Bill, stop. Please. 

Edit : I noticed that some people find it offensive that I made Candela and Blanche look white. I’m sorry, that was my mistake. My explanation to that is in this post http://shourca.tumblr.com/post/149177219067/why-is-candela-so-pale-in-your-fan-art-shes 

Edit2 : I fixed the skin color!! Hope i get it right this time. >:3

Makoto Naegi protection squad 2k16

For every time this gets a reblog, we will increase Naegi’s chance of getting out alive of this third killing game, and you will become an official member of this squad! Your url will be written down in a paper and, when the series end, it’ll be posted.

Please support the egg! ^^ (idea created along with @weebish-fish and @shsl-succ)

EDIT: Now there’s version for Kirigiri and Asahina too! Thanks everyone for the support. c:

Kirigiri version / Asahina version

EDIT2: Version for Hagakure as well. 

Hagakure version

reply with your FR name

 I’m tired of the game and don’t want all my swag to rot on an abandoned account. do any of my followers play flight rising and feel like coming into some Obscene Dragon Wealth?

edit: “if there’s anything left” guys y’all do not understand how dragon rich I am, trust me there’s stuff left

edit2: it’s all cool and everything and I understand the confusion, but this was not a “follow me to get swag” post, it was a “swag for the nerds who already follow me” post. If I skip you it’s because (1) I have no idea who you are, (2) you followed me just for this post (again, nothin wrong with it, that just wasn’t my intention with this giveaway), or (3) you clearly found this post on somebody else’s dash. There’s also a (4) for if you don’t seem to be active in the game. I want to give this stuff away to keep it in circulation, not just banish it to another neglected account.

if you’ve followed me for a long time and I’ve skipped you in error, send me a PM.

“ Being dead is just another kind of being alive. Except you’re dead. “

- Markus Velafi

I enjoyed painting this chibi on SAI*+*+  

Markus is so far my favorite character from Thrilling Intent. I can’t wait to catch up to the YTseries and see what else this guy is up to! 

I implore you guys to give this tabletop series a try! It starts off slow but it picks up after several episodes! \o/  

Viva “Horatio Protagoniste”

Edit: *I went back and fixed his facial expression. I like it better when he’s smug. haha* 

Edit2: Why hasn’t anyone pointed out he was missing his F A B U L O U S tail?! *His tail has now appeared! Albeit, I’m face palming myself for realising now that it’s not the same color as his horns. MARKUS, Markus why do you give me such a hard time?!* Let’s pretend this never happened*

… guys

I may be imagining this but… I think this is Dominique.

At first I was like, nah, but notice how ‘Louis’s’ mole thing has been oh-so-conveniently hidden???

EDIT: It also seems out of character for Louis idk

EDIT2: If the above is true, then this scene is after Louis died. (obviously)

Hey guys, feel free to suggest F names. I’m not sure if I’ll change puppy’s name yet, but I’d like to have a few options. They do have to start with F though C:

Edit: The dog will be a boy, as all the puppies in this litter are boys. But feel free to suggest any names you can think of, because if I like the name and think it fits the dog, that’s what I’ll name him.

Edit2: I have a special love for mythology names (if you couldn’t tell, two of my dogs are named after gods)

Let’s try this again…edit: tumblr is “processing” the video still?? Idk… That’s what it’s coming up as…edit2: see my next post.

✔️ Cards
✔️ Candles
✔️ Cake
✔️ Gift

I also picked up a (squeaking) teether, a tambourine and maraca set, and an outfit for Amaya. The boys also got an outfit and a hot wheel car each along with a small Starbucks tea and a cookie from the Target bakery section courtesy of the nice bakery lady. I did a one-stop shop and I have only slight shame because of the cake. But the bakery I wanted a cake from didn’t have any generic premade ones soooo..whatever.

On the way back home a woman was selling flowers so I picked some of those up for Stuart, too.

And we only ate into nap time by an hour. Amaya didn’t care and napped in the car both ways because #multitasking.

She LOVES the new teether, btw.

y'all.. im Gonna Do It….. im gonna log out of tumblr tomorrow and only work on my summer work all day.. i will gain some semblance of willpower for once in my 15 years of life and i will work instead of procrastinating,

edit: fuck it’s 3:00 am, this is completelty off topic 2 the rest of this post but why am i awake rn, my sleep schedule is fucked

edit2: 👀