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Aries: Shinra Kishitani

Taurus: Izaya Orihara

Gemini: Masaomi Kida

Cancer: Vorona

Leo: Aoba Kuronuma

Virgo: Akane Awakusu

Libra: Ruri Hijiribe

Scorpio: Namie Yagiri

Sagittarius: The suspicious cheese

Capricorn: Akabayashi Mizuki

Aquarius: Shizuo Heiwajima

Pisces: Kasuka Heiwajima

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flo-nelja asked:

Can I have Mikado/Masaomi/Anri? Something about discussing "is this a date?" when they're all three together, going places, living urban fantasy adventures, etc. (for Polyshippping Days)

It turns out that this question is still exactly as hard to answer a year later and with Masaomi there with them.

Well, Anri dressed up and did her hair, and Mikado treated them both to ice cream pancakes, and Masaomi grabbed both their hands when they had to run away from that fight between people in bear suits. They went to the Sunshine aquarium. That sounds like a date, doesn’t it? But then again, dates probably don’t involve escaped penguins and biker gangs races and having to ask friends for a ride and pile up between stacks of doujinshi in the back of their van.

The interviewer smiles encouragingly, still waiting for an answer. Mikado stutters through trying to explain this. Anri blushes wordlessly. 

But this time Masaomi is there, so he pops up in between the two of them, wrapping an arm around each, and answers with the world’s hugest, most obnoxious and brilliant grin: “Yep! We’re on a date! Aren’t we the cutest?”

And that’s it, Mikado desperately wants to run away.

But Masaomi is there with them and Anri is bursting into laughter and saying, “Yes,” so. He schools his burning face into seriousness and clutches Masaomi’s hand on his shoulder and boldly grabs Anri’s before adding, “Yes, and we’ve booked a table at a restaurant and we’re running late, so if you’ll excuse us,” so when he does bolt out of there, they’re running with him and still laughing.

(Behind them, a familiar voice yells, “Russia Sushi welcomes all people in love!”, then is drowned in the sounds of something very heavy being thrown at someone.)

“Sorry we’re late!” Anri gasps at the chef, whose name they still haven’t quite caught.

He shrugs and takes out the ingredients for their usual as Masaomi drags a wheezing Mikado inside. “Better late than never.”