I hate how exclusive and cliquey this fandom is….

Trust me, I get it if you just want you “squad” to be your squad and no new comers, but that doesn’t mean if someone sends you a long, heart filled messages you just ignore it… But then answer any hate messages like what??? Honestly if people are taking the time out of their day to message you something nice you should answer, just because they weren’t invited to a SS or Loft 89 yet or got a present from Taylor doesn’t mean they are any less special than you??? Smh

If you follow me on the twitter, you might have gleaned snippets of me mentioning about a new art Patreon, and here it is!


Here’s what you’ll have access to (bolded text denotes Patreon exclusives):

  • Bi-weekly sketch dumps including previously unreleased art.
  • Various WIPS of current pieces, including illustrations, comics, and animations.
  • Bi-weekly posts detailed info regarding my character creation processes.
  • View step-by-step processes for my finished illustrations. (sample available for download here)
  • PSD files with notes specifically geared toward digital art newcomers.
  • Affordable art tutoring.

Content will become available starting June 1st. Please note that this is a separate campaign from my (inactive) PoL patreon. If you happen to be pledged to that one and are interested in continuing to support me, you’ll have to pledge to this new campaign.

I’m super excited to share my work and myself with you all and hope to have your support! Thank you for reading!


Don’t believe the hype!

These photos were taken on the set of the upcoming film, “Captain America: Civil War”. Rumors that this will be the movie’s take on Wakanda have been spread by comic blogs and fans alike, based on the fact that it appeared to be somewhere in Africa.

It’s not Wakanda.

I know exactly where it is and I can prove it. I can prove a lot of things. How? I have an exclusive source on the set and I can prove that too! First article with exclusive “Captain America: Civil War” info coming tonight!



OK BABIES IT IS TIME. SHOULD I WRITE THIS IN ALL CAPS LOCKS? IDK. OK I WONT. ok, here we go. I created this blog about a week ago after watching Mad Max in theaters and I already reached my goal of 100 followers! it is literally amazing that so many people like my content and writing, and I thank you all for following my whiny bitch ass. I didn’t ever think that I’d get soo many, and it’s wonderful to see that I did. like wow, im amazed honestly. So I think we can all agree that the fandom is so great and non-exclusive to others, especially OCs. I for one, welcome every OC to my blog. It’s great that we all talk OOC with each other, share headcanons, don’t fight, give advice, and compliments. You don’t see that too often and I’m proud to be in such a nice fandom, even if it’s smaller than most. So here we go man.


these are the people who support me to the end and I love them for it. I would literally never unfollow any of you guys.

ameaningfuldeath capablequeen havokreign wearethefivewives stormsdontshakeme meatrunner

these are the ones who inspire me to write more and write better. I might not have rped with all of you, but I look forward to seeing you online everyday. You’re all great at what you do, and you have your characters down so goddamn well. You’re all amazing.

capablequeen rockatanskis ximmortanjoex havokreign alwaysxcapable literalwordvomit knowsbullets firmheart xfvriosa dieselisms onlyxonexinstinct stormsdontshakeme the-mekanik theratcircus whatalxvelyday diehistorical markedchaos livcagain kabccm jimmythcgoose heavyfuriousoul furiosahh ever-knowing diehistoric barely-a-war-boy 6point9onthescale queenangharad weakestwifexcheedo aroadwxrrior havokreign keepmuzzled bodywithapricetag reddustwander theratcircus naivetyintrust roadwarriorsofthewasteland wxtnessme
mechanux hisveryfavorite mad–fireandblood seekingredempticn fvriosa imperatxrfuriosa warbcy madmcx ourbonesarepoisoned sonoftheimmortan ameaningfuldeath

If you’re in the fandom, following me, and I missed you, then drop me a message and I’ll put you on the list! :D

rebel-by-default asked:

Black people can be racist to white people, anyone can be racist to someone of any other race. That's the point in racism. the comment about Mary Beth is racist, I have no problem with people pointing out racism and telling people to stop, I spend my life doing that, but people then need to be the bigger person and not go as low as replying with a rude or racist comment. Tbh it doesn't matter whether the Mary Beth comment was racist or not. It was still rude, and I can't stand rudeness .

Okay story time.
When I was a kid it was hard for me to live in a biracial family. Kids making fun of me and beating me, because the school was exclusively white in a country were black people are rare, was my daily nightmare.
Then my very black and very smart auntie told me about how black people were stolen from Africa.
White people put them into ships, bound so close next to each other, lying down so they could not move. The threw raw fish at them and the only thing they could move was their head so you realize most of them didn’t eat. They died and rot while the others were still next to them. They whipped em. They hanged them. They killed them for fun.
So girl, I’m gonna be as fucking rude as I please to that kind of people. I will not be the victim anymore to feed the ego of some megalomaniac white folk who wanna play god.


exclusive live L_D_30 live footage

fairydust-ouji asked:

So here's one that's been bugging me- how do you have multiculturalism without cultural appropriation? It seems like the two ideals are as mutually exclusive as matter and anti-.

I make this post once a year and lose it, so I’ll just make it again.  Please do correct me if I’m wrong.  

Cultural Appropriation: taking an element from a culture, that is oftentimes sacred, by a dominant culture or people from an oppressed culture and people.  Usually the item is taken for pop culture reasons and doesn’t take into account the significance of the item to the original culture. EX: White women in a Native American headdresses.  To my understanding they were only worn by men who had seen battle, and given by a member of the tribe.  So to be not of the culture, not of the sex, and never to have stepped on a battle field would be a serious insult.

Cultural Acculturation: the merging of cultures after extended periods of time together.  Usually the newer or minority culture adopts some of the ways of the dominant or older culture.    

Cultural Assimilation: when newer or minority cultures are indistinguishable from the older or dominant culture.  This could me a method of survival or something that is forced upon them.  

Multiculturalism: the mixing or blending of cultures that is more of a natural experience, and one that allows all cultures to keep their original identities.  

Feast your eyes upon this meal! Maple smoked salmon burgers (made exclusively from all natural ingredients and ethically harvested salmon in accordance with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Fish List), roasted red skin potatoes, and wilted spinach (the latter of which cooked on the same pan the burgers were browned in for an extra kick of flavor).

gravehands asked:

I'm not ableist. I'm an actor. If anything I said offends there's a good chance the entire enterprise of acting offends you. and you should probably distance yourself from Broadway and Hollywood. There are endless fights to be fought on stage and on screen for representation, and I've been fighting them for a long ass time. But if every aspect of an actors personal life is going to be analyzed to each role to justify him playing it every actor would get one p.c. role in a lifetime.

omfg omfg newsflash you can be ableist and an actor and I hate hollywood and im nowhere near either of them considering im not american lmfao

i dont care about every aspect of an actors personal life, I care about the exclusion of disabled people from the arts, I care about the treatment of being disabled as a performance that abled people can do, i care about the anger of people like you when I suggest a disabled person could have played a disabled role and what that means for disabled actors