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just a small opener for the blog. hope you guys enjoy it! appropro theme for the minors. if teachers pet freezes up on seokmin… i tried to fix it but he wouldn’t let me.

ask box is : OPEN

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congratulations! you’ve won a date out with all of the seventeen members!

for the time being. and if the font is hard to read or too small, from the upper left corner through to the bottom right corner.

takes you on a bike ride
buys you an ice cream cone
makes you a bento box
wears couple tees
take a couple pic
you two hold hands
go on a boat ride
wins you a prize
go to the movies

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And now I have finally finished my Kaminomi click and drag (anime selection only). If I feel up to it, I might make an extended or manga (maybe novel too?) only version or something. The reason it took me longer than planned was because I couldn’t decide on the setup, otherwise this would have been completed a while ago…

Anyways, game is same as usual. For newcomers: click, drag the image to the side, list results, and reblog!

Enjoy, all!!!!!!!!!!

Bangtan Boys - Click & Drag!

A/N: I’m making this click and drag inspired by school because I recently graduated high school and I’m going to College soon! Also, it’s almost time to go back to school where I live! Hope you enjoy :) tell me if you guys like this, I might make these once in a while! 


University/College Edition with Bangtan Boys

On the first day of school, you were completely lost. You walked through the hallways staring at your map and tried to find your way to class when you bumped into a high school friend who helped you get to class:

Once you got to class, you chose to sit by the corner of the class room, next to the wall when a cutie sat beside you:

During lunch time, this guy approached you at the lunch table and you instantly became best friends with:

Your new best friend introduced you to his other friends: 

(click and drag three times)

In your history class, you were surprised to find out that you are classmates with your high school enemy:

During your free period, you decided to take a walk around the campus to get familiar with the place when you were joined by:

In biology class, you were given a group project and you had to work with:

(click and drag twice)

At the end of the day, they told you that you were cute and were asked out by: