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i just have a question. how did you get to rp with your iroh? like does he just rp with anyone or do you have to ask or fill out an app or something?

//Well it’s tricky. You have to sneak up on them in the wild, using their mating call.

‘Honour! Honour! Honour!’

Once you have done this, be prepared. Most firebending royalty will react to this and hunt down the source, i.e. you.  You can weed them out by pointing at them and crying out the sacred word: BANISHED!!!

Those that are willing to stay will then have an Agni Kai with one another, showing off their power to the potential mate. In the end, the winner will walk up to you.

This is where things get tricky.

If they make the call of the wild turtleduck, they’re yours. If they don’t then do not move. They will take this as a challenge and demand another Agni Kai.  Instead, bow down and offer them tea.  This is most likely to calm them and have them accept you.

So, now that I have shared my secrets with you…


Una parodia de ‘Honor to us all’ de Mulan versión Leyenda de Korra hecha por adrisaurus.

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Iroh (I'm not even sorry XD)

((sad to say I was sitting here waiting on this one))

Isamu finds the general to be a dick at times.  He knows Nyla better, is trying to hook up with Asami, and is so uptight at times Isamu wants to take the stick out of Iroh’s ass and beat him with it.  It was when the heir was working on one of the ships engines did Iroh offer to help.  The general stripped off his shirt and Isamu caught a glimpse of ink.  They talked about it, the others he had, and even convinced Isamu to get one the next day. 

He got a Lily Pad on his shoulder.