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if you don't want gmw to continue, why publicize it? just don't watch the show if it comes back (doubtful tbh) but don't put stuff in the tag and make people feel bad (especially the kids)


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

can Lena Luthor’s storyline be Asami Sato-inspired? not this bs of will-she-won’t-she-turn-evil-because-she’s-a-luthor. 

We already have Lex Luthor as Superman’s archenemy. why not try something new and have Lena Luthor be one of Supergirl’s greatest allies and one of Kara Danvers’ trusted friends

because honestly, a Super and a Luthor working together for the greater good has the potential of being one of the most beautiful things that could happen in the show

jared taught us that anybody can suffer from any mental illness out there, you just have to remember to keep on fighting
jensen taught us that it’s ok to be shy, you can still conquer anything by opening up others and putting your heart into your goals
misha taught us that you shouldn’t care what anybody thinks about you, it’s ok to be a little strange, just be kind, be happy, but most importantly be yourself