If your tumblr avatar is a picture of a fictional character, I’m going to start assuming that you are that fictional character and start reading your blog posts with their voice

Japanese saying of the week!

All the time, by day and by night

Literally “sleeping and waking”. For when something (an obsession, an activity, whatever) is consuming all your waking hours AND all your sleeping hours

  • 寝て(ねて/nete) sleeping (て form of 寝る “sleep”–て form is a way to connect the verb to other actions)
  • も (mo) also (~も、~も both ~ and ~)
  • 覚めて(さめて/samete) being awake/aware

hello fellow Drrr people, in my useless research for secondary characters I’ve found this amazing site that has every single episode reference side to side of Ikebukuro in the anime, even the openings


(see, they even got the place where Akabayashi gets kicked in the face, amazing) so like if you need refs for your backgrounds or if you’re just curious this is perfect, some places are google mapped too