it’s actually really easy to get me into something sigh

just tell me there’s a strong female character who is a warrior and helds her ground no matter what and that there’s a male character who would do anything to protect her like throw himself in front of danger even though he knows she can do it herself and that loves her to the moon bac

and i’m in


(bonus: he is a troubled guy with possibly a sad past and he’s too embarrassed to confess in order not to ruin the friendship)

its petty, its insignificant, but why does my mother even talk sometimes?

i get a new mattress and both my parents are being fucking bizarre about it the whole time like it has to be perfectly placed or itll be their problem, acting like im incapable of moving the old one or new one myself. the whole time its this weird attitude shift like they think im a child again. then i make one comment about it slightly sinking through the bed frame, so my mom tells my dad and my dad comes back and rechecks every fucking aspect of the bed, says he’ll get something to put under it. little to my knowledge that 3 days later when he gets to it ive been toiling around in the game empyrion and right as im really getting somewhere in it he comes in, i have to stop to help and when i come back to the game ive been killed by wandering drones and am now set back to square fucking one.

the most infuriating thing is it couldve all been prevented if either i hadnt said anything at all or if my parents would stop being so difficult for no reason. this is the most effort they’ve put into something for me in years and its a fucking mattress.

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You actually can't block anons.

you can actually!

i took a screenshot of this message while it was still in my inbox:

when you click the button “…” a drop-down menu appears with three options: block, flag, and delete

while you may not be able to block the person behind that anon, you can block the ip address (aka the computer that was used)

I really want to write a novel about an alien super hero’s girlfriend who is mourning his death and dealing with the aftermath of his heroic sacrifice to save the planet- his statues every where, think pieces about his life, people claiming they were made pregnant by him… and she has to go on with her life because very few people outside of his team knew about her.

I know it’s essentially the plot of the Death of Superman and first season of Agent Carter, but it’d be different I swear!

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Idk, I saw it somewhere and I was curious about your opinion. It confused me a bit why they'd genderbend only to have them transition?? It's weird :/

Oh! Well, that wouldn’t be genderbending.

Think about it like this: Say that you’re writing a fanfiction about the Noah’s Ark Circus kids, from the beginning until you hit the Kuro manga canon. Dagger, however, appears to be a girl. They’re referred to with she/her, they’re dfab, people call them their little sister, etc. 

And then, one day, little Dagger bursts out with I’M NOT YOUR SISTER. And then it’s oh. Oh. Lil Dagger is a guy - they get him a binder, he starts wearing pants, all that good stuff. Trans guy Dagger!

It’s not about genderbending there - it’s transcanons! You’re making a cis girl a trans girl, or a cis male a trans male. Personal example: Edward Elric is a cis male “in canon”, but to me, he’ll forever be a trans dude. It’s not “genderbending” and then “transitioning”, it’s a transcanon/trans interpretation. You know? Does that make sense?

Instead of asking who’s the man/woman in a lesbian relationship, the real question should be

who is the adorable puppy lesbian

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and who is the magnificent lioness lesbian

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Some super super late-ly posted FFXIV commissions!

Thank you all for your supreme patience with me during this first round, I learned a lot of things and I feel that I grew a lot (both artistically and as a person) from these experiences. I had a lot of fun drawing these, and I hope that you guys enjoy the drawings as much as I did making them for you! Thank you so much for commissioning me, and I hope once I get my sub back I meet you all in DF! ;9

Raistlin&Idris were for Annie!
Ibi&A’delon were for Adelon /  @adloquium
Kidan&Rinh’a were for Kidan / @faerill



2 x 13  ||  6 x 15

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hello hello~~ i kinda have trouble when drawing creases/lines on the face like smile creases or lines under the eye without making the person look significantly older...but i feel like something is kinda missing without them? do you have any advice/tips? thank you very much! ^^

I think what’s important to understand is that drawing is fundamentally different than rendering: with drawing lines, it’s much more binary. By that, I mean that with lines, you are only given basically black and white to use, so you have to be selective about which lines you choose to represent. Lines don’t exist in real life, only changes in value and color, which are simplified and abstracted when you draw lines to represent those value changes. 

So, when you are drawing, you have to choose what lines are most important, and which ones are not. Facial creases are generally quite fine details, so depending on the complexity of your piece, I would advise to ignore them or be very careful, and use a light line weight. Also, don’t try to go too far into “this is a cheek, so I need to draw a line for the cheek here.” Just focus on areas of contrast and representing tonal differences with your lines. 

A good way to judge whether or not you should include such lines is to try to blur your eyes while looking at a reference. If you can still tell apart the difference between tones, draw a line. If not, ignore it.

I know that’s a wordy explanation so here it is visually on one of my current WIPs (hoseok :D) This is a good exampling because he’s smiling so widely, there’s a lot of creases appearing on his face. 

You can see I still chose to include certain details like his dimple and his double eyelid folds. Because I could still clearly see his under-eye bags and a bit of his cheeks, I drew those in lightly. 

The same thing applies when you are painting, just be very careful in your contrast. Chances are, you’re painting the creases too dark. It doesn’t take much of a darker shade to get the job done.  

Notice how I chose to omit the lines when I started shading. This illustrates what I was talking about earlier- the shift from line drawing to tone rendering. Had I kept the lines, the black lines against the soft grey of the skin would read too dark, and started looking like the example on the left again.

This concept can apply to a lot of details in general (teeth, clothing textures, and fingernails are common things I see people struggle with ), not just facial creases. So I hope this helps!