Ikémen Series staff oshaberi #1

Hi everybody! Thanks for following the official Cybird Ikémen Series Tumblr!

We’ve decided to start writing semi-regular staff blog posts here (and on Facebook, basically mirror copies of each other), letting you know things we’re working on, things that happen in our office, and so on! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) We look forward to the chance to connect with you guys a little more :D

A different staff member will write each time, but for now, let me introduce myself!

My name is Jan! My favorite Ikémen Series character is Albert from Midnight Cinderella. He’s tall and awkward and I’m in love with his glasses (°◡°♡) I’m a Libra, my favorite color is purple, and my favorite kind of sushi is California roll. My favorite voice actor is Mamoru Miyano (I love him so much, if I start talking about him I get really emotional…) I’m bad at introducing myself, sorry >_<

This is my desk! I have a lot of Albert stuff… Except for my giant Louis pillow, lol. I like squishing it when I’m having feelings or I’m stressed out >_<

Today I had a meeting for a new story event for Midnight Cinderella, that’s happening after Christmas! I can’t say much about it, but the theme for this one is really cool and new, and I hope you guys like it~ The story is really good, too! (๑>◡<๑) By the way, are you enjoying the Best Match Grab Bag and Starry Wysterian Nights Garden Gacha? I had a lot of fun making the sample avatars for those (*´∇`*) I think the pink and purple in the Best Match logo is so cute! My favorite part is how Sid in the Starry Wysterian Nights banner and the sample girl wearing Sid’s dress in the Best Match banner look like they’re gazing at each other… ❤

Anyway!! That’s all from me for now. Please look forward to next time, when another staff member will write a post!

Bye bye~~ 


Javier Munoz Facebook Live|| November 20, 2017 #JavierTakeover

Scanned version of my Day 3 of Huevember! PC103, “Cerulean Blue”

I just? Have a lot of feelings about this part of the recent drop of episodes??

I’m seriously considering doing a companion piece of Peridot later on when I get into the Green-Yellow area of my color wheel. I think I need to atone for dropping this one on my friend @vissudhavoice with no warning X’’’D I’M SORRY BUDDY I AM SUFFERING TOO.


GMA Facebook Live | Victoria & Val + Cast - 11.21.17

Da quando ho letto su Facebook che cosa bisogna e non bisogna fare quando si beve il thè, mi è venuta la voglia di fare il thè tutti i giorni alle 5 in punto. Oggi alle 13 ho ripreso i miei corsi in piscina e sono uscita dallo spogliatoio rinata; ho pedalato per 40 minuti come se non ci fosse un domani e quando l’istruttrice ci diceva di pedalare più che potevamo, pedalavo più che potevo nella speranza di stancarmi così tanto a tal punto da non riuscire più nemmeno a pensare. P. non vede l’ora di rivedermi venerdì per passare un po’ di tempo insieme, dopo avergli detto che sarei partita per una settimana ben due giorni prima della partenza. Per tutta settimana ha manifestato segni di fin troppo affetto tirandomi fuori le scuse più bambinesche possibili: ho la febbre, sto male, è colpa tua perché tu non ci sei! Due giorni fa ho ricevuto un messaggio dall’ultima persona che avrei desiderato sentire e ora spero vivamente di poterla risentire tra altri 100 anni o magari mai più. No, scherzo, magari mai più no, però mi piacerebbe che le cose cambiassero in meglio, ma so già che questa cosa sarà difficile che si realizzi.

Last night I had a dream about dysphoria and passing. At one point, I was on a dock with an old friend, and I was really upset. I asked her, “can I be a passing woman?” (as in, “is that an okay thing for a woman to be? Am I really a man?”). And then we saw two older lesbians swim by (one of them was wearing a leather jacket and smoking, even as she swam). I was in the water suddenly, on my back. They said:

“You already are. We know it, and you’re not scared of us. The river knows it, and you’re not scared of the river. YOU know it, and you’re not scared of yourself, are you?”

And I woke up with tears in my eyes.