The Mistakes We Made (30): Illumination

Shizuo is starting to get used to waking up to his phone ringing. That’s a little worrying, or would be if he had the awareness to spare when he rolls over to reach for the buzz of his phone against the bedside table; as it is he’s barely awake enough to manage the simple task of grabbing for his phone and swiping to silence the insistent hum of the ringtone, and even when he answers he’s not even surprised enough to muster anger at being woken up from a sound sleep. “Hey.”

“We have to stop meeting like this,” Izaya says on the other end of the phone. He sounds like he’s trying for amusement, or maybe teasing, but his voice is strained enough for even Shizuo’s hazy awareness to notice, and the attempt at laughter falls somewhat flat. “It’s a miracle you haven’t crushed your cell phone out of existence yet.”

“You’re the one who keeps calling me,” Shizuo says against the soft of his pillow. He catches himself on a yawn, the force of the sound straining against his jaw, and when he recovers he feels marginally more functional. “You’re not outside my door or something, are you?”

Izaya’s laugh is painfully bright against the receiver. “No. Thanks for the idea, though, I’ll be sure to keep it in mind in the future.”

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