Tonight I got the audio/video from Haiti of some work that was done at the request of my spirits, and it was incredible. It was work that I could have done myself up here, but having it done down there was really important for a variety of reasons.

I cannot express what it is like to hear the people who held you up through your kanzo and laughed with (and sometimes at you..!) sing specifically for you and your spirits and all your ancestors in a full temple, at full lung capacity/volume. I can hear my godmother, and I know who giggled in the corner in a moment of silence. I know exactly the look on JM’s face when he sings a specific prayer. I know whose whistle is blown and who exclaims welcome for my Ti Jean and who it is cackling when my Gede is sung for.

This is why community and the family the djevo gives you is important. These people are doing it for me because I am me and because we are all our mother’s children, and no other reason. You can’t buy that or show up and ask for it or expect it to be handed to you.