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Favorite seiyuu 2/? (not in order)

↳ 梶 裕貴 Kaji Yūki

He has voiced so, so many important characters and his wide range of voices is one of the (endless list of) reasons why I love him.


self indulgent Egor and Akabayashi from Durarara!!

please check full res and appreciate my obsessive attention to detail!!

Requested by yandairy

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: baking

Heiwajima Shizuo, the strongest and most feared man in Ikebukuro, had fallen asleep after an exhaustive day of baking.

Izaya walked into the penthouse apartment he shared as his home with Shizuo, immediately overwhelmed by the warm waft. It was sweet and probably comforting to most people, but Izaya’s nose just wrinkled and immediately went to open the windows.

Plates and plates of cookies and muffins were stacked on the counters, every single bowl and piece of china in the sink. He saw batter still sticking stubbornly to the surfaces and Izaya stared, wondering why Shizuo didn’t just stick them in the dishwasher.

…That’s right. I don’t think Shizu-chan knows how to use it…

“Looks like take-out…”

Shaking his head, Izaya pulled out a menu and placed his order before going over to the couch, crouching in front of Shizuo. Izaya peered at him; a hand raised to brush his blond bangs out of his face, head tilting and smirking slightly. Shizuo’s breathing was quiet, but he was sound asleep. Izaya waited a few more seconds before poking his cheek, murmuring ‘Shizu-chan’ over and over again, acting like a sort of annoying human alarm clock.

Work hadn’t been busy for Shizuo in the past few days, so he’d had the days off, stayed home and watched television, slept for the most part. Izaya came in and out, but today was one of the days he’d had to spend an extended period of time outdoors, made sure to tell Namie to not go to the office. Unless she wanted to entertain Shizuo.

She stayed home.


“Shizu-chan, why did you bake so much?” Izaya asked immediately.

Shizuo’s eyes took a moment to open fully and he stared at him, frowning, looking concerned in a sleepy way.

“The cows… are in trouble…”

And that was when Izaya learned Shizuo was a stress baker.

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hi !!! !!
unpopular opinion probably,… but iv e really been wanting to do an enatsu // umekou week !!!mainly bc im full enatsu trash n my love for them is too big ((including umekou hhh

although im p busy this term as i have a lot of schoolwork to complete as an avid lover of enatsu / umekou i rly wanted to do smth like this…,,, maybe during the holidays ? i usually dont contribute to fandoms except durarara and sometimes boueibu but i rly love and admire the boueibu fandom everyone ss sooso lovely ahahhs

so idk ???? maybe message me if u have any suggestions or ideas ?? ?? ill do all the organising so pls dont feel afraid to say anything !! nnn i dont even know if people will be willing to do this

     || So… I just learned about how it it illegal to smoke on the sidewalks in Tokyo and how there are small designated areas where people are allowed to light up… Does that mean that the police are so done with Shizuo Heiwajima, that they don’t even bother telling him to get to a designated smoking area? Because Shizuo walks around smoking everywhere…. Or maybe the police are just too scared of him. XD

im literally shizaya trash when i was getting my tattoo done half the time i was thinking about a tattoo shop AU

shizuo who has a shit ton of tattoos (he cant feel the pain anyway so why not?), most of which came from the tattoo artist izaya. izaya pisses him off but he tattoos better than anyone in the city so he begrudgingly goes to him every time. and he definitely wont admit it, but he kinda likes watching the flea work, so close up&personal. izaya gets this look of concentration (and finally shuts up) when he’s tattooing and its mezmorizing. 

oh yeah and izaya is booked months in advance but always takes shizuo as a walk in. to anyone who asks why he’ll just say he loves stabbing shizu-chan with a needle