Scans from Vanity Fair Italia (19/03/2014)

  • the new Coco Mademoiselle ad should premiere on March 17th
  • “She’s not there” by the Zombies is the song used in the ad
  • she says this is her favorite Coco Mademoiselle tv spot because her first nephew was born while they were shooting the party scene. Her sister-in-law was in the hospital, and Keira gave her phone to Joe Wright and told him to give her a heads up if she received any texts, and if the text said the baby was born he had to play “Happy birthday”. So when the music started playing on set all of a sudden everyone was shouting and celebrating with her.
  • she also says she’d be interested in making a movie where she plays a man. There was some kind of project she was attached to where she was supposed to play a girl dressing like a boy, but nothing came out of it.

anonymous asked:

While the idea of this blog is funny. I find myself constantly rolling my eyes at the questions you receive and how you handle them. Please tone down the amount of questions you answer publicly. You and the people who ask you things are incredibly boring.

thanks for ur opinion i will definitely keep that in mind moving forward with my life