A friend of mine shared this on my newsfeed today and I thought it would a nice idea to repost it here for the Nod Squad.

We are all fully aware of our drug use and with that awareness comes the responsibility towards ourselves and each other to educate about harm reduction, because sometimes sobriety genuinely is not an option and I know that’s true for myself as well as many of you.

So yeah, I won’t harp on harm reduction too often, but I care about you guys.

- garagedad

In several research studies, women were given Plan B after determining (via hormone tests) which women had ovulated and which had not. The results all showed that none of the women who took Plan B before ovulation became pregnant (these results really help to emphasize how Plan B works by delaying ovulation). Pregnancies only occurred in women who took Plan B on or after the day of ovulation, and these women became pregnant at the same rate as women who have not taken Plan B. Such results prompted researchers Noé, Croxatto, Salvatierra, and Reyes (2011) to conclude that Plan B

“Does not prevent embryo implantation and therefore cannot be labeled as abortifacient.”

—  excerpt from How Plan B Works