PiggyCara’s Weight Gain Shake
By Piggy Cara on April 4th, 2016

I’ve been gaining purposely for 3.5 years now. Since 2013, I realized that there was no need for me to lose weight if I didn’t want to - so at 256 lbs - I developed the desire to become bigger; the biggest of all of my town in New York City. I enjoy the stares and attention, I enjoy the jiggle of my belly and the satisfaction of being full after a big meal was the best feeling ever. I am now 396lbs, and I have one thing to thank for that - My homemade 72oz weight gain shake that I make 5 days a week and carry with me throughout the day and chug. That’s roughly 6 cups of weight gain shake in one bottle. Here’s what you need.


  • Blender or Blender Bottle
  • 72 oz bottle or two 32 oz bottles (a bit less shake than 72 oz, but
    it’s more available than a 72 oz bottle.)


Recipe (For 64-72 oz):

Blend all ingredients together, feel free to tweak it a bit and add extra milk or heavy cream.

This shake is approximately 12,000 calories and guaranteed to give you a nice steady gain. You should definitely start seeing results in a week!

You can follow Piggy Cara for progress on her gain and fattening encouragement on Tumblr and Twitter!