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Okay.  When Im saying ‘being anti self dx harms ppl’ Im not saying ‘helping self dx people who cant access professionals is bad’ because actually for the few people that would be genuinely helpful towards thats good bc its helping combat an acessability issue.  

What Im saying is vehemently yelling that people shouldnt self dx ever and calling them fakers and special snowflakes and accusing them of only looking at one post or article is harmful.  Because it completely disregards the valid reasons why people self diagnose and also why some people dont want to or cant get a professional diagnosis. Its bullying and frankly disgusting behaviour.  You dont know ppls reasons for self dxing or how much research they have put into it and frankly its none of your business. 

Also people who, because they are anti self dx, refuse to provide information and resources to people who are trying to put in the research to be sure of their suspicions,  is also harmful and only contributes to the problem of misinformation.  Like???? A lot of these people claim that not enough research is done by self dxers and yet when self dxers come to them asking for help and information they refuse bc they disagree with self dx which is both counterproductive an hypocritical. 

And telling people that professional diagnosis is the be all and end all when it isnt necessarily? Especially when it comes to neurodivergence. Sometimes it can actually be more dangerous for the person if they are professionally disgnosed okay?  And they dont wanna risk that danger so they dont want that professional diagnosis when a self dx is safer and doing the job just fine.  

Some people have trauma relating to medical professionals, or trauma/bad experiences relating to misdiagnosis made by professionals and so they dont trust or are downright terrified of medical professionals and so would rather not get a professional diagnosis if their self dx is already working fine for them.  

Basically: If you are offering help to self dxers who want a professional diagnosis but cant bc of acessability then thats one thing.  The rest of the time? Yeah.  Its harmful.  

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Wait, tiffany is springbonnie, she loves fredbear right? Not Vincent, he killed all him family now he's alone. In the fnaf canon history, springbonnie killed Vincent / William inside of her suit so... Esto se va a descontrolaaaar Dx

Springbonnie love fredbear yet y XD

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I'm self dx right now and I'm going through the 'is it worth a proper assessment' phase right now with my therapist, however, my father, who is doing my development is making sure that everything he says would align with my not being autistic. I was an early walker/talker/reader and he doesn't mind saying that because it means I'm better somehow, but won't mention that I was mostly alone, isolated people, was literal, copied everyone had no preference for my mother, used his first name..(1/2)

(2/2) until I was seven, my hypo sensitivity to danger and pain, etc. I can’t really say, oh he’s lying to my therapist, but, even if I tell the truth I’m worried because of what he said, I’m not going to be able to get the diagnosis, or at least have a fair chance at seeing whether it was correct. I can’t do anything because I’m only fifteen and j can’t remember that far back well, I don’t know what to do.

The funny thing about autism is that, in being a developmental disorder, it presents in young children with atypical development, and while that’s often delayed development (for example, not talking until age 4+) it can also come with early development (for example, walking at 6 months). Your dad might think being an early walker/talker/reader disqualifies you from being autistic, but in fact it’s just the opposite! Those are as much autistic traits as delayed development! Get rekt, preconceived notions!

-Brother Cat

My mom took my phone and now I can’t draw TwT but I found this shitty phone and used it instead, so hard to make the lines straight with this phone Dx

requested by a friend, I forgot her tumblr and I can’t tag her blog name, damn phone =w=

Anyone who calls otherkinity a mental illness falls under 3 grous

a) concern-troll

b) someone who read a few articles and tumblr posts about personality disorders online and thinks they can diagnose people they never met. sometimes they’ll even be against self-dx, for ironic funsies.

c) someone who is actually going to school to work with mentally ill people, and will use their personal bias against things that go against their worldview to torture and shame their patients. that whole part about how “spiritual/strange beliefs don’t count as mental illness unless they cause impairment in functioning” will go right over their heads and into the trash

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As someone who's professionally diagnosed with BPD (and had two separate stays in the psych ward after suicide attempts), I find it extremely frustrating to see so many self dx-ers using BPD as an excuse to be a shitty person. It's not fun or cool or an excuse to be awful or irresponsible smh;; I felt like a monster for the longest time after my diagnosis. But hey, now I work management and I'm married. BPD doesn't define ppl like so many of the kiddos are convinced. Also, <3 the blog.

Yes I agree. I really wish people would stop hiding behind the “Im mentally ill uwu” card

Thank u tho we <3 u

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Why did you block anonymous adders on the kids blog? I'm not mad or anything, but it's difficult when all you can do is watch when you aren't allowed to have a tumblr account. It gets frustrating and you start to feel left out ya know? Its.... it's just not fun like that.... sorry. Just letting ya know what am insignificant asker thinks...

I can’t handle everyone. Dx

I had SO MANY ASK SERIOUSLY and it was to 1) stop people from bein cruel purposely behind anon masks, and 2) I wasn’t going to get to everyone anyway and it really helped thin the crowd. 

I feel bad for non-account users but I figured at the rate this is going I was going to have to turn off anon’s eventually anyway so I might as well set the way things are gonna be NOW instead of deal with even more crap about it later. 

It was getting a little out of control. 

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I am laughing so much at your tags for the virgin Nutella thing! But I need an ace!Dan fic too! Dx

GOOD TO HAVE U ON BOARD ANON!!! i want ace fic for Everyone Ever, evry character or person ever i wan ace fic sorry im a demon asexual and i have an agenda. but ace!dan is Good and i love the concept but a lot of people who write ace fic tend to think that asexual has .. connotations and describes a personality or action instead of literally just ‘does not, to varying degrees, expierence sexual attraction’ so i’ve read some fics that turn Dirty, filthy mouthed characters into little perfect angels who wouldn’t even say the word ‘dick’ because Oh Heavens No, We Cannot Utter The Sex Words!!! We Are ASEXUALS!!!! haha, i want a good ace!dan fic where he is literally his disgusting ass self who makes terrible sex jokes and makes me want to smack him with a newspaper and he is ace … pls @ the fanfic lords, make it Be 

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i dont understand..how can u be against self dx when there are ppl like me who have parents that dont take MH like depression seriously? my sibling got diagnosed w depression and our parents told them that it's their own fault and that they have nothing to be depressed about. that's why i dont dare to go to the doctor and get myself checked even tho ive been suffering for years w suicidal thoughts.. not to mention there are poor ppl who cant afford medical help.. why do you make fun of us..

Frankly, anon, I find it very, very difficult to take self-diagnosers seriously when their need for a diagnosis stems from a craving for validation and not from a desire to use a diagnosis to access treatment, as it is intended.  If you cannot afford treatment, a diagnosis is useless, because its sole function is to specify the manner in which you need to be treated.  It is a tool, not a title to be earned or bestowed upon the “worthy,” and I readily scoff at anyone who professes otherwise.

What does self-diagnosing contribute to your life?  Will it give you the specialized support you need to deal with your suicidal ideation?  No.  Will it make your parents take your or your sibling’s mental health issues more seriously?  No- if anything, the illegitimate label will have them scoffing louder at your “fake” difficulties.  Then does it really help you?  Actually, NO.  Self-diagnosis impedes effective self-advocacy enormously, and you are doing it because you are afraid that your efforts to stand up for yourself will not be acknowledged.  While that is completely understandable, that doesn’t make it an adequate solution to your situation.  There are always going to be people who don’t take you or your problems seriously, anon.  The only person you can rely on to validate you is you, and if you require a diagnosis of some form to do that, how are you going to validate all your non-disordered emotions, thoughts, and experiences?  You are clinging to a rigid assertion that you have created in order to define your circumstances and, in doing so, rejecting other possible explanations to your predicament and stagnating because there are no treatment options available to you after the medical sites on the internet align with your confirmation bias.  Self-diagnosis is a dead end, and it’s not going to make your life easier or less scary.  Accept it.

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i have a prof-dx anxiety disorder and i have panic attacks like once a week and its the actual worst and people here STILL try to tell me that im "not sick enough" or something else from their bullshit narrative and it just makes me feel so invalid when most of them are just self-dx bpd tumblr ppl and i HATE it

dont feel invalidated. like you said “most of them are just self dx bpd tumblr” which means their opinion of you doesnt count for shit.