was receptive, already being married to a kinky as fuck wonderlady. a month after we started dating, we were at a con staying up ridiculously late and we were talking and eating bowls of snacks, and he apologized for stuffing his face. and then, seeing *my* face as he apologized, he was like ‘oh, I guess I shouldn’t be apologizing.’ whereupon i was like MHMMMMMM. and without further ado, he proceeded to get himself more snacks.

i knew right then I was a lucky camper.

anonymous asked:

I'm always interested in witchcraft. What should I do to become a official witch? Like beginner stuff. I have a tiny collection of crystals but that's it.

There really isn’t a single thing that makes you become a witch. Witchcraft is a gradual thing for some.

Find what you are interested in , and expand. When I began, I stumbled into my FFA garden at elementary school. I collected (stole) some herbs and found uses for them. Slowly it turned into more. I began making charms, and writing spells for luck and what not. And now I’m 24 and have been a devout Wiccan for many many years.

If you want to do crystal work, start by making a list of all of your crystals. Catalog them and learn and memorize their magical properties and uses. Crystals are often used to open chakras or to perform rituals.

Spells aren’t too tedious. Don’t worry about getting them perfect . Begin by making up a small chant with personal meaning. You can use the rule of three, and chant it three times with your intent in your mind clearly.

Basically witchcraft is about feeling and true belief that what your doing is both serious and meaningful.

I devoted my life to my craft and I have not incorporated into almost every part of my daily life.

If you need any help with anything at all, my ask is always open.

Blessed be my friend.


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FFA (Fun Facts About) Naruto by Sasuke (4)

Sasuke: Naruto is scared of thunder but I don’t think it’s a secret that Naruto is brave. Courage isn’t the absence of fear and, one night, he let me stand behind him with my arms around him as we watched a thunderstorm. He knows that I really enjoy them and instead of hiding when he was afraid, he stayed with me.

He doesn’t know how brave he is for doing it…and he doesn’t know how he’s too good for someone like me.

But I’ll be damned if I let him go.