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Kpop groups/artists you might not have heard of. [Part 26]

Yall this is so exhausting but I’mma keep going lol even though I’m bored of it. I have a ton more to do. I hope yall enjoy these and find some new groups. 

1. Legend

Song 1, Song 2, Song 3, Song 4 [yall vocals so on point I can’t even why are they not super famous ugh]

2. B.I.G

Song 1, Song 2, Song 3

3. Minx

Song 1, Song 2

4. Chaos

Song 1, Song 2, Song 3

5. Lay.T

Song [this was kinda hard to find i don’t think they made it past debut]

6. F.I.X

Song 1, Song 2

7. Six Bomb

Song 1, Song 2

8. BT Swing


9. E7

Song 1, Song 2

10. K Boys

Song [i don’t think they got past debut though]

Reflection ... Reprise

Back in March, bbcdiscovery posted and entry titled, Reflection.  Never more true than in the final scenes of E7.

Perhaps I should not have said, “it’s not his looks that hold me captive” … because it is Colin’s face where the reflection of his emotion resides.  It resides there in such a way that we cannot help but be drawn to it and find ourselves mirroring the same emotions, living the same…

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And the Story Continues ...

… As upset and emotional as we were over Sunday night’s E7, this preview of E8 appears to hold out some suggestion that our hopes for Leo’s little band of siblings will survive … though it appears the road will not be an easy one.

(Thanks again to Leahluna55)

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Silver Elegance at Eola by Steve Zahn
Via Flickr:
Caption: “Two weeks before Day One of Amtrak, the Burlington’s Denver Zephyr is seen highballing through Eola, IL at the Eola Road crossing on the Q’s East End. A pair of E7s leads this train on the overnight dash to Denver, and one day closer to this train’s final performance.”

Eola, illinois

April 15, 1971

Photo by Steve Zahn

みなさんへ 拡散希望 六本木のライブ&カラオケのお店 ステップス STEPS のマスターの植松さんが7/27から、難病で緊急入院してしまいました。奥様と女の子がお店番をされていらっしゃいます。お願いですが、一度でも二度でも何度でも顔を出して戴き、応援をしてあげてください。よろしくお願いいたします!

東京都 港区六本木5-9-14 第7ヴィレッジビル 3F 
ステップス STEPS