please, do not even think about insulting something a person does not have the ability to stop, or help. especially if it is a disability, mental or physical, they are major struggles daily for a person and are nothing to joke about.

i went on a date(?) with a guy and like i’m never sure if i come up with information too fast because i felt like it was putting him off. he was fishing for actor and director names to finish a story and i was on FIRE

stereotypedebunker replied to your post “job searching / interview process is also so draining because its…”

I HOPE YOU SMASH THE NEXT ONE (but seriously, it’s scary and nerve-wracking, i’m not looking forward to actual-real-life at all either)

THANK YOU i hope so too. but yeah ATM it’s still just internships and not like, actual real life full time job interviews, which would be even more nerve ending. the transition to being a Real Adult is no fun at all.

I took a nap earlier and I had a dream that the guy I like asked me out and it was the best thing in the world and I know that it sounds pathetic but ugh now my heart aches and I want to cry.