Kol Mikaelson headcanon
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> We all know that the originals have been human, innocent kids. So was Kol really always a monster? No. Time made him like that. When he was in Kleb's body he didn't have the urges to rip someone's throat out with his teeth he was fairly normal all things considered. He was playful and flirty (teasing Davina and all) like a normal person. And that's his core, like even as a psycho vampire he had this playfulness and naughtyness but the vampire thing ruined him, as well as all the daggering and running away 24/7. There is no way Kol has always been okay with killing people. So I think that he felt unbearable guilt and for some reason he didn't have his family's support and he couldn't get out of the circle of killing, feeling guilty and turning it off which lead to more killing and then more guilt. Yep, u got that right - my headcanon is that Kol Mikaelson has mostly had his emotional switch off, we all know that the other Makaelsons don't do that unless they lose control. I mean, obviously Kol has had his emotions on at some point but he isn't stupid. He wouldn't just go on a killing spree just for the fuck of it, he simply didn't care, aka he had his feeling turned off. He has been betrayed by his siblings a lot of times during the centuries, always being daggered because he tried to stand up to Klaus and for some reason Klaus got the support of Rebecca and Elijah despite being daggered as well(idk man). Yes, he made a mistake when he carelessly sucked masses of people dry, but can't u like talk to him dear Misters and Mrs Mikaelson, because Lord knows you have done it as well. And don't get me on Klaus always doing whatever he fucking wants just because he can. Instead why the fuck don't we dagger our brother despite knowing this is the thing he's scared of the most excluding death which is almost impossible for him(so that's basically hell that he doesn't know when it'll end). And even when he tries to make it even fucking Rebecca exposes him and has him daggered... again... unreasonably considerring all Klaus did to him. And don't get me on Elijah holding him down while Klaus was looking in his eyes putting a friggin dagger in his chest that will put him in sleep until Klaus thinks he's gotten his deserved punishment. Just imagine the thousands of years of betrail and this never stops(until he dies haha). They claim they put him down because he's so wild but heyyyy doncha think he's so wild and fucked up because he didn't get the support his sibling got from each-other (Always and Forever ppl) and even they are really fucked up. So if you always feel unloved and unaccepted wouldn't you want to turn it all off for at least a bit. Now back to the present. Esther put Kol's soul spirit or whatever in a human body. No super feelings, no urges to kill, no turning off emotions. And he was still able to fall in love despite the betrails, daggering and DYING. Kol fell in love with Davina and it was pure. He protected her with everything he could, he wanted to her happy - Esther had told Kol to either find the white oak stake or just kill Davina(which was easier) but he found the stake, he actually never intended on killing her(maybe he did before he met her but when he got to know her that was out of the question). Kol HAS feelings and I think he always has had. TVD just portrayed him as the wild maniac that doesn't give a fuck about who when and how many people he drains to death. So I'm really glad TO brought him back because all other Mikaelsons despite being ruthless were shown to have emotions (Rebecca wanting to be human, Klaus loving Caroline, the references of Elijah having liked Katherine and i love for his brother and sister). They gave him feelings that he must have had at one point at least. So he finally found happiness in the face of Davina, aka the only person that tried to understand him despite hearing all the shit ppl talked about him. Of course why not fucking ruin it and get him killed... AGAIN? Then when his love bring him back to life and they reunite it turns out that some dead witches hexed him so he would KILL that same woman he loves. And he does. And when there is hope to bring her back it all goes into jeopardy and now he can never meet Davina again. I could go on how she didn't deserve anything bad that happened to her but I'm focusing on Kol. So now he has to live without the love of his life that is endless and with the guilt of taking her life despite it not being his fault.<p/><b>In summary:</b> Kol Mikaelson has had his feeling turned off most of the time. Then he came back to life as a witch and he found no reason to wanting to turn them off again... except now he would want to because he lost the reason of wanting to live because Davina is the reason he "felt alive again" when he felt dead for a thousand years. Davina was his savior and hope to recover from centuries of pain and lonelyness<p/></p>

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