27 Enneagram Subtpes [3/3: Head Centre]

Transcribed from Beatrice Chestnut’s talk, based on Naranjo’s description of the 27 instinctual variant subtypes: 9 enneatypes × 3 instinctual variants. Includes lookalikes, subtypes that can look similar, and countertypes, the subtype that goes against the usual flow of the passion as expressed by the type.

Enneagram 5

Holy Idea: Omniscience, Transparency
Ego Fixation: Stinginess (Retention)
Virtue: Non-attachment
Passion: Avarice
Basic Desire: Mastery, Understanding
Basic Fear: Helplessness, Incapability, Incompetence
Temptation: Replacing direct experience with concepts

Sp 5: “Castle” - Passion for hiddenness or sanctuary. 

  • Need to be encastled, to be able to hide behind walls and be protected by walls.
  • Psychologically and physically build thick walls to protect themselves from the world of other people, need to have everything inside the walls so they don’t have to go out into the dangerous surrounding world.
  • Have boundaries or potential boundaries with others, and need to have control over these boundaries. They don’t always have boundaries, but they need to have control and access to them.
  • Cannot ask and cannot take, renounce their needs and wants.
  • Need a place of safety to avoid feeling lost in the world. Feeling of having to be on guard and difficulty with expressing oneself, especially anger. The least expressive and most withdrawn of the 5 subtypes.

So 5: “Totem” - Passion of avarice is connected to knowledge, to super ideals. 

  • More ‘out there’ and social than the other 5s, but rather dry and removed from feelings.
  • May not need so many human satisfactions or relationships because the passion for knowledge somehow compensates. Intuition that one can find everything through the mind. Needs, people or sustenance get displaced into a thirst for knowledge.
  • Do not relate to people but to the most outstanding among the people. Admires people and expresses ideals.
  • Looking for a super value, the ultimate meaning, but in this search for meaning, they are so oriented towards finding the quintessence of life, the extraordinary, that they become disinterested in everyday life.
  • Can become too spiritual or idealistic in a way that is counteractive to spiritual attainment because it bypasses compassion and empathy, the practical level of people connect in everyday life.
  • Need for the extraordinary underscores the so 5’s polarity between extraordinariness and meaninglessness. “Things are meaningless unless the ultimate meaning is found.”
  • The 5 avarice is acted out through a greedy search for the ultimate ideal to elevate one’s life.

Sx 5: “Confidence”, Counter type - Passion for the intimate relationship, needing great trust and openness with the other.

  • Intense, romantic and more emotionally sensitive. More intensity, suffers more, has more desires, can look like a 4.
  • Tend to be passionate about one person, often a person they cannot find. Seeks the ultimate mystical union, the divine in human relationships (like the so 5’s search for ultimate meaning). Can also be a search for a spiritual feature.
  • Search for high exemplar of absolute love means that it is hard for a potential partner to pass the test. It is very easy for the sx 5 to be disappointed.
  • Is very closed like other 5s, but also has a great need for intimacy, under the right circumstances.
  • Ideal makes them very romantic, and they have a vibrant inner life. (Many sx 5 artists display extreme emotions in their works but are cut off from others in everyday life.)

Enneagram 6

Holy Idea: Faith
Ego Fixation: Cowardice (Worrying)
Virtue: Courage
Passion: Fear
Basic Desire: To have support and guidance
Basic Fear: Being without support and guidance
Temptation: Indecision, doubt, seeking reassurance

Sp 6: Passion of fear manifests as insecurity, fear of not being protected.

  • Escape anxiety through seeking security and protection, and become dependent on others, not trusting themselves enough. Feel alone and incapable without outside support. 
  • Perceive the world as dangerous, and seek alliances. Endeavor to be friendly, trustworthy and supportive as allies are supposed to be. 
  • Taboo on aggression that results from the needs of dependency weakens them in the face of aggression,  and contributes to their insecurity and need for external support.  
  • Want to feel the warm embrace of a family, in a protected place with no enemies. 
  • Driving need is for friendship or warmth. Being warm is a way of getting people to be friendly and not angry. Warmest of the 6s. 
  • Cannot let out their own aggression, and want to be good, ie. not angry. 
  • A lot of hesitation, indecision and uncertainty. Too much tolerance for ambiguity, don’t want to decide between 'black and white’ because they see a lot of grey, can have a difficult time making decisions. Ask many questions but don’t answer any. 
  • Can look like: 2. 

So 6: “Duty” - concerned with what their duty is, knowing the rules, the points of reference, the guidelines, the “good guys and bad guys”.

  • Represents a mixture of the phobic and counter-phobic expressions.
  • Cool, cold, precise (archetypically German/Prussian character).
  • Stronger, due to certainty. Becomes too sure in defense from insecurity. Can become a true believer of fanatic, who holds tightly to ideologies, lacking trust to oneself and trust to others.
  • Deal with anxiety by relying on abstract reason or ideology as an impersonal frame of reference. Make sure of things through an obsessive reliance on reason and precision.
  • Love of precision and intolerance of ambiguity. See things more in terms of 'black and white’ than gray.
  • Fear disapproval from the authorities. “The Obedient 6”. Think that the way to be safe is to do the right thing, and the way to know the right thing is to have clear rules.
  • Concerned with efficiency, have a legalistic character.
  • Can look like: 1 or 3.

Sx 6: Counter type - Counter-phobic 6, who turns against fear with strength.

  • Can be forceful, have a need not only for strength but also intimidation. Best defense is attack. Go against danger from a position of strength. Intimidating character. 
  • Have the kind of strength that makes others afraid and holds the enemy at a distance. Visible character is not fearful.
  • Have learned to defend themselves in the face of paranoid fantasies through intimidation.
  • Aggression and fear come in a vicious cycle.
  • Move against danger a lot, and this can give them the image of a madman, crazy rebel, risk taker or trouble maker. Move towards risky situations and threats, stealing a sense of safety at actually confronting or dancing with risks and danger, rather than hiding or avoiding.
  • Can look like: 8.

Enneagram 7

Holy Idea: Wisdom, Plan
Ego Fixation: Planning (Anticipation)
Virtue: Sobriety
Passion: Gluttony
Basic Desire: To be satisfied and content
Basic Fear: Being trapped in pain and deprivation
Temptation: Think fulfillment is somewhere else 

Sp 7: Alliance maker, pragmatic and materialistic.

  • Makes alliances, collects around them a sort of family network. Banding together and creating a good mafia or partisan group. Relying only on those they trust.
  • Element of self interest in alliances that the 7 makes.
  • Readily recognizes opportunities for creating an advantage. In this way gluttony expresses itself in an excessive concern to make a good deal at every opportunity.
  • Combination of a love of pleasure and self interest.
  • Polarity between sx 7 and sp 7: Idealism.
    • Sx 7: highly idealistic, more gullible, dreamer;
    • Sp 7: much more pragmatic, cynical, materialistic.
  • Sensuous and earthy, cheerful and amiable, traits resembling a hedonistic playboy type personal style.
  • Practical, good at getting what they want, making a good deal. Opportunistic, pragmatic, calculating and very good at networking.

So 7: “Sacrifice”, Counter type - Expresses a kind of counter-gluttony, a sacrifice of gluttony and willingness to be of service.

  • Conscious of not exploiting others. Sense within themselves a tendency towards gluttony and decide to define themselves as anti-glutton.
  • Gluttony is a wish for more, for taking all you can get from a situation. There is a hint of exploitation: “let me take the biggest piece of cake”.
  • Thus the so 7 wants to be pure, not to be excessive or excessively opportunistic. Want to be seen as good for their sacrifice of gluttony, good being as defined by social code or consensus.
  • Ascetic, self disciplined 5ish ideal. “I will be perceived as good and treated in a good way if I let another take the biggest piece of cake and have the cookie.”
  • Take on responsibility in a group or family, and thus express the sacrifice of gluttony for the benefit of others, like a postponement of one’s desires.
  • Tendency to adopt the role of helper, to be concerned with the alleviation of pain.
  • Can look like: 2.

Sx 7: “Suggestibility” - Idealistic, dreamer with a need to imagine something other than stark ordinary reality; gullible, easy to hypnotize.

  • Glutton for things of the higher world, very idealistic. Lighthearted enjoyer.
  • Passion for embellishing reality, for idealizing things and seeing the world as better than it actually is. Tend to look at things with the optimism of someone in love. Can be said to be blind. Display too much enthusiasm, hapiness and optimism. 
  • Need to fantasize, need to dream, need for rose-colored glasses.
  • This can be seen as an overcompensation that reflects an unconscious desire to deny and avoid the painful, boring or difficult parts of life. Passion to dream, to go for the sweetness and the imagined reality rather than the ordinary reality. 
  • Hard for reality to match their dreams, such as in relationships. [Sp 7 can be the 'sexual’ one, if their gluttony is for relationships.]

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“You never thought of anything….special?”

Art by @whenthemoonlaughs aka Efter aka the E7 fan who disappears all the time.

Before Efter left the first time, when she was offering commissions, I suggested to her drawing a scene from Volume 3 of the historical, specifically Chapter 12. After a German ambush separates Renton and Eureka from their friends, they take shelter in an abandoned cabin in the woods. Just before falling asleep, they share a small moment of intimacy.

Now, after months of waiting, it’s finally finished, and it was definitely worth the wait. Thanks so much to Efter for doing this! 

Also be sure to keep watch for some more art, as she’s agreed to draw something for the final volume. Look forward to it!


FUJIFILM X100T 20160205 by RYO-TOKYO (kodomotosora)
Via Flickr:
Processed with VSCOcam with e7 preset

Caption: “Burlington Northern is only about five months old as eastbound #2, the Denver Zephyr, crosses the IHB bridge on its way to Union Station, headed by an E8, E7, E8/9 (9975-CB&Q9919-CB&Q ?). The BN hadn’t figured out what to do with their new paint scheme on these ex-CB&Q E-units; most of them had stainless steel sides. They would try green on the schnozz as well as this (I posted one of that) and I thought that looked good, but I doubt they were seeking my opinion. For a pre-Amtrak train, this one looks to be doing well with domes intact.”

LaGrange, Illinois

August 6, 1970

Photo by Paul Enenbach

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Charisk (Chara×Frisk)

“Are you really asking if I ship myself with Frisk? You really are kind of a freak, huh? I plead the 5th!”

((Chara is so Tsundere- *shot* Many of you should know what I like, so this is going to get an A, but for fluffs…I know what you sinners were thinking with your bad soul touching. e7e *shot at once more*))


Hi, I’m ENFP. My real name is Sarah and in real life I am indeed a nanny. I’m 24 years old and married to ISTJ. We own a little house together in North Carolina where we raise two big mutts.

I really enjoy finding a way to explain confusing topics so that they are more easily understood. I have a BS in Psychology and a few years of self guided learning in human services related fields and research. I’m one of those people who actually reads science journals.

So let’s see…what labels can I pull out?
Enneagram 7w8 8w9 4w5
Trifix 784 “The Messenger” archetype
Chaotic Good
Polyamorous and monogamous (yes both)
Dog person
I finished college at 20 because I got my GED at 16
I spent my 21st birthday in jail
I am intolerant of shaming
I have a tendancy to go into a Ne-Te lock when debating and have to remember that other people tie their values to external facts

I keep a folder on my phone where I take screenshots and crop parts of things I read that really accurately apply to me. I may post some of these but there’s a lot at this point. The Socionics description of ENFp is pretty much story of my life.

I’m sex positive and believe in the value of talking about sex openly and comfortablably since none of us would be here without it. Sex is the one human social behavior that we are expected to learn without ever observing or discussing and I find that ridiculous.

That’s all I’ve got for now but feel free to drop whatever you want in the ask box :)