no offense but the amount of, probably/hopefully often unintentional, bigotry and disinterest in politics in the green day fandom has me fucked up and has to be acknowledged. you can’t say you like a political band when you hate women and lgbt+ folx or are cool with the trump administration or just say “oh well you should work harder” to poor people or think water and shelter and healthcare are special things that “have to be earned” or are a white supremacist. all 5'7" of billie joe armstrong hates your guts and would probably kick your ass

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I hate straight ppl omg they don't know what it's like to be LGBT+ they don't know what we feel every fucking day they don't know why we choose some things and they're don't even care and yet they still open their ugly mouths to say ridiculous homophobic shit I'm so fucking tired when they're gonna shut the fuck up I hate them

and they wonder why we’re so cautious and distrusting of the straights all the time this is why