MCTV Exclusive: G.W. Bailey Talks Winter Season, Provenza’s Wedding Plans and More!
Though his perpetual troublemaker days may never truly been behind him, evidence suggests that Lt. Provenza may at last be mellowing a bit. MajorCrimesTV.net spoke with G.W. Bailey during a recent set visit to get the scoop on the…

Wedding Bells in Provenza’s future? We spoke to G.W. Bailey to get the scoop!

shintarojpg asked:

bless your soul for this blog, as a fan of ninjago, I myself dislike greenflame with like a passion. I honestly believe that Lloyd is trying to become mentally an adult but he still thinks like a kid.

yyyyyyyyyeah! we literally started this blog because we got so sick of feeling unsafe in the fandom and wanted to talk about the things that have been bothering us, without spamming our main blogs with the discussion

and i absolutely feel the same way regarding lloyd,,