the hype is real!

ahhhhhhhhhh so excited for DS3! So glad Miyazaki’s back on this one!

only thing I’m worried about is that the trailer has a lot of humanoid enemies/bosses, which was one of my gripes with DS2

What’s your favorite thing from DS1 that didn’t make it into DS2, that you’d want back in DS3? 

I’ve got an obvious interest in Karmic Justice, so I’d love to see something like that comeback, or something even sneakier. 

I’d also like to see the Hornet Ring come back. Not so much for the damage increase, but because the unique parrying animations were so neat. Maybe we’ll have that with the Ready Stance. 

Finally, IllusoryWall wrote up an excellent post about the multiplayer mechanics in Dark Souls 1, and everyone should read it. Most importantly, FROM should read it. 

What about you?



anonymous asked:

I'm getting a demon souls feel from ds3...

Hmm, I don’t think it’s quite what I get from what I’ve seen. I think what mostly helps set Demon’s Souls apart from Dark 1 and 2 in terms of tone (at least for me) is that Demon’s Souls feels like a world on the brink. Boletaria is actively under siege and it adds a sense of urgency to your progression. The quest in Demon’s Souls feels like it has stakes. The vibe I’m getting from Dark Souls 3 reminds me of the first two games, in that the setting is so far gone and the world ending “conflict” has already passed. I could be wrong however! It all remains to be seen until the game is in our hands next year.