In the Star Wars universe, it is stated that slavery is a primary tool of the Sith—for controlling one another, and also for the subjugation of the entire galaxy. And thus it stands to reason that if Anakin is truly the Chosen One (and this is confirmed by Lucas’ canon), then he is also the one who is destined to destroy the Sith, and by doing so, it is implied, break this seemingly-perpetual cycle of slavery (and mental/ideological enslavement).

The Chosen One, the Hero’s Journey, and breaking the cycle of enslavement in Star Wars: or, why TFA makes no sense in the context of the Prequels and the Original Trilogy’ 

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This is why the climactic and emotionally cathartic ending of Return of the Jedi must herald an end to this cycle. What does destroying the Sith mean, if not that? Without this, there is little point to Anakin’s otherwise wholly tragic story. Without this, I would argue, there is little point to Luke’s story, either.”

Illustration of another dream I had a while back.

In the dream I was watching a movie about a dude, let’s call him Mike, who though his own stupid actions got in trouble with the owner of a bar/casino/disco place. Normally Mike would just have gotten beaten up, but unfortunately for him the bar owner had recently learned about a spell that made people property “until death”. By that I mean, a person with that spell on them would literally be considered an object not just by society, but the magical universe. He would get the same status as a chair or table.

The bar owner wanted to test the spell on Mike because he was a nobody who could just be killed if it didn’t work. It did work however, and Mike spend a while as the property of this guy. He was ill treated but never lost his upbeat personality. One day he got knocked out and when he woke up he was told that he now belonged to a guy, let’s call him Ross, who had witnessed the abuse and had won Mike in a game to get him out of that place. The spell could not be lifted so easily, but he could change hands.

It all sounds like a setup for cheesy yaoi, but it wasn’t like that at all. They were just two guys feeling kinda awkward about the whole situation. Ross didn’t want to own a human and had no intention of enforcing his owner status, but Mike was reckless, stupid and boderline self-destructive, so eventually Ross had to do it to keep him out of trouble. Mike at first wasn’t keen on it but eventually learned to appreciate it. It was after all his own stupid behavior that got him into the situation to begin with.

They set out to find a way to lift the spell, but for some reason the bar owner decided that he wanted Mike back and sent a big black dog to get him. There was also something about a shy young man who could make doors appear, but I don’t remember what he had to do with anything. Also, I vividly remember Mike sitting in a Victorian style bathtub for some reason.