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Have you got any Dredd AU fics? I’ve read one but I’m hooked!

i found

Judge Hale by Molespeople (4/4 | 1,484 | PG13)

I just saw Dredd tonight. This is a quick sort of drabble inserting Stiles and Hale in that universe.


Threat Assessment by Blue_Five (1/1 | 9,196 | R)

As a civilian consultant with the Psi Division, Stiles worked with a different Judge everyday. Then he met Judge Derek Hale.


The Unbreakable Clan Techie for @irisparry

After Techie escapes Ma-Ma and Peach Trees he hides in the city, living by night because he sunlight hurts his eyes. He makes a living by repairing electronics and lives in a room above a hole-in-the-wall which he’s allowed to stay in because he fixes the chip and pin machine for free.

Dredd AU Kylux

From the minds of @parasitebeans , @pixiepunch and yours truly

Domhnall plays a clan techie in the movie Dredd and because we’re trash we made an AU where techie Hux on Snoke’s (gangrelated-affiliation) orders infiltrates Ma-mas mega-blocks in order to hack into their systems on site. He’s captured when Snoke demands he stay longer. He’s branded a mole and has his eyes gouged out by Ma-ma. Against his will and with replacement robotic eyes, he works for Ma-ma but after she’s killed he goes into hiding, fearing any survivors of Ma-ma’s clan will go out looking for him. Kylo from the Knights of Ren, a gang of psychics, finds him when they go to scavenge Ma-ma’s territories and practically begs Hux to help them out. The Knights of Ren aren’t a cruel gang but a protective circle who seek to maintain the order and security of their mega-blocks. Hux reluctantly decides to help them in order to provide their blocks more security, and is provided safety from Ma-Ma survivors and other clans/gangs in the process. Hux suffers from post-traumatic stress from Ma-Ma and has frequent nightmares, anxiety attacks and sleepless nights. Kylo is often frustrated by his powers and gets tantrums, but after seeing Hux run from his first seen tantrum he does his best to better himself as well as prove to Hux that he is safe. Kylo finds him sleeping in a cupboard, unable to sleep from fear and decides to bunk him at his own place. Slowly Hux not only betters their systems and technology but finds comfort and safety by Kylo’s side and with the Knights of Ren, who are not cruel, but dangerous when they need to be. The Knights respect Hux for all his ideas and he gains enough confidence to propose strategic plans as well. Not only does Hux become the backbone of their technology but a member of their strategy and planning that gives them a huge push to collecting more mega-blocks and becoming one of the strongest gangs in the city.  

A Gods Birthday || egyptiandeathgod + joseph-dredd

The she-wolf had been busy making up the huts for the nights celebration, gathering spare blankets and pillows. It wasn’t very often birthdays where celebrated, especially ones where a God was involved. Tonight would be different. Though Mercy still worried about the fights that may occur. It might have been a celebration, but they where all still animals on the inside, mixing instincts with alcoholic probably wasn’t the best idea. 

( @egyptiandeathgod @joseph-dredd )

so it’s come up a few times, the idea of the Matt the Radar Technician/Clan Techie from Dredd crossover; and when it was being discussed i mentioned that i had a secret notepad in my phone full of headcanon… which was then requested to be revealed… and that… (o __o) is terrifying. you’re all so good at putting your thoughts into words! i’m just… not brave enough to! my language is broken (T AT) but i will draw them out! HAHAH! XD

so these are the super rough layouts for twelves pages of my headcanon! there will, of course, be words and sounds and tones and shading and stuff in the end ~ but i thought i’d just share the fact that i’m writing it! (-^ _^-) This goes from the point in the movie Dredd where Anderson let the techie go free, up until the moment he runs into Matt for the first time.

It wont go on being written out neatly in chronological order (unless i can string together all my ideas nicely, but that’s very unlikely) still, this first bit will probably be a full chapter long (aka: about 30 pages) But we’ll see!

I hope this will actually be interesting for some of you! hahahaha! XD i mean, i’m gonna do it for my own self-satisfaction anyway - but, hopefully you’ll all get some amusement out of it too! HUZZA! more to come! <3

A strong hand clamped around Techie’s arm, dragging him screaming out of his hiding place. He was slammed up against one of the server banks with the muzzle of a gun pressed to his head.

“Where’s Ma-ma?” The judge yelled.

“She’s-she’s on the top floor! In her penthouse. It’s behind 10 inches of solid steel!” He pressed himself further against the metal rack as the Judge’s hand dug into the back of his neck. “I can give-give you the code for the lock. Please, don’t shoot, it’s-”

He was cut of when the hand twisted into the fabric of his shirt and threw him toward the door. “I don’t need you to tell me.” Ren dragged the technician out of the computer room, ignoring his screams and attempts to resist. He stopped in front of the steel door, dropping Techie to the floor. “Open it.” He snarled. The smaller man whimpered and curled in on himself. Ren seized him by the arm and yanked him up to face the keypad. “Now, damn you.”

He keyed in the code, his finger hovering over the ‘OPEN’ command. “She’ll kill me. She’ll kill me.” Techie attempted to step backward but stopped when the back of his head met the barrel of a gun.

“I’m the one with a gun to your head.” Ren ground out, digging the metal into Techie’s scalp. “Open it!” A second later the door began to rumble open. Ren wrapped his forearm across Techie’s chest. Even through his thick armour, Ren could feel the smaller man trembling as his breath came in short, choked puffs. He swept his eyes over the room, checking for Ma-ma’ goons. When he saw none he took a breath and turned his focus to Techie’s mind.

A wave of terror rolled over him, so strong it nearly made Ren gag. Then the memories began. Screams echoed through his head as he watched Ma-ma gouge out Techie’s eyes with her thumbs because she wanted him to be more efficient. Hours spent curled into a back corner of the server room, trying to recover from the crippling headaches the implants caused. A knife pressing into his stomach as ‘encouragement’ to work faster, leaving long red scratches behind it.

Ren pulled himself out of his reverie and noticed that Techie was standing limply against his chest. Throughout Ren’s entire mission, Techie had never been as afraid of the Judge as he was of Ma-ma. Even with the former holding a gun to his head, Techie was still more terrified of the mob boss. Something in his resolve cracked and Ren found himself beginning to rework his plan to include the technician.

Ren turned the red headed man to face him and gripped his shoulders, feeling Techie shrink away from him. “Look at me.” Techie glanced up for a moment before dropping his eyes back to the floor. Ren knelt down, setting his helmet on the floor and reaching up to grasp Techie’s arms. “Techie, look at me, please.” The gentle words did the trick and he made shocked eye contact with the Judge. “I’m going to get you out of here.” He cupped a hand to Techie’s cheek. “I promise, but I need you to trust me.”

Techie nodded silently and Ren replaced his helmet and stood, wrapping his forearm back over the smaller man’s shoulders. Techie shuddered when Ren placed the lawgiver against his temple. “You have to trust me.” Ren whispered to him. After a few moment he nudged Techie forward and began to make his way towards the main room of the penthouse. 

One of Ma-ma’s men stepped out from behind a wall, his gun raised. Ren spun to face him directly, the movement dragging Techie off balance. “Try anything and I shoot him.” The man faltered, his gun dipping. Ren shot him in the head, taking advantage of his momentary lapse. Techie jumped at the shot and Ren pulled him closer. “Which way do I go?” A shaking hand pointed down one of the hallways and a sob caught in Techie’s throat.

They reached the top of a staircase and saw Ma-ma waiting for them. Techie practically vibrating with fear, his hands coming up to clasp Ren’s arm.

“You’re persistent, Ren. I’ll give you that.” She smirked. “But I didn’t think you were the type to go for lost causes.”

Ren raised an eyebrow under his helmet. “A lost cause? It seems he’s been quite useful to you today.” He turned his head a fraction of a degree and heard Techie whispering ‘I trust you’ over and over like a matnra.

“What? Him?” Ma-ma scoffed derisively. “He’s a technician. I can make myself twenty more.” She grabbed a pistol she had stashed behind her back and took aim at Techie.

Ren shoved him behind cover and took the brunt of the shot on the left side of his chest armour. He used the impact to propel himself into a roll, dropping his right shoulder to the ground and coming back up behind cover. Ma-ma had abandoned the pistol she had shot at Techie with, and was now using a semi automatic. A hail of bullets smacked against the metal behind Ren. He waited until he heard a break in her fire and grabbed a chair in front of him. Whirling around, he flung it towards Ma-ma, kicking over the shelving he’d crouched behind.

Techie heard all of this from his hiding place. He was curled into a ball, clutching his head to his knees. The crash of metal on concrete made him jump. He heard the big windows shatter and wrapped his arms over his head with a sob. Oh god she killed him! Techie thought frantically. She killed him, and now he’s a puddle on the ground floor like those others. He heard footsteps advancing towards him. A hand touched his shoulder and he unfolded his body with a jerk, scrambling backwards until he hit a wall. A thousand scenarios ran through his head as he tried to calculate how much of his body was actually necessary to run the monitors.

“Techie you’re safe.” Ren took off his helmet when his words had no effect, setting it on a nearby table. “It’s me. Ma-ma is gone, she can’t hurt you anymore.” He knelt down and saw the man’s eyes were dilated completely, his breath coming in short pants. Comforting him had no effect, it was time to try a different tactic. “STOP.” Techie froze, his breathing stopped entirely. Ren pressed a hand to the smaller man’s sternum. “Breath in,” He felt the soft rise. “and out. Again, again.” Slowly, Techie’s breathing equaled out. “Good. Do you know who I am?”

“J-judg-ge, judge.”

“Ren. Kylo Ren.” He waited as Techie repeated the name haltingly. Ren slipped his hands under Techie’s arms and lifted the smaller man to his feet. He swayed for a second before falling backward. Ren jumped forward and caught him, hooking an arm under Techie’s knees and lifting him up. A collection of scratches was visible on his stomach where the yellow shirt rode up and a bruise was forming on the side of his face where Ren had pushed him against the server bank.

He pressed his cheek to Techie’s forehead. The skin was clammy despite the flush that had formed on the red head’s cheeks. Ren heard his eyes whir open, and Techie blinked up at him. “You’re in shock. I need you to breath slowly. You can close your eyes if you need to, but I want you to try an stay with me.” Ren told him, shifting slightly so Techie’s head rested against his neck. “I’m taking you away from here.”

“Like you promised.” Came the slurred reply, making Ren smile. He used the hand under Techie’s legs to grab his helmet. Another hand came down over his and Ren saw Techie had also reached out for the helmet. He let go and watched as Techie clutched it to his chest.

They stepped into an elevator and Ren stroked his fingers over Techie’s arm as it started to move. “What’s your real name?” He asked softly.

Techie was silent for so long that Ren thought he had fallen asleep. He looked down to see Techie staring into his own blurry reflection on the side of Ren’s helmet. “I can’t remember.” He stroked a hand over the pitted surface as if he could wipe away a layer of dust and find himself underneath it. “They always called me Techie. Ma-ma never told me my real name.”

“I’m sorry.” Ren rested his cheek on Techie’s head, unsure of what else to say.

Light and sound bombarded the lift when the reached the ground floor. Radio chatter combined with investigations and the afternoon sun to create a hectic scene in the atrium. The entrance to Peach Trees was flooded with justice department personnel, and Techie curled closer to Ren as one of them approached. 

“Who is this?” She asked, gesturing to Techie.

“Ma-ma was holding him hostage. He needs medical.” Ren answered tersely, turning to approach one of the waiting ambulances. A crew member walked up to him with a tablet and an expectant expression. “John Doe. Shock, sub-par cybernetic implants, psychological trauma.”

The EMT recorded the data and nodded, transmitting it to a central database. He signaled another member of the ambulance crew who brought over a stretcher. “We’ll take him from here, sir.”

Ren’s helmet fell to the ground with a clatter as Techie shifted to wrap his arms around the Judge’s neck. “Don’t go. Please.” The movement nearly folded Techie in half, making him look like a small child compared to Ren’s bulkier form.

“I’ll stay.” He stroked a hand over Techie’s hair. Ren looked up at the EMT who took the reaction in stride. He gestured to the ambulance and Ren climbed into the back, settling Techie on his lap. He accepted a blanket from one of the crew members and wrapped it around the smaller man.

wee hours of the morning indeed! yeesh! it is FULLY day time outside! oops! (O AO) well! (-^ O^-) i promised @jathis and @marlonbookcase some Matt/Techie fluff, and i’m a lady of my words as often as i possibly can be! HAHHAHA! XD sadly~ no time for shading though… *sigh* i drew this too lovingly and ran out of time… i can only give myself so many hours a day that aren’t for commissions while my plate is still so full! (^  v ^);; (and really… i should have gone to sleep hours ago! lets be real! LOL!) still! i think it turned out pretty damn cute!!! Jathis had sent me a zillion prompts in the past and i went for the one about Matt having to go to Iso (Dredd AU prison) ~ cuz fuck if that boy wont learn to regret his actions when he has to leave such a sweet little birdy all alone… heheheh~ (-^ ___^-) thanks for your patience guys! hope you like it! night night Tumblr family! <3


And a thechie for the Hermit card! my last one (´∀`)9    @kyluxtarot Thanks so much to organizing all of that! It was great to be a part of it! And also a big hug for all the participant and their amazing cards!

Upright: Soul-searching, introspection, caution, discretion, being alone, inner guidance

Reversed: Isolation, loneliness, withdrawal, groundless suspicious about motives of others, continuation of bad habits or lifestyle