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Some asshole actually said to me that me being intolerant of the intolerant is hypocritical, and it makes me some how just as bad as them for saying racist shit. This is so stupid on so many levels. When people say we should be tolerant, they don't mean it in the absolute sense of the word. If I follow the racists logic, we should also allow people the freedom to enslave, or else we're just as bad as slave owners. Seriously, the stupidity of racists knows no bounds.

It’s our greatest renewable resource.

Explain something to me.

Explain to me why the carol tag gets to be filled with people saying this is forever a stain on her character (even though none of this shit aligns with the 50 years of characterization she’s got) and that she is trash and should be removed from the MCU and all kinds of shit, but Steve Rogers is a literal Nazi and people are like “that’s writers doing bad things to his character”, how Steve Rogers can enslave a lobotomized Bruce Banner to do his bidding and people ignore it, how Steve Rogers can attempt to murder a fellow Avenger in cold blood and people shrug that shit off

Explain to me why Carol being written as extraordinarily out of character is a mark against her while Steve being written out of character is a fault of the writers.

Fucking explain it.

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Why is Satan portrayed as this Evil figure in the bible? Satanism seem so fair and just I don't understand, perhaps the purpose of the bible is to keep the true "way" hidden

That’s EXACTLY what it is. Truly. The enemy created the bible to essentially try and enslave humanity. And, look around. They’ve done a pretty bang-up job so far. The point was to weaken humanity and make a slave race for the enemy to use. Because if people thought Satanism was a GOOD thing, then people would start empowering themselves (like we as Satanists do) and freeing themselves, and would NEVER agree to being a slave. 

Once upon a time all Gentile people were free. Now think of this: If you want to enslave a people, what’s the best way but to enslave their souls first? If you can control someone with a “religion”, that is the MOST efficient way to do so. If someone thinks they’re gonna burn for eternity for even questioning you, they will be much more willing to be a slave. 

THAT is the goal of portraying Satan as evil in the bible. The truth is, like you said, Satan is EXTREMELY fair. He’s the most loving and fair being I have ever met. Anyone who has met Satan, will say the same. He is definitely not evil like the bible states. The exposingchristianity link below can help you start to understand why Satan is shown as evil and such. 





Another chapter teaser

Homeless Haddock Chapter Six

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AN: I PASSED TWO TESTS! WOO 87 on a Cal test and a 95 on a US history test

Warning for… what do I call this, like an implied sex abuse thing? I mean, that’s what terrorists did… and do. I really hate those people.

Chapter Six : Warmth

An entry team stood at the compound’s doors, slamming it with a ram. Off to the side, Hayden and Thuggory were covering each other’s backs. This compound was the home of a cruel warlord, known for kidnapping women and children then enslaving them. Reports indicated that the warlord had moved his base of operations, and the Night Fury squad was called into action.

“This is taking too long.” Hiccup muttered, listening to the ram pounding the iron gate.

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Hey, I would like to get into social media activism and was just wondering, how did you gain your following? On which platform did u start? Did you get a lot of shout outs? Any advice? :)

We started on Instagram & Youtube.  We got really lucky and youtube put our channel #1 when you searched vegan for like 6 months.  Cheap Lazy Vegan has that honor now & is rocking out the videos & getting well deserved subs!  Now we are like 10 pages back because of our “How to make Vegan Friends” video, that sends all our viewers off youtube and over to meetup.com, etc.  Youtube’s algorithm punishes those who send people away from youtube, so don’t make any useful videos about getting off youtube, only playlists that suck people into a Matrix like existence where they binge watch youtube videos for years on end feeding the Alphabet/Google ad beast, which is probably just some AI machine designed to maximize profit and enslave us all via an intelligent entertainment rabbit hole.  :P 

We collaborate with everyone we can.  We want to build friendships and community & share what we know with others & learn from them.  We don’t look at social media as activism like you might.  We aren’t some warriors trying to convert people to veganism by the truckload, we are looking for everyone who has had the lightbulb moment and feels lost & alone like we were & want to provide support & friendship & community.  We had to move to LA to meet other vegans so many years ago, now you can just turn on your computer, just don’t get sucked too far in!  Join vegan running groups like http://www.nomeatathlete.com/groups/ find local vegan facebook groups, invite local vegans you see on instagram out for lunch to try new vegan options you find at restaurants, etc.  People are figuring out vegan faster than ever, we need to connect them all up, build resources to make it easy everywhere & share knowledge so every attack advertisement from big meat & dairy that makes it to the front of Time Magazine & shared endlessly on Facebook, they are prepared to hit it out of the park & embarrass their friends and family for sharing it… & every weird health scare they have throughout life they know not to blame it on a vegan diet, but get help from a plant based Dr and use evidence based medicine to treat it.  We need to save the “chicken littles” along with the chickens :)  The retention rate for staying vegan is too low due to a lack of community & that is the best thing to focus your time on & the most rewarding.

Kurdish female fighter's death

  This is Ceylan Ozalp, age 19.

   This 19-year-old Kurd fought for her people against Islamic State militants. United Nations reports that ISIS commits mass killings, enslaving thousands of women and children for sexual abuse. 

   She promised she’d rather kill herself before falling into ISIS’s hands. In late September, early October, Ceylan Ozalp killed herself after a firefight with ISIS.

   According to Al Arabiya News, she said “goodbye” over the radio before turning her gun on herself in a fulfillment of her promise.

   She was a young woman deeply committed to protecting her rights and the rights of others and, before even leaving her teenage years, killed herself to preserve her body and soul from the horrifying deeds ISIS commits every day.   


TODAY at UT Austin, 5 Abortion Rights Freedom Riders, including intiator of Stop Patriarchy, Sunsara Taylor, were singled out and arrested when they joined with dozens of others in protesting the impending closure of abortion clinics in Texas, on the first official day of classes outside of UT Austin. 

Thousands of students gathered as the freedom riders blocked traffic for over half an hour. About a dozen people joined in the action on the spot, incredibly inspired by what was happening. Hundreds took videos and photos, and watched on in awe. 

There were many different reactions, both positive and negative. A few cars nearly hit some of the protesters, frustrated by not being able to get to lunch, or to work on time, etc. Yes, some people were inconvenienced today, but this is so much bigger than the day to day grind.

As we await the result of HB2 in Texas, it is still the case that most people do not even know that this law is scheduled to shut down all but 6 abortion clinics in the state. It is still the case that people think this is just a question of opinion, meanwhile this right is being stripped away, and affecting real women every single day. 

It is long past time that students, not only understand what’s going on nationally with this abortion rights emergency, but actually understand the implications of this, to half of humanity, and fight back. It is long past time that this complacency be challenged, that these lowered sights be raised, and that students throw in on this fight. 

Today, students were confronted with the reality of what it means when abortion is illegal or inaccessible. The question that poses itself in a moment like this: What will your life be about? What will your college career be about? Throughout history, students have always played a major role in movements against injustice. That needs to be the case today, in this abortion rights emergency.

Every single student, who does not want to see women forced to bear children against their will, who does not want to see women dying from self-inducing abortions due to inaccessibility, who does not want to see women’s rights be slammed back, and this backwards view of women be codified into law, needs to act NOW. It is not too late, we have not lost this battle. This is one of those moments in history where what we do really matters, and could have society wide impact. 




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