The whole idea of pro self-dx is insanely destructive and delegitimizes the genuine effort of mentally ill people (like myself) who are actually trying to attain psychiatric help.

Even psychiatrists will spend months assessing a patient to rule out possible illnesses, so that they don’t screw up by making an impulse diagnosis. Yet you spent a month googling your symptoms, and think that it qualifies as a thorough diagnosis. If you think somebody with a PhD can screw up, do you honestly think you’re /not/ going to?

All this only adds to the stigma that mentally ill people are using their illness as a grab for attention, when all you do is tack up your pseudo-diagnosis on your tumblr bio, and never even put forth the effort to seek treatment.

If you want to do some research to discuss with a psychiatrist, great! But researching something does /not/ qualify as a diagnosis, so please quit claiming ableism when someone /with/ that mental disorder tells you to seek help before jumping to conclusions.

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may I ask what you use to animate? I keep asking lot of other tumblr artists, but I never get a response DX

okay, here’s the program I used:

I prefer photoshop for animation and drawing, but as for beginner, try use flash.

oh, yeah if you ask what tools I’m using, I used this:

Kamen Rider Necrom Henshin SFX
  • Kamen Rider Necrom Henshin SFX
  • Kamen Rider Ghost

“Yes sir!”
“Tengan! Necrom! Mega Ulord!”

With episode 16 and 17 of Kamen Rider Ghost out, I decided to cut the transformation SFX of Alain’s transformation from both of them. I snipped both of the recordings a bit and merged them to remove voices and other sound effects in the background and such so it would just be the whole “CRUSH INVADER” thing.

Maybe I should do this with other Riders and their damashiis throughout the series? There are recordings from the DX Ghost Driver and Mega Ulorder, but the quality on those are kind of crappy given that it’s just a speaker on a toy.

Fun fact, the guy who did the voice for this, Peter Von Gomm, also did the voice of Grey from Mega Man ZX Advent apparently.

K’mahna Yohko.

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Full Name:
K’mahna Yohko, but known informally as Ahna.

Gender and Sexuality:
Female, Pansexual.

Miqo’te, seeker of the sun.

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Strand Cuxhaven, die Zweite.

Einmal mehr konnte ich die Funktionen meiner Kamera neu entdecken. Als ich dieses HDR aufnahm, stellte ich das Bracketing auf 7 Einzelbilder und schoss alle samt ohne Stativ. Das Programm Photomatix nutzte ich anschließend um alle Bilder zu einem HDR zusammenzufügen. Letztendlich kam dieses Bild heraus und ich bin auch ein wenig stolz, dass man nicht sieht, dass es ein HDR ist.

Das war´s auch von mir diese Woche und euch wünsche ich ein schönes Wochenende,

euer Alex.

Canon EOS 6D
Tokina AT-X 11-16mm f/2,8 Pro DX II

16mm | f/8 | 1/8; 1/13;  1/20; 1/30; 1/50; 1/80; 1/125 sek. | ISO 100


Evening sunset by Lukas Jonaitis
Via Flickr:
I took this shot last year (spring), when I was on the photography trip in Finish Archipelago National Park. I went through my photo archives and find this shot which could be interesting. So I post processed it. It took me a while, but the final result looks satisfying. :) It was taken with CanonEOS40D camera and Tokina SD 11-16 F2.8 (IF) DX lens. Please have a view of bigger size photo to see better quality (must see): www.flickr.com/photos/38628972@N05/6882306311/sizes/l/in/… I hope you will like it… P.S If you invite me to the group please comment also, please comment what’s wrong with the photos (Colors, sharpness etc…) Thanks :)


I didn’t want to further bounce down the rabbit hole of “things that are unrelated” on a post about TERFs, but I wanted to mention… Despite what that person is saying, they’re acephobic and transphobic (and all signs point to being EXTREMELY TWERF) and being intersex doesn’t give you a pass for that any more than me being physically disabled gives me the right to be, say, anti-self-dx. They are two sometimes overlapping but also completely separate issues. 

I don’t particularly want to have to throw my credentials around either, but all you did was mention there was a sex spectrum. If only intersex people could talk about the sex spectrum, only intersex people could be biologists and I would have a lot fewer people in my classes and pretty much every single one of my professors would be SOL. (I mean, tho, on the flip side I would have a lot less competition LMAO) There’s a big difference between mentioning a relevant biological fact, ie (sex and gender are both spectrums) and using intersex people as a talking point in trans issues. You didn’t bring up intersex people. You didn’t do the “intersex people therefore trans people.” You didn’t do anything wrong. That person literally just threw that into the conversation to distract from the subject at hand (TWERFs shitty grade school understanding of biology/their bullying of teenagers). 

I know you have a tendency to want to stay squarely in your lane and I don’t want to let the overzealousness of one TERF convince you that you’re somehow not allowed to talk about the fact sex is a spectrum. 

I hear the line passed around a lot that AT ONE POINT Triple H was a technical wiz, or SOMETIMES he’s an oldschool ring tactician genius, or shades of territory-era, or whatever, and I just kinda wonder…. dude. Have they actually SEEN any of these matches? Dude sucked on ice at the best of times. He’s probably great in the timeline where DX were real cool dudes that won the Monday Night Wars with sophisticated military technology

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"partial self dx" is that like half a press?

i was unofficially diagnosed when i was younger but my mom pulled me out before further analysis commenced and doesnt like to talk about it 

to everyone asking me if im okay

y e s i’m great and thats why i don’t come on this blog as much. it was just making things worse and all the questions people asked were giving me such bad anxiety i couldn’t handle it. i want to start using this blog more but all the questions have got to stop. i’m not a professional. go to a therapist, not a teenage girl. if you have a s i m p l e question feel free to ask, or if you want to vent thats fine but don’t ask me to validate a self-dx because i don’t know how. you can contact me on my other blogs as well, the urls will be in the tags :)))