I want to count how many beauty marks Katie McGrath has all over her body.

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╙ Cressworth | Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

“I refuse to believe you’ve misinterpreted my affections. I am wholly in love with you.
And it is permanent.”


“Ready Bruce?”

 Vlad, along with his loyal followers, circle a part of Straud’s pack. Dice and several others were conducting questions, while Vlad & Bruce laid eyes on 3 potential Vamps that might know where his family was. Vlad found their location several days ago but was hoping they’d cooperate with the man. They refused, so Vlad had no other choice.

Bruce nods in Vlad’s direction, a smile developing along his lips. “Lets do this, Dracula. Show them just WHAT made you who you are…”

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