Anyone else here think that Lavabending in LoK don’t really make sense?

In ATLA, Katara and Toph both used their Water and Earth bending to stop or bend the mud, that it was earth-water material.

Lava is hot liquid rock, means fire-earth material.

So, it requested to bend this material both Earth and Fire benders together. Yet we found Earthbender can heated and cool the lava without any help of Firebender! How is that possible?

queentyna  asked:

Luan, have you met Mako or Bolin or Asami?

Luan: I’ve known Asami since I was little! She’s like an Aunt to me. I spent a summer in Zaofu with Bolin and his family when I was 8, and he taught me some non-traditional forms of earthbending from his pro-bending days. I don’t get to see either of them as much anymore - the older I get, the more “Avatar Duties” I’ve had to perform. As for Mako, I don’t know him well. I don’t think he likes me very much… but he’s also very busy with his work and family. So maybe I’m just being self-conscious?