This isn’t meant to be an attack but

If a trans person is taking the time out of their day to educate you on anything related to transness, be grateful

It takes a lot of spoons and energy to do this on what most likely is a regular basis (especially if you have a trans-centric blog, or if you get into discourse surrounding trans-related things).

Trans people aren’t obligated to educate you and hold your hand through your allyship. We don’t exist to be your walking encyclopedias on trans politics, gender, transphobia/transmisogyny, and other trans subjects.

- mod Kyla

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Haha, I'm a sucker for the DWC scene, something about spontaneous communal singing in the face of loss and fear just does it for me. But it's so alienating/dismissive of a non-Andrastrian, like "lol soz you're our saviour figure now whether you like it or not". I feel like Lavellan must've just been blinking HELP-ME in morse code at Solas once they manage to make eyecontact. I appreciated having him as someone to be like "Well this is an Interesting turn of events. BS, but potentially useful BS"

Not necessarily just Lavellan, but Cadash or Adaar, too. 

when i say "i wish cis people didnt exist" i dont mean "i want cis people to die"

it means that im sick of assigned gender and sex and i wish it didnt happen

it means that i wish we didnt have the concept of trans and cis and that we were equal and also, see above

it means i wish we didnt live in a transphobic society where i am made to feel like im fighting a losing battle when i fight for my rights as a human