Enneagram Ego-Types: Fixation, Holy Idea, Passion, Virtue

Sources: Dave’s Enneagram  •  EnneagramUserGuide
More details here: EnneagramInstitute (certain alterations made by Don Riso & Russ Hudson, but the core ideas are identical as Ichazo’s.) 

When first encountering the Enneagram theory, the descriptions of basic fears and basic desires are fairly straightforward and easy to comprehend. The ego-types are part or Oscar Ichazo’s original enneagram theory and are the base of the enneagram types. The one/two word fixations, holy ideas, passions and virtues are approximations and their meaning cannot be understood by the label alone.

Scroll to (on permalink page): Fixations [caused by loss of] Holy Ideas; Passions [caused by loss of] Virtues.

Fixations: indication of how we are fixated or “stuck” in the way we deal with life, resulting from the loss of the Holy Idea

  • Type 1 resentment comes from feeling an obligation to do the right thing while others seem to get away with shirking that responsibility. 
  • Type 2 flattery represents the tendency to pay compliments or special attention to others in order to manipulate oneself into their favor.
  • Type 3 vanity places great emphasis on one’s appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc. in order to feel validated.
  • Type 4 melancholy surrounds a lack of emotional fulfillment that longs for what isn’t and disparages what is.
  • Type 5 stinginess hoards resources and minimizes needs in an attempt to compensate for a world that seems to take more than it gives.
  • Type 6 cowardice is the tendency to succumb to or challenge fears or doubts that arise from an uncertain mind.
  • Type 7 planning lives in future anticipation of more enjoyable alternatives to boring, uncomfortable, painful, or limiting situations.
  • Type 8 vengeance experiences the world as taking advantage of the vulnerable and a reminder to stand strong and assertive against it.
  • Type 9 indolence arises from the negation or forgetfulness of one’s own agenda in order to go along with the agenda of others.

[Ichazo also proposes a Trap for each type that essentially leads back to their Fixation. If interested: descriptions.]

Holy Ideas: an antidote to the struggle of each type (ego fixation) 

  • Type 1 Holy Perfection aligns with a universal sense of perfection where the individual sense of perfection need not be forced upon the world.
  • Type 2 Holy Will aligns with a less ego-centric approach to the needs of others without covertly manipulating others in order to feel liked, needed, or have one’s own desires met.
  • Type 3 Holy Harmony points to a universal harmony or flow of things where one doesn’t need to outdo in order to prove one’s worth.
  • Type 4 Holy Origin points to an inherent unfolding of one’s own uniqueness in the universe without having to distinguish oneself by cultivating that uniqueness.
  • Type 5 Holy Omniscience is knowledge of the world through participation and experience in it instead of watching from the sidelines in the hope of understanding it before jumping in.
  • Type 6 Holy Strength draws from a belief that the universe eventually works itself to a resolution and trust in that means moving forward even in uncertainty.
  • Type 7 Holy Wisdom experiences a complete reality by embracing both the positive and negative instead of escaping into what’s more enjoyable.
  • Type 8 Holy Truth sees the gray of a universal truth which lies between the black and white absolutes of the individual’s truth.
  • The type 9 Holy Love holds that every being in the universe has value and significance both as part of something greater and as an individual.

Passions: an underlying habit of emotional energy, resulting from the loss of the Virtue

  • Type 1 anger is an energy that arises in service of correcting things that don’t match an internalized sense of rightness. It can be noticed in the form of criticism of things not being done correctly.
  • Type 2 pride is a self-inflated feeling of importance in the lives of others, coming from a feeling of being needed or indispensable in some way. Often it arises out of the belief that I have no needs but am able to satisfy the needs of others.
  • Type 3 deceit is a packaging of oneself in order to successfully sell oneself to others. The authentic self aside from the packaging is often lost in the image produced by the presentation.
  • Type 4 envy notices how others have what I don’t because others are more capable than I am. It’s a comparison of the positive in others with the negative in the self.
  • Type 5 avarice is a greed not for wealth but for time and space to process the world through the intellect. It’s a response to a world that can seem at times intrusive, chaotic, and overwhelming.
  • Type 6 fear is often a generalized mistrust of what and how others are thinking. This may be allayed by a questioning in search of certainty or an action that confronts the perceived fear.
  • Type 7 gluttony of the mind is a desire to taste life in all its offerings. The mind imagines an endless stream of appealing possibilities with the challenge of how to experience them all with limited time.
  • Type 8 excess is one of pursuing intensity or honesty of experience that feels more real and energizing. For others this intensity is often felt as too much, requiring the type 8 to sit on the energy so as not to overwhelm others.
  • Type 9 laziness is an inertia seeking and maintaining comfort, averse to conflict and disruption. It’s losing oneself in routines or activities that allow one to just be without having any goals to strive for or expectations to meet.

Virtues: What is lacking or needed to compensate for the corresponding passion, and dissolves its emotional demands

  • Type 1 serenity arises when the world is accepted as it is. Critical anger finds no target when the world is not in need of being corrected.
  • Type 2 humility arises when the self is seen as no more or less important than others. The self-inflation of pride gives way when you realize you’re not as indispensable as imagined.
  • Type 3 truthfulness arises when the true self is accepted. The packaging and selling of oneself becomes unnecessary when there is no reason for deceitful appearances.
  • Type 4 equanimity arises when you see both your positive and negatives equally. The half-truth of envy loses its validity when you stop comparing the positives of others with the negatives of the self.
  • Type 5 detachment from isolation arises when you learn the world is better understood by participating in it. Avarice for space and time often makes one less prepared to live in the world not more.
  • Type 6 courage arises when negative possibilities are seen as a product of the mind and not reality. Action against or away from fear becomes irrelevant when the fear is seen as self-created.
  • Type 7 sobriety arises when it’s realized that a more meaningful and deeper experience of life is missed when it’s superficially sampled. Gluttony of the mind racing through life pursues a quantity of life forsaking a quality of life.
  • Type 8 innocence arises when the more subtle sensations and emotions are allowed to surface. Excesses and intensity of experience are needed only when one is unable to appreciate or experience the subtleties of life.
  • Type 9 action allows one to live and pursue one’s goals and desires. Laziness or inertia that depends on others for direction leads to a life not fully lived for oneself.

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