Like Real People Do

Summary: They just moved in together, and as she’s unpacking the boxes, she finds something she doesn’t expect. I’d listen to this or this while reading, if you want. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: ~ 2,000

A/N: This is a re-write of an old fic, but it was just so fluffy that I had to write it for Bucky. I really hope you like it, and just to warn you, it is super sweet & there might be some implied smut. But nothing too crazy.

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He said, ‘let’s worry about unpacking later’.

A few dozen boxes were stacked from the floor to the ceiling, each one of them labeled something different. Each one of them needing to be unpacked. They had moved into their new home nearly four days ago, and since then, the only thing they had managed to do was set up the television and order take out every single night.

Bucky stood in the threshold of the living room, where his king-sized bed sat in the middle of the floor. On top of it was his sleeping girlfriend; tangled up in the sheets, hair sprawled out every which way. He smiled at the sight of her, bowl of cereal in one hand, spoon in the other. ‘I Love Lucy’ reruns playing softly on the television after the two had fallen asleep watching some old, black and white movie.

The moment was picture perfect, and he couldn’t have been happier to be here with anyone other than Y/N.

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Sorry for my thirsty ass BUT pls tell me you're working on the roommate au cause my T H I R S T Y A S S really needs part 11 thank you love you HELP ME

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Grab your cup of Holy water for this ride ;) You might scream and cry a river  guys. I’m sorry. I’ll be posting shorter chapters from now on  so that I can update more regularly during the remaining week that I have before school starts up. I’ll be updating the First time au and the truth or dare  soon <33

Don’t forget to tell me how thirsty you are in the comments/Request box ;)

WARNING : You might blush/scream/laugh/ BE EMBARRASSED AF/ DIE OF FEELS or fall for Jungkook’s adorable personality <3



Here is pt.11 <3 Hope you enjoy~

Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 8557  words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.

“WANG JACKSON”  you shout at him

“Are you yelling at me right now?” he scoffs “YOU SAVAGE FEMALE”

“Do I look like a mammal to you?” you glare at him

“You actually are” he nods

“Don’t bring it up. I always hated biology” you lift your hand to stop him

“Now take your bag and get out. I have important stuff to do Y/N” he sighs

You knew that you were f*cked for good when he brought out that black bag a few minutes earlier. He always had the wildest missions and weird ideas on earth. There was no way he was going to let you slide off this one. You’d have to beg him so that he doesn’t assign to another one of his stupid missions.

“Can’t you let me go just this once? Please!!” You whine while pulling on his arm “I’m sorry!! I WAS WRONG FOR THINKING YOU HAD AIDS! I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT!”

“Y/N. Stop pulling on my sleeve. Do you know how much this suit costs?” he pushes your hands off

“Insensitive jerk. “You glare him “I don’t like this bag! I’M NOT TAKING IT AND YOU’RE NOT FORCING ME TO DO THIS”

“You’re taking the bag and you’re doing the assigned mission.” He stares back at you

“NO” you cross your arms on your chest

“YOU WILL.” He put his hand on the driving wheel

“I will not” you stare elsewhere

“Do you really want to argue with me right now?!” he scoffs

You start freaking out. You had to somehow convince this jerk to set you free from this request. What if that bag was full of drugs? Then you’d be the one responsible and you’d be good for prison. You were not going to play long with him and this is how you chose the fastest and easiest way to melt any man’s heart.

“Come on~ don’t be like that! We were good friends in high school weren’t we?” you flutter your lashes at him.

“DON’T USE THAT AGYEO ON ME. I’M GOING TO VOMIT” He steps back “This is exactly why I refused to go out with you a few years earlier” he ruffles your hair

“Aishh… I was the dumb one for thinking that such a thing would work” you roll your eyes. “B-But please!!! Have some mercy on me!! What if I get caught??!” you give him the puppy eyes “I’M A POOR KID!!!!”

“I know that you’re poor.” He sighs “Don’t over dramatize this. I’m not giving you a bag full of drugs for goodness sake” he pushes your forehead with his index.

“B-But—“you pout

“Baby, stop being so cute and get out of my car already” he rolls his eyes before opening the door of his car manually and pushing you off

That’s how you landed butt on the hard ground. That guy was not going soft on you at all and you always despised him acting full of himself. He was greedy and rich. He never knew limits and he’d make you do some kind of crazy stuff just because of that so-called contract you signed when you both graduated high school. That contract that you didn’t had the choice but to sign because you were broke at that time.

You needed that money and somehow the only way to afford that sum to get into college was with Wang Jackson. Third Generation Chaebol. The heir of a wealthy company in Hong Kong. A guy that you tried approaching in high school but failed miserably at it. He was cocky and he knew that you needed him as much as you needed him.

“This arrogant bastard” you frown as you watch the car departing

Your leggings were all wet because of that puddle of water you just fell in. You shivered in cold as the wind would hit while rain would keep on falling nonstop. You felt so pathetic and pitiful at that moment. You just wished someone was there to hug you and tell you that it was alright. You wanted jungkook and he was too far away from you. The warmth of your roommate’s hugs were something you yearned for right now.

“Let’s just get up and figure something out Y/N. Yeah, that’s the only option we have left “you get up as you sigh and grab the black bag with you

I’ll make sure to shove this bag on his face the next time we meet

You walk a few blocks while shivering nonstop. You were going to catch a cold and that was for sure. You’d lower your cap to hide your face as you walked in that dark alley. You were not necessarily afraid of being harassed or anything. You were more afraid to be seen downtown like this. After walking for a few minutes you finally reached the department store.

What you didn’t know is that jungkook was way closer to you than you thought.

“Oh~ is that a lingerie shop?! Can we stop by there hyung PLEASe!!” Taehyung would nudge hoseok

“What would seven grown men do in a lingerie shop for women? Do you want us to doom our chances to get a girlfriend or something?” Namjoon’s eyes rounded

“I was just being curious.” Taehyung would pout “We only live once! Why not?” taehyung would pull jungkook with him

Jungkook gasped as his eyes met with the extra big poster of Top Model Taylor Hill Wearing very suggestive lacy lingerie. The sight of a half-naked girl was not something he needed at the moment. A sudden thought of your red and black lacy bra travelled his mind and he shivered at the thought of getting hot and bothered again.

W-What if Y/N ever wore this? , he’d unconsciously bite on his lip while being in a daze before slapping himself back to reality, NO NO NO. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

“I refuse to get in there” jungkook feels panic arise through “I’m going back to campus” jungkook shakes his head as he’s ready to step away

“No one is going anywhere before we figure out something about your scandalous fashion” Hoseok pulls jungkook by the back of his collar

“LET ME GET IN THE LINGERIE SHOP!! PLEASE HYUNG!!” Taehyung pulls on jin’s sleeve

“Why would you do such a creepy thing taehyung-ah? Going in a lingerie shop…are you for real?!” Jin comments

“Jungkook is the only of us that got to see an actual bra up close! Let me enjoy my youth too!! Let’s check out more bras!!” Taehyung retorts

HELL NO. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS.I REFUSE TO SEE ANY OTHER BRA!!! As if Y/N’s bra wasn’t already enough!!

“Yeah and I’m regretting that moment the most in my entire life” jungkook shivers “Bras are scary”

They are scary because they’re the only clothing item that can make me feel frustrated without having to be worn by someone.

“Bras are amazing” Jimin replies

“TAKE IT BACK. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THIS.” Jungkok glares at jimin

“Jungkook-ah. To tell the truth, that bra that got mixed up with your shirts is what started up the flame between you and Y/N. “Jimin wiggles his eyebrows

“Yeah, I think that the bra was what made him think about her a second time” Jin chuckles

NOT EVEN TRUE. I LIKED HER WAY BEFORE THAT INCIDENT!!! They don’t even know how precious she is to me, yet they blabber stupid stuff *rolls eyes*

“If it wasn’t for that bra, your pants wouldn’t be working up to this day. BE THANKFUL TO Y/N’S HOLY BRA.” Hoseok nods

“May the Holy Tree Bless Y/N’s Holy Bra. AMEN” Yoongi closes his eyes

“That bra is the reason WHY I’VE BEEN HATING MYSELF FOR THE PAST YEAR!” Jungkook scowls

“Don’t hate on yourself. You’re rooming with a girl. EMBRACE IT” Hoseok smacks jungkook’s head

Yeah. Rooming with a girl also include, to be ten times more on guards in case something happens and she thinks you’re a PERV. OF COURSE IT’S AMAZING TO ROOM WITH A GIRL WHEN YOU’RE STILL GOING THROUGH THIS AWKWARD GROWTH!

“You guys can’t understand” Jungkook sighs “I give up on trying to explain this to you”

“Now instead of talking about bras,can we get in a shop to get some clothes cause’ this panty dropper mission is not done yet” Hoseok pulls jungkook with him

As they walk past the bra shop, you can be seen walking in the opposite direction.Meanqhile the boys were doing their business you coincidently happened to be in the same department store as them.You passed directly by Jungkook yet you didn’t see him nor did he notice you either. With your cap hiding your face, the only thing that could make him suddenly think of you is the unique peachy aroma that went past by him when you walked by.

What is this scent? I know that smell way to well…

Jungkook would stop on his tracks and turns his head to look back. Something about this is making him feel  this strange vibe for some reason. It feels like you’re there yet not there. Jungkook knew your scent way too well to make a mistake.

After spending half a year in that room, he grew addicted to the way your scent was so overwhelming yet comforting at the same time. It made you into the girl he liked and he could tell you apart from any other girl. You were his crush. You were his first love. You were his girl. Well, he wished you were.

It smells like her. Am I imagining things?

“What’s wrong jeon?” Taehyung would nudge Jungkook “Did you finally lose it?” he’d chuckle

“I-I just feel like….” Jungkook would stare into space as your silhouette disappears “N-Nothing, I was just imagining things”

Yeah you are, Jeon Jungkook. You’re even hallucinating now. Are you that obsessed with her? You should get over it. You’re just being a creep. Y/N is probably at her friend’s place having fun meanwhile you’re being dragged in a department store like a puppet.

On your side it you were way too focused and afraid of the contents of that bag to notice your surroundings. Jungkook was now a detail in your brain and that bag was your main worry. One bad move and you’d be f*cked for real. Wang Jackson may have assured you that he wouldn’t throw drugs in that bag, but who can trust that unworthy rich chaebol? You weren’t going to trust him for sure

You chewed on your gum before reaching the bathrooms in the department store. You opened the bathroom stall and locked it before removing your cap. You ruffled your hair and sighed a few times before making your first move.

This is it Y/N. After you open this bag, there is no going back. , you close your eyes

Your shaky fingers reach the opening of the zipper as you firmly close your eyes to avoid looking at it. You opened the bag and that was it. You plunged your hand in the bag to reach some weird fabric. Your eyes shot open at the realization. You recognize that type of fabric way too well. You were doomed.

Well F*ck. Is it really what I think it is?

You pulled out the thing out of the bag. It was obviously your worst nightmare. That red sparkling fabric that was sleeveless and so short. A sinful red glistering dress that was short enough to reach your mid-thighs and barely cover up your butt. This is the kind of dress that a ‘Wang Jackson’ kind of Girl would wear. The kind of dress that screams; “PLEASE LOOK AT ME, I’M DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION”

This f*cker must be kidding Me., you clenched your fist

You felt yourself rolling your eyes as you searched more into the bag to see if there was anything else. You grabbed a pair of heels that were at least 6 inches. Your mouth formed a scandalized ‘O’ at how scandalous this outfit and these heels were. This was definitely not your type of clothing at all.

“First it’s the stupid short dress and now what? He wants me to wear this shit. I’m out.I’m NOT DOING IT. You can go find someone else. I’m not doing this” you talk to yourself

Does this bastard WANT TO F*CKING DIE? Whoahh…seems like he really wants to be f*cking around with me. I’ll make sure to give him a taste of what it’s like to play around with me.

You grab your phone and dial Jackson’s phone number franctically. You are ready to spit fire at him for giving such a scandalous outfit and a mission on top of it.


“Baby, don’t yell and shout. Did you see the nice dress I picked for you?” Jackson replies on the other side

“You call that a dress?!” you reply in a scandalized tone “I’m NOT DOING IT.”

“Do you want tuition for next semester or not? I suggest you follow my orders, cupcake” you could already imagine his smirk on the other side

You could feel your anger dissipate as you realized why you were even listening to wang Jackson in the first place. Of course you had to money this jerk when you were broke with nothing to pay for the following semesters you had left. Life was cruel and sometimes you just had to cope up with that it gave you.

“Okay, I’m closing my eyes on this just because of the tuition” you sigh in defeat “but, Get me another dress!” you argue

“I can’t do that. I picked the most expensive attire for you.” Jackson replies on the other line “just, why are you so stingy?! I’M THE ONE WHO GIVE ORDERS HERE NOT YOU”


“Why would you flush it? Do you realize that you’re about to throw away a dress that’s worth ten times the price of your tuition? Do you want to be my slave for the next ten years because of that dress?” Jackson snickers

“Don’t be an ass Jackson. I wouldn’t actually flush it.” You reply sarcastically “And STOP scaring me. It can’t be worth ten times—“you look at the price tag “WHY DID YOU BUY THIS?!” you shout in a scandalized tone

“I’m sexy, free and rich. Why not?” he replies in arrogance

“Yeah, you’re also very dumb, but that’s just a detail” you sigh “Please get me decent heels then! I can’t walk in this!”

“I’m not exchanging anything and you’ll be wearing all of it. If you search in the bag, you’ll find a paper with the address”

“Are you sure?” You trap the phone between your ear and your shoulder as you search frantically in the bag before finding it

The address on that paper gave you a semi heart attack, because you never expected your mission to happen there. Your knew that address way too weel and it was probably a place where no one would ever see you at. Hardon-Happiness street, that one street that had all the most lit clubs in town.

“Jackson, is this a joke?” you suddenly say “Why are we meeting up in a club?!”

“You don’t get to question me. Just show up there” Jackson cuts off the communication

You were in the bathroom in wet clothes with a dress as the only option. Jackson had planned it from the start and pushing you in that puddle was also part of his plan. He knew that you wouldn’t change onto the dress unless you’d actually need to do it.You were screwed and it was official. You were going to have to wear that dress and show up.

You sighed as you searched further in the bag and found a few bills of money. Around twenty dollars and you already knew what was up.

“Of course, he’s too dumb to pick out the makeup, so I’d have to get some of it by myself” you rolled your eyes

On his side, Jungkook was very anxious about what kind of look and fashion style he’d try out. Knowing that his hyungs go hard when it comes to looks, he’s afraid of what kind of items of clothing they’ll force him to try out.Of course he wanted to look good and impress you, but what if it didn’t turn out that well? From what he knew, you were the sweet and innocent type of girl. He was afraid that this entire make over would scare you off. What if you liked him when he had more of a cute look? What if his new clothing style would make you hate him?

“Let’s start by making a list first” Hoseok takes out a sheet of paper and a pencil

I already know that this shopping spree is going to end up in a disaster with me refusing to get out of the dressing room because they’ll make me try out the most ridiculous items of clothing in store.

“Why do I feel very anxious about this?” Jungkook bites on his fingers

“Why would we need a list? Can’t we just strip him off and make him try on all of what we brought?!” Jimin smirks


“Someone’s thirsty for the kookie” Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows

“We’re all hoes for Jungkook after all.” Jin nods

“What about the thing?” Hoseok suddenly asks

“What thing?” jungkook furrow his brows

“The most important part of your body. The one you’ll be using for future purposes” Namjoon nudges jungkook “You know what I’m referring to”

“How is he doing?” Taehyung giggles

Of course they had to ask how my dick has been doing. * facepalm*  It’s only natural that after five days of inactivity in that area they’re all freaking out over it. I’m not even impressed. I expected this. Why am I hanging out with them again? *cries*

“Guys. I’m doing just fine. These five days of break were what I needed the most in my life” Jungkook sighs

“Of course, he’s doing well! Can’t you see how jungkook has been on fire for the past few weeks?” Namjoon nudges Taehyung

“Oooh~ Now I’m getting all curious about what body assets you have hiding under these jeans.” Jimin smirks


“I’m not stripping off, especially not in front of you” jungkook replies in a scandalized tone

“No need to strip him off to get that information” Yoongi suddenly comments

“What do you mean by that?” Namjoon asks

“I’ve borrowed his underwear a few times.” Yoongi comments

Jungkook’s body freezes at the sudden news. He was aware of how crazy and insane his other hyungs were, but now he just discovered that the Saint Father Suga himself stole his underwear in the past?! For what purpose, for what context and for what reason?!  All sorts of things were happening to him and he didn’t even knew if he was being blessed or simply jinxed.


“HYUNG. YOU DID WHAT??!” Jungkook’s eyes threaten to get out of their sockets

“Whoa… that’s a shocking confession we got here” Taehyung can’t believe it

“The saint father himself was a hoe for jungkook” Jin nods

“S-So?! Then what about it?!” jimin asks curiously

“Cut off your interest hyung!” Jungkook frowns at jimin

“That’s because you want to see Jungkook naked don’t you? You crazy perverted bastard.”Taehyung nudges jimin

“He got some holes in some of his briefs. That’s all I can say for now.” Yoongi smirks

“HOLES?! Jungkook, what do you feed that thing?!” Hosoek nudges jungkook

“Bless to the Holy Size of Jeon Jungkook, that’s all I got to say.Amen” Yoongi nods

“Hyung. Please tell me that this is a joke” Jungkook would fake a sob“ Of all the people in this dumb squad, I thought you were most likely to never do such a thing! I thought that you were a saint father”

“I chose your underwear, because you asked for guidance.” Yoongi replies “Do not question the Saint Father. I know what I’m doing, son. You will have lots of good fortune from now on.” he pats jungkook’s shoulder

“Yeah jungkook-ah. Haven’t you heard that once Father Lousi Williams Suga Adams The third wears your underwear you’re bound to have an amazing sex life?” Taehyung nudges jungkook

W-What??! AN AMAZING S-S-SEX LIFE??!!This is the last thing I needed * runs away and hits his head on the wall*


His friend processed the shopping as if it was no big deal that Yoongi borrowed his underwear.What could he expect anyways? His hyungs were only there for one purpose and it was to give him a makeover. They wouldn’t listen to him no matter what he was going to say anyways.

“Now that we gathered an important information. We can starts off by picking tight jeans” Hoseok smirks



His hyungs weren’t even listening to him and already picking out clothes and items as if he was inexistent. They may have been shopping for jungkook, but they never asked his opinion once about the outfits they were picking.

“Yeah, I think it’d make his long legs look quite good” Jin nods as he picks a few pair of fashionable jeans

“Don’t forget the concept guys! Mysterious Classy boy concept okay” Hoseok “something that will make him elegant but sexy”

“Find something that will bring out the magic of his muscles” Hoseok comments “Something that will show off his thighs”

“Why do you bring my thighs onto this?” Jungkook scowls “Leave my thighs out of this”

“Muscular Thighs are more of a deadly weapon than you could think jungkook-ah” Namjoon surrounds his arm around jungkook’s shoulders

“Girls are into it“Taehyung flips pages on his magazine“ People say that they fantasize about it”

“Show off your assets jungkook. You got an amazing body yet you always wear baggy shirts and pants” Namjoon nudges jungkook

“What assets?!Stop talking about my body as if it was some big deal” Jungkook blushes

“But that’s quite a big deal that you have in your pants” Taehyung wiggles his brows “ Right, Father Suga?”

“I approve” Yoongi nods

“I suggest leather pants to bring attention to the sinful thighs” Jimin smirks

“AMAZING IDEA” Hoseok take notes

These bastards are crazy. I might as well run away and go live on an island now that I’m at it. From all the type of fabrics, they chose the most uncomfortable fabric and pants that exist!! HAVE SOME MERCY ON MY DICK. LORD PLEASE.

“W-What??! Leather pants??!!” jungkook’s eyes start to panic

“For the top part, try finding something that will expose a bit of the neck but not too much. Something that will accentuate his sharp jaw” Hoseok notes down “A classic dress shirt would do”

“What about a ripped sweater?!” Jimin comes running with that black and red torn up sweater (the one from war of hormones)

For some reason Jimin was very enthusiastic about dressing up jungkook and exposing every bit of his sexy sinful body. Jimin knew how his dongsaeng could pull a sexy look and he’d do whatever it’d take to do justice to his sexy side. Jungkook was not all fluff and Jimin knew that the items he picked would bring out the savage sexy beast residing inside jungkook

“That one is good for later, put it in the basket” Hoseok nods


“But it’s see through” Jimin wiggles his eyebrows

“ Why would you want to expose my chest?!” Jungkook pouts

“ I love exposing things” Jimin smirks

“You perverts “Jungkook plays with his fingers

Y/N is going to think I’m a pervert for dressing up with such exposing and tight clothing!!! HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS LABELLED AS SEXY?!

“Someone find a stylish blazer. Preferably Dark blue or Jet black” Hoseok nods as he stares at jungkook

“I’ll take care of that” Namjoon goes running to the suits section of the store

“For the accessories, I suggest we add some rings for the forefinger and the index. Maybe a watch too.” Jin pats his chin

“Perfect, I’m adding this to the list” Hoseok notes down

“Why?” Jungkook tilts his head

“Rings on the forefinger are a way to show wealth and rings on the index express manliness. These are the kind of things that I got to learn in Women’s Psychology 101” Jin replies in satisfaction

“Is that even a course that is offered in Sperminston University?” Jungkook furrow his brows

“It’s an optional course that that I got to pick before becoming a grad” Jin replies “You should take it next semester! I learned so much stuff about women in that course.”

“Took that course too” Hoseok smirks “Girls are way more complex than what I expected”

“Tell me about it!” Taehyung pouts “I ended up dropping it, because it was too complicated for me”

“I aced that optional class with an A” Jin blows wind on his nails

“How come you even passed that course with such a high grade, Jin Hyung?” Jimin rubs the back of his head cutely “I got a B+, oh gosh… there was so much material to learn. My GPA dropped a bit after taking it.”

“If you took that course, then you wouldn’t be freaking out over what Y/N likes” Hoseok comments

“I was not even aware that such a course existed!” Jungkook retorts

Seriously what kind of university is this school?!The more I pass time on campus the more baffled I become over the programs and courses offered.

“I’m calculating everything to turn you into the perfect man. You will make jaws drop jungkook-ah. I promise” Hoseok ruffles jungkook’s hair

10 minutes later..

Jungkook was refusing to get in the changing room saying that the clothing items his hyungs chose for him were way too racy or suggestive. He was used to his white shirts and timberlands but his friends were determined to make him wear tight pants. He was not feeling these tight pants at all and jung hoseok was getting annoyed on the other side of the changing room. That’s how Hoseok started knocking on the changing room. He had to somehow make jungkook get out of there.

“Look Jeon Jungkook. Unless you want to stay as an awkward virgin student in the art faculty when everyone has been f*cking since first year, I suggest you cooperate and let us help you bloom into the flower you actually are” Hoseok knocks on the door

I don’t want to f*ck with anyone! I just want Y/N to reciprocate my feelings for her, but she’ll obviously never feel the same way as me…

“Awwww that’s a really cute metaphorical expression~” Jin smiles

“But Jungkook is everything but a flower” Taehyung comments

“He’s cute and that’s what makes girl fawn over him in adoration” jimin adds

“Okay, then why does he need a transformation?” Taehyung tilts his head

“ Kim Taehyung”, hoseok shook his head “ The main reason why no one still hasn’t gotten it on with Jeon Jungkook , is because he looks cute”

“But isn’t that a good thing?” Taehyung asks

“That’s a VERY VERY FUNNY ONE” Hoseok clpas his hands

“ I always thought that being cute gave extra points” Taehyung comments

“Look at the cruel world kim tae and try convincing anyone that if you were girl you’d go for the innocent and weak one.” Hoseok puts his arm around taehyung’s shoulder

“A cute guy equals motherly instinct, which means in human language that girls will only see him as a baby that they want to take of and not the other way.” Namjoon replies logically “ But that does not mean that Y/N is the same as all the other girls though”

“Isn’t it right jungkook-ah? Doesn’t Y/N always tries to make you breakfast and does corny stuff such as nagging you for not putting down the toilet seat? Or maybe did she ever knocked on your door to tell you to study for your exams? Doesn’t she seem kind of bossy around you? Do you even know why she’s always so worried about you?! Because she sees you like A KID. Your haircut, your style and your responses to her are everything but those of a man that she wants to rely onto.”

“ I know hyung. No need to remind me. I’m just a failure” jungkook replies sadly on the other side of the door

“Whoah…You just made the boy all sulky and sad. I give you a ten at making people insecure Jung Hoseok.” Namjoon shook his head in disbelief “I thought you were supposed to be the f*cking hope here?! LOOK AT HIM AND TELL ME THAT THERE IS SOME HOPE LEFT FOR HIM”

“Girls fall for what can make them flustered and there’s no way a guy qualified as cute can make a girl waver” Hoseok replies “FACE THE REALITY JEON JUNGKOOK.”

“Kook, take it off and wear on your clothes. We’ll figure out something for you” Jin knocks on the door

Jungkook listens to his hyung’s command as he takes off the items of clothing and wears his own clothes. He sighs as he opens the changing room’s door. He’s not feeling the least confident and he’s afraid to screw it up

“We don’t have much time left guys” Hoseok rubs his temples “Let’s just get this and go back to the dorm and figure out something there.”

“It’s okay jungkook-ah” Taehyung put his arm around jungkook’s shoulder

“Y/N will never like me” jungkook pouts

“Don’t pout, you look handsome and we have your back. If she rejects you then she’s not human!” Namjoon ruffles jungkook’s hair

“Where’s your hidden Jeon Cena? Seriously I miss seeing it” Jimin nudges jungkook “Maybe you scare the f out of me when you do it, but Jeon Cena still has more confidence and I love that”

“Let’s pass by the pharmacy guys. We need to get useful things for tonight” Hoseok comments


Meanwhile the boys were making their way to the pharmacy, you were already there searching for a decent lipstick color that would match your skin tone.You were there sneezing your life because of the turned on AC and your wet clothes weren’t helping.

“Why is everything so pricy?” you pout while running your fingers on the mac blush palette “Guess I’ll just use lipstick for blush” you sigh

You had the choice between a neutral pink or a bright red one. You had trouble picking which one, because the red one obviously matched your dress but it would bring way too much attention on you for nothing. After all red was a flashy color.

“ Ugh what am I going to do?” you bite your bottom lip

You had picked your eyeliner and mascara as a kit and you still had to pick an eyeshadow but the choice was difficult for you.Being the kind of girl who would wear neutral tones of pink because they were natural, you had trouble figuring out which eyeshadow to choose

“Or maybe glitter would be better?” you pick that gold palette

New costumers get in the pharmacy and there’s suddenly so much noise going. So many boys voices that you feel like you’ve heard somewhere.You wonder what’s going on for a few seconds before going back to your beauty products. It’s not every day that you get to pick make up and this time you wanted to do the choice.

On his side, jungkook was holding his head low while taehyung would try cheering him up with no success. Even jungkook’s hair that was previously styled returned to its original state. His bangs were covering his eyes. You could say that rain and jungkook’s sulking state were the best combo to ruin his new hairstyle. The Pharmacy’s lightening was making jungkook’s mood even more depressive. He always hated these extra white lights in the pharmacies.

“Don’t’ be sad bruh! Even your hair is acting up with you now” Taehyung tried pulling jungkook’s hair back onto place

“Just leave it hyung” Jungkook grabs taehyung’s wrist “It’s not like it’s going to make a difference”

“Why did we come here again?” Jimin sighed “My jungkookie is not feeling well, so pick your stuff and let’s go back to campus. I need to treat my jungkookie to ice cream!” Jimin put his arm around jungkook’s shoulder

“You made our little sunshine all sulky. ALL OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT JUNG HOSEOK!” Jin accused hoseok

“Stop dramatizing shit guys” Hoseok rolls his eyes “Jungkook had to hear this from me and not from his crush! I’m just doing it to help him! Plus we’re here to pick condoms and makeup”

“As if this was going to make my day brighter” jungkook sighs

“ Why would we buy condoms though? I thought they sold them on campus?” Namjoon comments

“Not all sizes are offered on campus…” Yoongi comments in the background

“What did you say hyung?” Taehyung asks yoongi

“Nothing” Yoongi clears his throat

“We came shopping for jungkook’s condoms” Hoseok smirks

“F-For me??!” jungkook’s eyes rounded “I won’t even MAKE USE OF IT!” he retorts

I don’t need condoms. All I need is a hug and some comfort. Y/N, where are you?! *sobs in a corner*

“Oh you will. You will make use of it sooner than what you think” Hoseok replies

“You had a plan in mind didn’t you~” Jimin nudges hoseok

“Why are we buying this all together?” Jungkook hides his face “So embarrassing” he blushes

OF course we’d have to be buying this with the entire squad. I’m doing everything with these freaks! They give me no privacy T_T SOMEONE PLEASE LET ME GET RID OF THEM. I’M SO EMBARRASSED

“No need to be embarrassed kook! Be proud of yourself!” Namjoon smiles at jungkook “It’s your first time buying it, right?”

As if I ever had the chance to make use of a condom in my entire life when I attended an all-boys school in high school and then showed up here…

“Your hair is all messed” Hoseok scowls “I worked so hard on it”

“You made him all sad, what did you expect? The child reacts with his hair after all” jin chuckles “Remember that time his hair stood up when he saw Y/N walking on campus?”

“You guys can pick the dirty stuff, jungkook and Iwill go check out a few products in the makeup section” Taehyung pulls jungkook with him

“Yah!! Jeon Jungkook come back here!! It’s your size, I NEVER EVEN SAW IT! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW!!?” Hoseok shouts

“Let the kid be. He shall find destiny in the makeup section of this holy store” Yoongi comments

“But hyung—“ Hoseok is about to retort

“I know his size. No need to worry” Yoongi replies

Yoongi was a saint father indeed because he was good enough to sense that fortune was waiting for jungkook in the makeup section of that pharmacy. Taehyung pulled jungkook with while the boy was only staring at his shoes with a pout.He was not feeling this makeover at all for some reason and he wanted to go back to relax.

“ Hyung can you let have some time alone?Please..” jungkook would sigh

“J-Jungkook-ah?” Taehyung blinks “W-Why?”

“I-I….*sighs*… I just want to be alone” he replies

“O-Okay. “ Taehyung replies in a hesitant tone “I’ll be with the guys if you ever need something”

Jungkook would tuck his manly hands in his pockets as he makes his way the makeup section of the pharamacy.Staring at his shoes while sighing and trying to figure out something on his own.So many thoughts were invading his brain. It was not like he was in that pharmacy with no purpose. Was he really going to wear makeup just to impress a girl? He hates make up and even if he wanted you to see him in a new light, he still didn’t want to change the entirety of the casual jungkook he normally is.

Jungkook stops in front of the BB cream section and picks up a sample while looking at it with so much fascination.

“Don’t girl usually use this?” Jungkook tilts his head to the side

Jungkook is only two meters away from you and even if your cap is lowered and hiding half of your face, you could still hear and recognize his steps and that usual low soft vocal tone his voice always gave off.You thought you were imagining things, but after glancing at him a few times from the side, you recognize his mushroom haircut right away. That profile and his casual Black Hoodie matched with jeans and timberlands. It was him at a hundred percent and now you were slowly trying to escape from the pharmacy and making your way. Too bad for you but it was a dead end in that makeup section so you would have no choice but to walk past him to get out.

Sure you wanted to leave, but you wanted to stay a little longer just because you were curious. What was he doing in a pharmacy buying make up? The jungkook you knew wasn’t into creams and make up at all. He was more of a sports boy who would show off his manliness by staying natural in all aspects, yet now he has a BB cream sample in his hands. Maybe he was planning to buy that for a girl he liked? That was the first thought that got through your mind.. Jungkook may have been your roommate but you never knew too much about him. You may have adored the boy, but he never shared with you his love interests of any personal things about him. Maybe he really liked a girl and wanted to gift her some make up? For some reason, the only thought of it got you feeling a little bitter and salty.

Thinking about such a possibility made you want to leave the pharmacy right away.After all you still had to make up for Jackson’s mission and you didn’t pick a lipstick color.You sigh as you’re about to leave, but then you notice that jungkook is walking near your direction with the products in his hands. His entire focus is on the products while you’re there panicking and covering up your face with your hand and your cap. What if he saw you there? What kind of excuse would you give him for being in a pharmacy when you actually told him you’d spend the day with a friend?

You panic as you stare back and forth at jungkook and at the lipsticks you have in hand. You pick a random one and you don’t know anymore. As you turn around to start walking away, Jungkook whose focus was completely on that BB cream bumped into your smaller frame causing you to fall on your butt along with all the products you had in your hands. Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Mascara, Foundation, lipstick. Everything was shattered all over the floor and you were there lowering your cap and trying to hide your face instead of running away. You were screwed.

Jungkook didn’t even had to take a second look to know that it was you. He recognize everything from the outfit you were wearing in the morning to the dirty runner shoes you always went out with. He was taken aback and shocked to find you here of all places.It was coincidence that seemed like destiny to him. He thought about you the entire day and he wished to see you so bad. Now, his wish turned into reality and you were there.

“Y-Y/N? Is that you?” He squats down at your level since you landed on the floor

You bite your lip and cringe your face at how embarrassed you are. Jungkook recognized you and now you had to invent an excuse as to why you were there and not with your friend. You also made a fool out of yourself for bumping into him by accident.What was he going tot hink of you.

“I’m so sorry!!”  He blinks at you “I was not watching where I was going” he naturally grabs your hand to make sure everything was alright

Worry was written all over jungkook’s eyes. He may have wavered after realizing that it was you but he still noticed some details about you. Your outfit was halfway wet probably from the rain and you had a bruise on the side of your wrist. Your face was also a little pale and you were trying to hide your face from him. What in the world could have happened to you? He was feeling very concerned and the only thought of you getting hurt already made him worried.

“Are you okay?” he reached out his hand to help you up and you refuse to use his help, so you stand by yourself

For some reason, Jungkook felt hurt seeing that you refused getting his help. Seeing you getting up by yourself and rejecting him like that was a blow for him. He retracts his hand awkwardly with that innocent broken expression on his face. Maybe you just didn’t want to see him or his face? Maybe the reason why you even left the dorm was to avoid looking at his face? Did you hated seeing him that much?

“I-I’m doing just fine” you lower your cap

“I thought you were hanging out with a friend for the rest of the day. It’s quite shocking to find you here… “he’d ruffle his hair in embarrassment

“Yeah, same here” you chuckle “I never expected you to be here. Did you go to class?” you ask him

“O-Oh class? Y-Yeah, kind of…” he tilts his head “I came here with my friends” he tucks his hands in his pockets

“Oh, the other guys are here as well?” your eyes rounded

Jungkook would feel this slight panic thorugh you.What kind of big deal would it make if his hyungs were there with him? Maybe his hyungs freaked you out as well.He had no idea what to expect from you. You looked you didn’t want to be spotted by anyone and jungkook was quick to catch on.

“Is everything okay?” He suddenly asks you

“Of course! You’re worrying way too much for nothing” you nudge his arm as you smile

“You came here to get something?” he smiles at you

“I was just here briefly to get some beauty products” you reply

“O-Oh…I see” he replies awkwardly

You smile awkwardly before squatting down to pick up all of the make-up items you were about to buy previously. Jungkook copies you and squat down to pick up the products with you as he gets a closer look to that bruise on your wrist

“Is your friend treating you well?” he suddenly comments

“Of course” you reply nervously “We had so much fun”

“Did you play fight or something?” he adds subtly

Yeah, you could say that the bastard enjoys hitting my arm and pushing me off his car even though it’s illegal to hurt a girl. , you sigh as you think of how much of an ass Jackson is

“Did you got hurt?” jungkook gently grabs your wrist in his warm comforting hands

“N-No!” you snatch your wrist away

Jungkook’s mouth forms a little ‘o’ as you remove your hand from his hold. He feels bad for putting you on the spot and for invading your privacy, but he’s just so worried. Even if you were to hate him, he’d rather protect you and keep you safe.

“Y/N.” he’d stare into your eyes “It’s okay to tell me if something or someone is bothering you”

“Hey~ what are you saying now? No one is bothering me!” you chuckle awkwardly as you nudge his arm “I just got that bruise while falling off my chair in class this morning”

“Sure” he nibbles on his bottom lips nervously in annoyment as he pulls you up from the ground with him

“W-What are you doing? I was picking up my stuff” you blink as you stare at him

Nothing could anger him more than this. He may have been freaking out the entire day over how you’d hate him but this time nothing of it mattered. All what mattered was that you were safe. He may have seemed for your comfort the entire day, but now that he got to see you, he could tell that you were the one who needed the most comfort. You weren’t willing to tell him what was up with you, yet it was killing him to think that you got hurt while he was at the dorm with his friends.

“Make up can wait. Y/N, you need to treat your wrist before you break something” He gently grabs your hand and softly runs his thumb over the bruise

You feel all of the tension leave your shoulders as jungkook’s soft fingers hover over your bruise.Jungkook was like the angel sent from the holy tree to make you feel better. This day may have been the shittiest for you, but jungkook brought a smile back onto your face with his genuine care and love. Jungkook’s purity could heal the most tainted souls and this is why you adored the boy so much. Your heart was hurting more than your bruise, but jungkook had managed to heal everything.

“Who would need treatment when I have Jeon Jungkook’s magical touch” you stare up at him and ruffle his bangs

“M-Magical touch?” Jungkook feels his cheeks flush at your sudden comment

“ Your smile can heal me” you add “ I should spend more time with you and I’m sorry for never making the effort” you sigh before lowering your cap“ I know that you’re shy and that you’re rarely at the dorm, but do you know that I really wanted to get close to you?”

“You want to get close to me?” Jungkook repeats in awe “ Close to me? Me as in Jeon Jungkook?!”

“You’re such a dork” you laugh “Then who’s sharing a room with me if it isn’t you?” you add

“I’m so dumb. Sorry” he cringes his face with with a shy smile

“You’re not dumb” youo nudge him “Just very innocent and charming”

“W-why do you compliment me like this?!” he feels taken aback “I haven’t even done anything” he rubs the back of his neck

“For some reason, I feel like you need it.” You stare into his eyes “You’re way more amazing than what you think, Jeon Jungkook”

You and Jungkook could feel each other through your eyes. You felt jungkook’s ache through his eyes and you felt how much he suffered today. Deep within you, you felt like your few words could make a difference in his day and it did. Jungkook needed to hear these words from you the most. After feeling like a failure for the past five days and hiding in that room. After trying to change into a completely different person with a new style. After being so unconfident. All what he needed to hear was a few encouraging words from you to make his day brighter. He finally had the gut to try something he wanted to do for the entire day. You gave him the confidence he needed.

“Take care– ” you suddenly sneeze “—of yourself”  you smile” Oh gosh, what’s wrong with me” you chuckled

“You clothes are all wet” jungkook furrows his brows “Did you walk in the rain?”

“ I played in the rain” you throw in a peace sign

He doesn’t waste time and unzips the black hoodie he’s wearing, before throwing it around your shoulders. You can feel the warmth around you and you lift up your eyes to look at jungkook’s height who’s towering you. Jungkook who’s wearing his plain white T-Shirt is there staring back at you with a heartwarming smile. You feel yourself melt and after being mistreated by Wang Jackson for the past hour, jungkook was there like a knight to save you .

Jungkook adjusts the sides of his hoodie on your smaller frame before pulling them and making you collide against his chest on purpose. You blink and feel yourself flutter as you can smell his addictive apple flavored scent. Jungkook wraps his muscular arms around your feminine frame in protection.

For some foreign reason he feels comfort too while hugging you. You may have been the vulnerable one in his arms, but feeling you in his embrace made him feel like this crappy day was not that crappy after all. You were his remedy and the sulky boy was now feeling better.

You wrap your arms tight as you bury your face in his chest and jungkook blushes at your sudden act to reciprocate the hug. He didn’t expect you to cling onto him like this. He loved the feeling on you sticking to him so tightly. He hugged you a few times, but the other times you barely reciprocated his hugs, which made his heart skip a beat this time. His fingers tangled in your hair as if you were lovers. He needed this and it was his moment.

Jungkook didn’t knew if it was the rain or the fact that he stayed five days away from you that made him act that way, but he wasn’t backing up on his actions. He was doing things that he wouldn’t do on a daily basis.

He suddenly pulls away from the hug to stare into your eyes for a good 10 seconds.You feel flustered for some unknown reasonJungkook steps closer to you as he slowly closes the gap between you and him. You feel your heart beat against your ribcage when you see him getting closer and towering your shorter height. Jungkook stares into your eyes and you stare back while blinking. He was so tall and handsome.

This was probably the first time you ever saw his face so close to you.His large soft hands make their way to the side your cheek and he runs his thumb on your cheek.You blink and feel a knot of saliva in your throat. Jungkook is acting out of proportions and very strangely for some reason. You like the thrill and you don’t know what to expect, but you trust jungkook which is why you closed your eyes.

Jungkook came back to his senses when you closed your eyes.


Little did he knew that he’d be stuck in a harder position hours later...



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So Far Away // Min Yoongi

Originally posted by jeonbase

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst // Fluff

Summary: Yoongi comes home to find you listening to his mixtape, crying at the heart wrenching lyrics detailed in his song.

Please note that this scenario contains mentions of depression.

You knew that Yoongi would probably be at the studio when his mixtape was released – it was his second home after all. Usually, you found yourself pining for him to come home more often than not but tonight, things were different. You’d been waiting so long to finally hear his solo work after so many months of secrecy, privacy and being unable to crawl into bed beside him that you were glad to have this moment to yourself to listen to it when there was no one around – especially him. You knew that it would be personal snippets of his life that he hadn’t really revealed to anyone in great detail. Yoongi was a private person, not even sharing the extent of his past with you as he often said it would just be a downer on the relationship – even though you so desperately wished he would think otherwise.

Then, right on queue – you saw each song one by one getting uploaded to BTS’s soundcloud. You felt excited and anxious to go through each one and delve into your boyfriend’s talented lyrical abilities, digging deeper into each sentence and deciphering what it really meant as Yoongi always spoke with two meanings. However, as you inched yourself closer to the computer screen in your shared apartment, one song in particular caught your eye. “So Far Away…” you whispered to yourself, plugging your headphones into the computer before curling your knees up to your chest, ready and waiting to hear the sound of your boyfriend’s intense rap that always managed to leave you speechless when he spoke from the heart.

Yoongi arrived home, shutting the door quietly behind him – thinking that you were probably out like a light and tucked up in bed as he hung his coat up and made his way into the kitchen to get a drink. As he poured himself a glass of water from the jug on the table, he seen a plate sitting out for him, wrapped in cling film as he smiled sheepishly to himself – knowing that you had left it out especially for him as you always did. “What would I do without her?” he asked himself as he tore off the film to reveal your delicious beef stew that he could never get enough of. Seeing as it was now stone cold, he walked with it over to the microwave, opening the small swinging door and setting it inside before shutting the door again and wondering to himself how long he should heat it up for.

It was then, he heard barely audible sniffs and whimpers coming from the bedroom as he pricked up his ears, letting his mouth hang open just a little before stepping back and looking off in the direction of the bedroom door which was slightly ajar.

“(Y/N)?” He called out softly in his deep voice, waiting to hear the sound of your cheery reply but being confused when all he heard was another muffled sniffle. “What is she doing?” he thought as he began walking quickly but quietly towards the door, peaking behind it to see you perched on the computer chair – in complete floods of tears as you listened to something through your headphones. He slid through the small crack, being careful not to let too much light flood into the room and startle you as he inched his way on his toes towards you, peering over your shoulder at what you were listening to.

His eyes widened when he seen that you had listened through his entire mixtape as tears continued to fall from your eyes on one particular song. Biting his lip, he bravely placed his hands on your shoulders, causing you to jump slightly before removing your headphones immediately – spinning round in the chair to be met by his worried face.

“Yoongi!” you whispered loudly, crashing into his body as draping your arms around him as he promptly sat down on the bed and pulled you into his embrace and on to his lap, always loving the most affectionate sides of you as he let his fingertips course through your hair while you continued to sob gently into his shirt.

“Baby, why you crying…hm?” he spoke gently in your ear – his voice a constant reminder of the lyrics you just heard him say in his song.

“I listened to your mixtape and I just” you stopped, looking into his eyes as he smiled at you genuinely, taking your cheek in the palm of his hand and caressing it delicately.

“You just?” he continued to smile at you “You like it?”

“I love it but…there’s one verse in particular I can’t get out of my head” you said, as you had memorized the painful words off by heart. Yoongi tilted his head at you, waiting patiently for you to continue.

“I’m living because I can’t die…I’m in so much pain and loneliness…I’m scared to open my eyes everyday and start breathing…” you stopped, feeling your heart twist and turn in the most excruciating way possible as you just watched Yoongi nod at you, blinking slowly as his hands found their way on top of your hips, swallowing harshly before opening his mouth to speak.

“A time ago, I felt like this. Like I was useless and I’d nothing to live for. Getting out of bed in the morning was physically and emotionally impossible and I felt like I had no one to turn to…no one who truly cared about me” he looked deep into your eyes as he spoke, wiping away your tears as they continued to fall from your red and puffy eyes.

“But you know what?” he asked, his voice raising itself a few tones – drawing your attention in even closer and you pressed your forehead against his, feeling his steady heartbeat and the warmth of his body on yours.

“That’s the past. And it reminds me now that I have someone who cares about me – someone who makes it worth my while to wake up and keep breathing every day – someone who makes me want to live because she taught me that life is worth living with her. Do you know who that person is?” he raised your chin with his soft fingertips as he brushed his nose against yours, pulling a cute face that he knew could always make you smile no matter what.

“No, who is it?” you asked, partially knowing the answer but needing the closure of it coming from his mouth.

“There are three things in my life that I couldn’t live without. The first is music, the second is a warm bed to sleep in” he paused, his eyes burning with love and endearment at how affected you were by his past but still loving him nonetheless.

“The third is you, (Y/N). You’re one of three things that I live for. You helped make all the bad things go away…

…and you still do, every day.”

“Hey, I really like fics in which Jason and Percy act like big brothers to Nico, so could you write something in which they decide to give Nico ‘the talk’ but are completely underestimating him like,'We know you probably have no idea what sex is you’re too pure lil baby from the 1940s’ only for Nico to tell them that Will has explained all of this already and they, of course, jump to conclusions (Which may be correct conclusions, you decide :P) Thank you! x” - Anonymous

thanks for the prompt <333333

this one was kinda hard for me, but i kinda tried? oh well

send me prompts por favor

“Have a seat Nico,” said Jason solemnly, gesturing to empty bed across from the one he and Percy were sitting in Cabin 1.

Nico scrutinized the both of them as he complied, crossing his arms once he had done so. “There better be a good reason for this,” he snarked, clearly annoyed at having to partake in a serious discussion.

“Oh, there most definitely is,” Percy stated as he leaned forward, staring intently at Nico, causing Nico to lean back slightly and narrow his eyes. He then looked back and forth at the two other demigods, before raising his eyebrows with a look that said Well? What are you waiting for?

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The way you said "I love you": Muffled, from the other side of the door

“Yes, Jack, I’m serious!” Bitty shoves him backward with all the might he can muster and pushes the hotel room door shut. “It’s bad luck to see me the day of the wedding. Now stay put, mister!”

Jack, now shut into his hotel room, pounds on the door but doesn’t make a serious effort to force it open. “It’s only 11:56,” he protests.

“It’s close enough, LORD, Jack, just have a little patience. It’s only a matter of hours now. Go get your beauty sleep.”

“I didn’t get a kiss goodnight,” Jack complains. Bitty closes his eyes and sighs. Jack gets clingy when he’s a little less than sober. And he’s a little less than sober when he has more than two sips of something.

“You’ll get one every night for the rest of our lives,” Bitty reminds him.

Jack mumbles something dejectedly. Bitty slumps against the door.. He hopes Jack’s okay. A wedding is anxiety-producing, and he doesn’t want a stupid tradition to be the reason for Jack to freak out and not feel good on what should be the best day of his life. After a minute or two of silence, he turns and speaks.

“Are you okay?” he asks. “Are you mad at me? Do you still want to marry me tomorrow?”

“Today,” Jack says. “And yes.”

“Yes, you’re mad? Or…”

“No.” A muffled sigh. “I’m not mad, Bits. And yes, I still want to marry you.”

“So you’ll be okay?”

“Yeah, of course. I miss you already.”

Bitty’s heart glows. “Me too, honey. Just go to sleep, and we’ll see each other soon.”

“Yeah. Okay.” A beat. “I love you.”

Bitty presses his cheek to the door. Truth is, he wants more than anything to spend tonight nestled in Jack’s arms. But if it’s okay with Jack, he’d rather observe the tradition. They’ve been through enough just to get here. He doesn’t want to tempt fate.

“I love you too,” he murmurs, then gets to his feet and heads for home.

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write a thing about tired reader?

Originally posted by sebuttianstans

“C’mon, doll.” Bucky murmured against your temple as he helped you up from the couch. “Do you wanna take a shower now or tomorrow morning?” 

“Now.” You whispered, scratching the back of his head sleepily. He chuckled at your need for affection. 

“Okay, I’ll help you, alright?” He picked you up, arms supporting you below your rear. 

You nuzzled into his neck, “Okey dokey.” 

“Baby,” He rubbed your back to keep you awake, “sit on the toilet for a second.” 

You leaned against the wall, watching him get you a towel and clothes with hooded eyes. He smiled down at you and helped you undress. Your forehead pressed into his collarbone, and you tried to remember when he took his shirt off. 

“Okay, love.” He grunted as he picked you up and sat you in the tub. He gently took your hair out from its bun and massaged your scalp. Bucky was really good at making you feel special and you couldn’t help the lazy grin that spread across your face. His quiet laugh vibrated off the shower door. He made sure the water was warm enough before he wet your hair. 

“Do you want me to use the vanilla shampoo or the strawberry?” He asked, but he was really making sure you were still awake. 

“You choose.” You hummed, head lolling back against the edge of the tub. 

“I like the strawberry.” His fingers scraped against your scalp blissfully, the smell of strawberries filling the bathroom the more he lathered. 

He didn’t do this often, but moments like these, where you allowed yourself to be vulnerable with him, were his favorite. If he helped you relax then that was better than anything he could ask for. 

His hands were like magic. As he washed your body, his fingers massaged at your tense muscles, lingering longer in places he felt knots. You sighed happily and leaned your head against his knee. 

“Okay, baby, all done.” He murmured, his hands rubbing down your arms. 

“Can I sleep in one of your shirts, Bucky?” You asked him, eyes opening to meet his. He nodded and ran his fingers through your soft, wet hair. He wrapped you in a towel and helped you out of the tub. “You’re so good to me.” Your fingers ran down his stomach absentmindedly and he shivered.

“Only the best for the best.” 

When you wear their clothes: Chen

A/N: Hey guys! So I’ve been away for a week and it feels like forever! I’m sorry, college is draining me! But here I am to post some stories, I’ll probably be posting scenarios instead of reactions. I have no inspiration for them, I hope you like this one, Admin A~

I could have sworn it was six in the morning when the muffled noises of the TV in the next room woke me up and made me open my tired eyes. The light coming from outside couldn’t get through the curtains; it was the alarm clock that told me it was not six am but eleven. Eleven. I had slept more than ten hours, next to my jagi and I still felt tired.
Where is she? I asked myself, stopping for a minute to actually try to remember if she had stayed with me last night or it was just a dream. The TV… Of course, my mind was so tired that I could only process information step by step. She hadn’t woken me up.I thought, knowing she only did it to let me sleep more and rest. It was finally my day off and even if it meant spending more time with her, she always preferred for me to rest. 

I walked to the next room, ignoring the boys’ good mornings and opened the door to find my beautiful jagi playing video games with maknae Sehun. She didn’t see me coming in and standing behind the couch but Sehun did. He just smiled at me, probably laughing at my tired face but didn’t stop his game. I didn’t want to interrupt either so I just stared to the screen, changing my eyes’ direction to my girl. I saw her there, sitting on the couch, hugging her knees as she tried to beat the little guy next to her. I could read the concentration on her face, it was just beautiful, just like when she studied or tried to learn playing guitar as I taught her. And then I noticed it, how she wasn’t wearing her last night clothes. Of course not. I had taken care of that. 
Instead she was wearing my old hoodie with my number on it. 21  and my old black boxers. She just looked adorable, wearing something too big for her, something made for me to wear, but something that looked just right on her. 

“Ahhh hyung! Tell your girlfriend to let me win once!” Sehun exclaimed, leaving the console’s control on the floor and exiting the room. The must have been playing for hours. And then she turned her head, smiling to me. Telling me to join her in her game. I couldn’t say no, so I sat next to the girl I loved, admiring her beauty, memorizing every feature of her face. It woke me up, seeing her like that, wearing no make up or cute clothes, just being herself. I love her. I thought before the game started again. 
“Good morning Sleeping Beauty Chen” 

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After that gorgeous handjob I definitely need something sweet and lovely. Like Harry surprising his missus with a candlelight dinner and stuff like that. Totally romantic and fluffy, ending up in bed hugging and snuggling.

A double update - woo! A short and sweet little something for those of you who love some cuddly Harry.

I love me some cuddly, surprise-filled, loving, boyfriend!Harry. It’s my absolute favourite - followed by sweaty, weak and submissive Harry. ;) ;) 

Read my newest smut piece, here

+ Feedback is greatly appreciated. x

“Harry, s’all this?” 

Confusion laced with your words as you stood in the doorway of the kitchen. In front of you stood a tired looking Harry, a smile on his lips with an apron tied around his waist with a face covered in flour and his hands covered in a sauce that you could detect as a lemon and garlic marinade due to the aroma filling the large and brightly lit kitchen. His green eyes were sullen and his eyelids looked heavy yet he looked as happy as ever, wiping his hands on a kitchen towel before his arms opened wide and he wiggled his fingers to summon you closer to him, to give him a hug and to have you close after hours of being away from one another.

“Peaches, s’all this for, hm? Have I forgotten something?” You wondered, your cheek pressed against his chest. “Are your parents coming down from Cheshire? Is Gemma coming over? Oh, is it February already? Is it your birthday? No, it’s just gone New Years,” you whispered, looking up to him.

You were sure you’d forgotten something.

An important date; a birthday, a visit from his family, an anniversary, maybe.

Harry always took it upon himself to create a feast fit for thousands when it came to a special date or an organised meal or a planned get together that required alcohol and snacks and homemade sweet treats that had him slaving away in the kitchen for hours of the afternoon. Hours that become filled with his sweet singing and his groans every time something went wrong and the sounds of pots and pans clanging together in a hasty movement of rushing to get everything finished.

But, you raked and raked your brain and nothing came to mind. And a wash of relief coursed through your body when he explained just what he was slaving in the kitchen for.

“Just want to show my love for you, Gorgeous. I had a free afternoon, and you were busy with work and I got bored and I just wanted to treat you and show you how much I love you,” he smiled, his lips pressing against your forehead and lingering softly on your skin. His warm breath fanning across your hairline and eliciting a soft yet content sigh from your mouth, between your lips and brushing against his apron. “Cooked a storm up in here today, m’tellin’ you. Had t’ changed clothes a couple o’ times and I think I got some flour and some egg whites in my hair. Forgot it was on my hands and I ran it through my hair to push it away from my face, and it got all matted and sticky, so I need a shower before we eat or I’ll be scratchin’ all night.”

“You’re awful,” you scoffed, pushing his chest away. “What have you made today?” 

“I’ve made a nice tomato soup with those croutons that you like as well as a little chicken Ceaser salad that Lou recommended to me. She said Lux absolutely loves when she makes it and she sent me the recipe the other day. I’m cooking lemon and garlic marinated chicken at the moment and some of your favourite herb-dusted baby potatoes with parsnips and carrots boiling in the pans on the cooker,” he explained, looking down at you as you snuck your head around his waist and gave his bum a soft pat. “And, I’ve made us a chocolate treat that mum recommended.” 

Peeking over his shoulder, you could see bowls filled with a chocolate-looking icing and a spatula covered in frosting.

“And what has your mum recommended?”

“Some strawberry and chocolate cake. Of course, I can bake a cake because I-“

“-used to work in a bakery. I know,” you teased, a smirk forming on your lips as his eyebrows furrowed and formed a soft dip at the top of his nose.

“Stop teasing me. I did used to work in a bakery. Took you back there, din’t I? You loved the lemon cheesecake they had there,” he reasoned, tapping the tip of your nose with his finger. A smile forming on your lips as you retracted your hands from his bum and pushed at his hips. 

The lemon cheesecake.

The words had your mouth watering. It was 3 years ago when Harry took you back to Cheshire for the first time, to meet his family and to show you around the routes he knew and the rooms he grew up in and the places he spent his childhood in – his primary school and his secondary school, the fields he played football in, the parks he hung out in with his friends, the college he applied for before his life changed for good, as well as the place he shared his first kiss; but he never went in to too much detail about the girl he did it with because he wanted to forget the rushed decision he’d made, new memories wanting to be made by recreating his first kiss with you, his current girlfriend who he loved dearly and knew was the one he was going to marry.

But the one place he took you too, that you loved and stayed within the walls of the longest, was the bakery he used to work at. His face lighting up as the two of you walked through the back door, an apron being thrusted into your hand as Barbara pulled Harry into her arms, handing over a slice of cheesecake for you both to share. The sweet smelling treat strong and yellow and gorgeously presented, a mint leaf sitting on top of the thick layer. His old boss, patting his back and setting him to take the front of the shop for an hour or two, was thrilled to have him back after so long – his best worker.

“We’re off track, anyway. I made us a chocolate cake with strawberries on the top as well as strawberry jam with the chocolate frosting between the two layers. It tastes good, too,” Harry smirked, turning on his socked heels and walking back towards the cooker, “and it’s sitting in the fridge to stay moist and proper. We don’t want a warm cake.”

“Did you buy ice-cream? We cannot have cake without ice-cream,” you stated, hopping up on the part of the counter that looked evidently clean and unused, holding the half-empty carton of strawberries. “Strawberry ice-cream always goes well with chocolate cake.” 

“I have the carton of ice-cream with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice-cream in. I think it’s still full from when we babysat Lux,” Harry explained, lifting the lid of the saucepan, his face engulfed by steam and disappearing behind the thick smoke. “Jesus. They smell good,” and you could hear the grin in his voice. “Do you want to go and get dressed out of your work clothes? I can see paint splatters and handprints on your shirt.” 

“S’actually your shirt,” you murmured beneath your breath, a shy smile on your lips as Harry’s eyes widened and his neck snapped towards you. “Sorry.”

“You wore my shirt to work?” He questioned, a smirk on his lips. “Did I say you could wear my white shirt to work, hm? I don’t remember saying you could raid my wardrobe and take one of my expensive shirts,” he teased, amusement lacing his words as they rolled from his tongue. Your eyes wide as you looked down at your fingers and toyed with your nails. “Oi, m’jokin’, Gorgeous. My clothes are your clothes. Apart from my jeans because you’ll trip over them.” 

“Won’t get them up my legs because they’re so tight,” you giggled, reaching for a strawberry and picking the stalk off of the top. “Surprised your legs still work, if I’m honest, Peaches. And your balls. I’m surprised they’re still release sperm.”

“Oi, they work very well, thank you. The number of condoms I’ve fill can be proof,” Harry smirked, his teeth taking his bottom lip as he chewed on the flesh lightly. “Besides, they work well and we’re going to make babies. Lots of ‘em.”

“Alright. You have the easy part. All you have to do is spunk in me and then I do the hard work,” you grunted, jumping from the counter and stepping, with a large step, over to where Harry was standing. His arms behind his waist as he tugged on the strings and undone the knot at the base of his back, removing the neck of the apron and placing it over the back of the stool underneath the kitchen island. “M’just goin’ to get changed. Anything in particular? My pyjamas? My underwear?” 

“I’d love for you to come down naked, but, I’d like to eat rather than have sex with you on the counter,” he whispered lustfully, his arm snaking around your waist and pulling you to his body. “I love you. Wear a nice something. We don’t get to go out but, it’s always nice to dress up in our own house, right?”

“I prefer this anyway,” you smiled, “it’s so much more private and we can kiss and be intimate without people catching us in the act or taking photos or interrupting us.” 

You loved his fans and his strong fan-base supporting his every move.

And he loved them just as much.

They got him to where he was today and he never stopped showing his appreciation, no matter he was; walking the streets, getting a coffee from Starbucks, making a breakfast stop for the two of you in the later hours of the mornings, eating in a restaurant with you between lunchtime and dinner-time, or on his morning run when he was dressed down in his hoodie and a pair of running leggings with his hair pulled back into a tight bun with loose tendrils falling down his face and sticking to his skin with the sweat building up in layers.

You’d been interrupted on many dates and you understood that they were excited to see the one they admired and the only that they loved with their entirety and the one that they had been wanting to meet since the moment he was able to greet fans and take selfies with them and hug them tightly as he whispered his ‘thank you’s to them. But it was always nice to have a date in the comforts of your own home, where you were one another’s company without the feeling of being stared at or spoken fondly of or interrupted for chats and photos. It was never part of the ideal date Harry had in mind, and it was then (in times when all he wanted was to enjoy a dinner with you) that he wished he could click his fingers and have the privacy he desired – privacy where he was left alone to be intimate with you as you went out on normal dates and experienced the normality of a relationship that should have come with the relationship you had together.

“You’re definitely right, although we still run the risk of Horan coming up the steps and knocking on the front door,” Harry chuckled, “he’s missed me.”

* * 

Dinner had gone down a treat. 

With washed plates and full tummies and wine-flavoured lips that were pressed together in soft kisses, the both of you were content and happy and pleased with how the night had passed. The conversations entailed of anything and everything that was unrelated to work, because it was a Friday night and all you wanted was to unwind from the stresses and forget about the work you would go back too on Monday morning – the stresses of looking after children for a little under 5 hours, in a busy nursery block, where your attention had to be divided by those who were in need of being noticed and heard and where you had to be fully aware of what was happening.

Conversations entailed plans being made to visit his mother in Cheshire – because Harry claimed that he ‘never saw mum as much’ and that he wanted to get more recommendations on food he can treat you with.

He spoke about holidays and when you had time off so he could whisk you away to an exotic country and treat you like a queen – Hawaii and Greece being the top countries he mentioned more often than none, and it was clear cut that he’d been researching hotels and flights and seeing when the best time to go would be where the rooms weren’t all occupied and you would be left alone to spend time together.

You spoke about parties and get togethers as well as the newest upcoming party, slash, get together that Grimmy was holding in a couple of weekends at his home – a Summer party that required everyone to be there with booze and food and their party hats on because he claimed it was ‘going to be the best party thrown out of the entire list of parties thrown for Summer that year’. 

But as the night came to a close, and Harry’s hair was washed and dried from egg whites and yolk, and the both of you were dressed in your pyjamas – a nice fitted yet thin sweater upon Harry’s body with a pair of his black joggers hanging down his legs, whilst you dressed in your sleep shorts and a loose white t-shirt of Harry’s that had gone through a lot in it’s life time – lounging on the sofas with reruns of old programmes that the two of you used to cuddle up and watch. 

“We should head t’ bed in a bit, Gorgeous. I can see you’re almost falling asleep over there,” he chuckled, the sound rousing you from your state of tiredness. “S’almost midnight and you look exhausted,” he stated, yawning soon after.

“Coming from someone who’s been cooking all day and looks even more tired than me,” you teased, dropping your phone to your chest and propping yourself up on your elbows. “Come sit over here. F’we fall asleep, we fall asleep. I jus’ want some cuddles, really.” 

And you need not say more.

Because he was up in a flash, and making his way over to you, shuffling himself behind you and spooning you close to his chest. His feet knotting with yours, with your ankles bashing together every so often, and his arm snaking around your waist and settling upon your belly where his fingers began to draw soft circles into the material of his t-shirt. 

“You’re so comfy. Love bein’ this close to you, Gorgeous.”

“Hmm. S’my favourite position, honestly,” you whispered, twisting your body around and wrapping your arms around his neck as you pressed your chest to his. “Love you,” you whispered, your lips brushing against his.

“I love you too,” he whispered back, before pressing his red wine-tasted lips to yours.

* *

YOURINSTAGRAM: Hi, Peaches. Come cuddle with me. I miss your warmth and your cuddles and just you in general. You’re so close but so far. @harrystyles. 

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#45 and Johnlock for the pairing drabble pretty please

Number 45: “Tell me a secret.”

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John and Sherlock rarely drank enough to get drunk, but when they do, it’s always together, never separate. They agreed that being alone, or with other people, whilst drunk is not as much fun as it is with just the two of them.

John was just about to finish the last of his drink when an idea came to him.

“Let’s play truth or dare.”

Sherlock scoffed. “Isn’t that a game for teenagers?”

“Maybe, but it’s still fun.”

“Hmm. Fine, you go first.”

“Truth or dare, then?”


“Bold. I dare you to … Oh! Go compliment Mrs. Hudson. She got all dressed up today and no one’s said a word.”

“Then why didn’t you, if you noticed?”

“I was running late to work. Kind of feel bad now. So, go do it. For both of us.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes but got up from his seat and went downstairs to do his dare. When he came back up, his left cheek was now sported with an imprint.

“Hold on, let me take a picture of that.”

“John, don’t you dar-”


“Do not think I don’t know how to work that. I can - and will - delete that.”

“If you can find it first. For now, it’s going down my pants for safe keeping, so keep your hands to yourself.”

“Hmmf. Truth or dare?”


“What’s this nonsense about people calling you ‘three continents Watson’?”

John blushed. “Oh. That. Um. When I was stationed, I was kind of known to um -” he clears his throat. “I slept around a bit.”

Sherlock shook his head. “Oh, John. Nothing’s changed, then.” He smirked.

“Watch the cheek,” John said, although his face sported a smile.

“Truth or dare, then.”

“I suppose I’ll pick truth since I already did a dare.”

John nodded and thought for a moment.

“Tell me a secret.”

“Aren’t secrets supposed to stay secret? They have that name for a reason, you know.”

“Yes, well, I’m your best friend, and you can trust me. I’ll even tell you one of mine in return.”

Sherlock sighed. He sat up straight and looked John square in the eye.

“My biggest secret. The secret I’ve not told anyone, ever. You wish to know it?”

John nodded.

“John Hamish Watson, my biggest secret is that I am in love with you. You’re the first, and last, person I have told.”

At first John thought he was playing a trick on him - just saying things. But no. He looked absolutely serious.

“You - Me?” Was all John could say.

“You. It’s always you. Always has been, always will be. That will never change. John Watson, I love you. I have since I met you. I will love you if you stay, and I will love you if you leave. I love you. Always.”

John couldn’t think. Couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe.

Sherlock swallowed down the rest of his drink nervously, looking down at his lap. Maybe he shouldn’t have shared that secret. Maybe he shouldn’t have agreed to play this stupid game. Maybe -

His mind went quiet. His breathing stopped. His heart stuttered.

John - his John - was kissing him. Softly. Slowly. Gently.

“I love you, too. That’s my secret in return.”

Those four words echoed in Sherlock’s mind.

They will forever replay. They will forever give him comfort. They will forever make him happy.

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Star Wars time travel drabble

Inspired by @deadcatwithaflamethrower, @allhailthetea and @delicatefury and their bloody Star Wars time travel AUs that have taken over my life.

Ben Kenobi wakes up.

He doesn’t expect to. Not really. When one is a part of the Force they do not sleep - at least, not as the living would describe it. You could rest in an almost-meditative state (drifting amongst the currents of the Force, focusing on nothing) but not truly sleep. Ben hadn’t slept since before his confrontation with Vader [not Anakin. Never Anakin. Not the boy who he had raised and loved, not truly] on the Death Star (Decades ago and moments ago from his point of view. The Force is timeless, everything happens at once and not). Hadn’t slept restfully in even longer - since Order 66 and the Fall of the Jedi at least, possibly since the start of the Clone Wars, since the death of his Master maybe.

Either way, Ben Kenobi [Crazy Old Wizard, Exile, War Veteran, General, Jedi Master, High Council Member, Teacher, Force Ghost] did not expect to wake up, feeling fully rested.

He certainly hadn’t expected to wake up - for all intents and purposes alive - on the floor in the Chamber of the Jedi High Council with his Master staring down at him with worry pulsing from an impossible bond.

Old Ben Kenobi definitely hadn’t expected waking up 19 years old.

Somehow he knew a Skywalker was to blame for this.

Pillow talk (i)

Disclaimer: Naruto is property of Masashi Kishimoto. That’s not me, I don’t own it.


Sasuke does not tell her this, but he truly loves the way Sakura giggles, and hums, and snuggles up against him during the afterglow of their intimacy.

The feel of her skin upon his, still, remains just as thrilling. Supple, smooth - her pink lips, now a brighter shade after their activities of tonight, press softly against his bare torso.

The kiss lingers. She pulls away.

Sakura looks up to him through rose-coloured lashes, and smirks. “Hey Sasuke-kun,” she purrs, “we’re friends, right?”

The mood shifts immediately.

“What, no,” he replies. Baffled entirely at where she would get such an idea. Were they not, but a few minutes ago, joined together in the most intimate of ways?

Friends? in what world?

“Wa - wait,” Sakura quickly adds in haste, “I said that wrong - I didn’t mean it that way!”

Yea,” replies Sasuke, “I assumed so”.

“What I mean to say is…well, I mean. We are friends though. Kinda?”


“A little?”


Sakura pouts, “oh, so mean. Married for over ten years and you still don’t consider me your friend”.

Whatever logic his wife chooses to follow, Sasuke remains unable to grasp it. He splutters, “what? Sakura - no I. That’s not - Sakura! We just had sex!”

“I know that”.

She giggles at his confusion, shuffling closer and entwining her legs further still with his. Sasuke’s arm; wrapped around his lover, brings her in closer.

She nuzzles against his chest, “please let me be your friend”.

Sasuke exhales, “where are you going with this Sakura. You are my wife”.

“Can’t I also be your friend?”

“I mean,” he pauses, “you can. Why would you want to…define that, though?”

She looks to him; coy yet cheeky, “because friendship is important. If we were friends Sasuke-kun, we could go for walks in the park-”

“We could do that now”.

“-or go out for a night on the town-”

we could do that now”.

“-or we could-”



Sasuke thinks, as she continues to peer up from those green, green eyes of hers - must she bite her lip like that? Does her expression need to be this…alluring…

He relents, “okay,” he says, “we can be - friends”. He can feel her breasts pushed against his skin

She giggles, and kisses his jaw. Sasuke then feels the need to remind her that on top of such a label - she also holds the cards to more. Wife, Lover - Sakura stops him there.

“I know that, Sasuke-kun,” her lips purse to inhibit her grin, “it’s just…I need a friend this weekend”.



He waits for her to continue. She doesn’t, so he does, “what is the reason you need a friend this weekend?”

She hums, and tells him that this coming weekend, there is a small event, held during the day. A market based fair. One that hosts a certain event Sakura holds interest in. “It’s a cake baking competition. ‘Best friends versus the batter’ they call it. Ino was supposed to do it with me, but she bailed last minute - something about Sai and a head-cold”.

“So you want me to participate with you?”

She nods, “uh-huh. Will you Sasuke-kun? Will you be my partner in pastries?”

He chuckles, and gently kisses the top of her forehead. “The real question Sakura, is do you? I’m not much of a baker”.

“That’s okay,” she smiles, “because as friends, just spending the day together will be fun enough regardless of whether we win or lose”.

“Sakura,” he begins, near the point of laughing himself, “we could do all this as lovers anyway”.

“But the competition isn’t called, ‘lovers versus the batter’,” she responds.

Sasuke rolls his eyes, “this is - I mean, you’re half kidding right?…being lovers implies the notion of friendship-”

“It doesn’t always”.

“Oh, so you were just checking, huh?”

Sakura shuffles up, and kisses him softly. Her lips press against his in a gentle moan. she pulls away before the affection elevates to a more desperate passion.

“So,” she whispers, “what do you say? Will you be the icing to my cake”.

He tries not to, but he snorts. Still, he does answer her, “sure, why not”.

Cause You’re Hot And You’re Cold

Summary: You and Dean are melting in a heat wave and try to somehow cool down. What started out with Dean and an icy beer bottle against you neck, quickly develops into one of the hottest/coolest things you have ever done.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, smut, Ice play, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female reviewing, unprotected sex (remember very things fine as long as everyone wears a condom!), explicit language

Words: 1652

A/N: With a heat wave hitting the place where i live, this imagine came to my mind. Please let me know what you think and if you have any requests, of any sort or ship, feel free to put them into my inbox. Other than that enjoy ;)

“I should’ve been suspicious when Sam volunteered to go to the library!” You flopped down on the bed, enjoying the cold air the fan at the end of it blew in your direction. A massive heat wave was rolling through Kansas at the moment and when Sam told Dean and you there was a case, no one was very keen on leaving the pleasantly cold bunker. Everyone made an effort to maybe talk some other hunter into taking the case but they were all busy themselves, which lead to you and the boys leaving the bunker and heading out in this small town.

It was even hotter here, the average being 96 degrees Fahrenheit during daytime and bout 91 degrees in the evening. When you arrived at the motel they were of course booked except for one room with two beds left and a broken air conditioning. The only small success you could call yours was finding an old fan, which was probably not even working properly anymore, in one of the closets.

Still there was a case to research for and of course no one seemed to keen on going, but for some reason Sam volunteered to go out and cook his brain with research. Both, yours and Dean’s, smiles faded as soon as Sam grabbed the impala key and told you that the library ay had excellent air conditioning because of the old books, which needed a steady temperature, there. And just like that he had been gone, leaving you and Dean behind.

“Yeah I know, he’s seriously a smart ass sometimes.” Dean replied as he walked out of the bathroom in nothing but his boxer briefs. You tried your best not to stare at him for too long, of course you had seen Dean without a top or pants before, you had patched him up more than once. But since you came to terms with yourself and that you felt a bit more than just friendship for him, it was hard to ignore when he was walking around half naked.

You couldn’t blame him though; you yourself were wearing only a pair of lace panties that were covered up by Dean’s, way too large, Led Zeppelin shirt you had stolen at some point. Dean was digging through the fridge in the room; searching for a cold beer, “You want one?” he was holding out a second bottle.

“No, heat and alcohol don’t go well for me.” You waved him off. It was a total lie, you would’ve liked nothing more than an ice-cold beer right now, but you didn’t trust your slightly drunk self, alone with Dean. He just shrugged and put one back in the fridge, with his own beer he walked up to the bed.

“Scoot over.” He said, of course he’d lie down next to you. The fan was so old that it didn’t have this fancy mechanism to move from one side to the other, which was the reason Dean wanted to get into the slight cold breeze of it by lying down next to you. It wasn’t the first time you had shared a bed with him either, it was just Dean laying there so bare and beautiful; with every passing second it was harder for you to not just stare.

You sighted and pulled your hair to one side, your neck now exposed to Dean. Out of the corner of your eye you could see him eyeing you, just like contemplating something. Then suddenly your heart skipped a beat as you felt the ice-cold beer bottle against your neck. It was so cold it was stinging, yet you didn’t pull away but leaned into the sensation as you let out a long, almost obscene, moan. Nothing had ever felt that intense before, the burning heat of your skin suddenly exchanged by the stinging cold of the beer bottle. Your eyes were closed, taking all of the sensation it, but you almost felt Dean’s gaze burning through you.

He held the beer bottle there for only a few seconds and then pulled away. You whined, not wanting to accept the loss of the relief Dean had just introduced you to. Opening your eyes you locked them with Dean’s, his mouth hanging wide open and pupils delayed, making his green eyes seem almost black. “Oh god, please Dean, do that again.” straight up begging him to give you some kind of satisfaction. But he sat the beer bottle aside and got up, leaving you on the bed. He was opening up the fridge and pulling out a bag, of something you couldn’t identify from the bed, then he was back at your side.

“Lay down, on your back.” Dean said and you instantly obeyed, you didn’t care what he wanted you to do as long as he’d just repeat what he’d done. Somehow you managed to wiggle down on the bed, lying on your back with Dean next to you. Your eyes were closed, wanting to only feel the feeling of something cold against you burning skin. Not only burning with the heat of the room but also with the heat of longing for Dean.

You felt Dean’s icy fingertips at your collarbone that was exposed, he pulled the shirt aside and then you felt it again. It wasn’t a bottle this time, what Dean had gotten were ice cubes, which he was pressing down on your neck now. Trying to keep quiet you bit your bottom lip until it was drawing blood. Then Dean began moving the ice cube down your neck, right along where your pulse was; you couldn’t hold on anymore. “Ah oh go- Dean!” You shamelessly begged for him not to stop, your panties slowly dampening.

It was all too good and gone way too fast, the heat of your body and the room let the ice cube melt in no time. Just as you patiently waited for another one to be placed on bare skin, the sensation shifted slightly. The cold goodness of it all was still there, right against your pulse point, but it wasn’t the square shape of the ice cube you felt. What you were feeling instead, were Dean’s cold lips on your skin, a kiss pressed to your neck that was only brief, tentatively and experimental.

Something you had never seen on Dean before: insecurity. He pulled away and at some point he must’ve moved on top of you, now he was propped up on one elbow staring in your eyes. “Why did you stop?” you crooked an eyebrow and his lips were pulled into a smirk. That was all he had needed to go in for a proper kiss, cold tongue and lips moving with your hot ones. His hands weren’t warm either; goose bumps arose on your skin as he trailed a hand up your thigh until he reached the hem of your shirt. Dean pulled it off in a swift motion, leaving you in only your panties since you hadn’t bothered with a bra.

He trailed kisses down your neck, one hand steadily kneading your breast with his cold hand, until he reached your nipple and sucked at it. “Holy shit!” only then you felt that at some point Dean had put another ice cube in his mouth; one that he was now sliding against you rapidly hardening nipple. After that he paid attention to the other one, now kneading the opposite breast.

You were already a withering mess underneath him when he finally moved on and trailed kisses down to your pooling heat. Expertly hooking two thumbs in your panties, he pulled them down in a quick move. Without missing a beat his lips were on you, gorgeous and heavenly cold kisses placed around you folds. When his cold mouth, that had another ice cube in it, finally found your clit you were close to coming. You moaned and groaned as Dean alternated between sliding the ice cube against the sensitive bundle of nerves and sucking on it. “I- oh god! Dean- I” was all you could produce as you came hard around Dean’s gorgeous mouth, squeezing you legs around his head.

His lips were never leaving you, even as you got rid of his own boxers. Dean took you by surprise when you felt his heavy cock inside of you, filling you up completely. And the moment he started moving, it was almost too good to be true, all of this felt so amazing despite the heat. Dean’s cold hands and mouth were everywhere on you, from grabbing your hips to sucking marks into your soft skin and occasionally biting. It didn’t take long for you to come again, squeezing hard around Dean to bring him to his own orgasm.

Dean collapsed next to you, both of you catching your breath after coming down from your heights. Somewhere in the tangle of limbs you must’ve ended up holding hands and to your surprise Dean was still holding on to yours. “I’m sorry (Y/N), normally I’d cuddle with you now but it’s just too warm for that.” Dean’s hand squeezed yours tight as you could almost hear the smile playing on his lips.

“Wow! Who would’ve thought that Dean Winchester is a cuddler? I’m gonna need proof for that.” Amazed with this news, but in no way disappointed, you turned your head to look at him. Almost like really looking at him for the first time. With familiar eyes, lips and freckles that were scattered over his face but somehow all of that new.

“Oh believe me, babe, you’re going to get more proof of that than you want but this was just the hottest thing ever!” he chuckled at his joke, probably expecting one of your eye rolls. “I don’t know but I thought this was pretty chill.” You countered and both of you interrupted in full body laughter.

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Just Go With It || Klaroline

Kol had never had a friend like Caroline, a purely platonic soulmate. Their easy relationship is misconstrued by his family when they’re caught in a horribly compromising situation. That doesn’t stop Klaus from setting his sights on Caroline.

Shutting off the water, Caroline stepped out of the shower. It had been a long day of unpacking, and she needed to relax a bit before going out to explore her new home.

New Orleans was a big risk for the small-town girl, but Kol had talked her into moving with him back to his hometown. They had been inseparable since the Laundry Room Incident in their freshman year, when only Kol’s quick thinking convinced the dorm supervisor it was a faulty machine and not a tipsy Caroline that started a foam party in the basement. A girl didn’t make a best friend like that every day, and she couldn’t bear the thought of them drifting apart after college. So, the night after graduation, they packed her car and drove down to the Big Easy.

As much as she loved him, though, Caroline had reservations about living with Kol. He had zero boundaries, even with his “platonic soulmate” as he once drunkenly dubbed her. Case in point, she left the bathroom wearing only a towel and found him lying on her bed, playing with the clean underwear she had set out. “Kol!”

“Granny panties, darling?” He shook his head in disappointment. “I expected better from you on our first night about town. Who knows who you might meet?”

“A better roommate?” she asked hopefully, attempting to snatch the underwear from his hands.

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SHIT BOY IM JOININ THE PARTy! <333 rainy-ness, a bed, making out + Jeongguk ,,

for the 160901 drabble game. ♡

title: forever

word count: 867

a/n: this is so fluffy I’m gonna jump out the window kdsjhfja PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR THE FLUFF OKAY I’M SO SORRY.

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“5 Times the Love”

The five times she fell for him were not what one would expect. 

Some assumed she fell for his twisted charm on that starlit night with her wrists bound to bark. Some assumed she fell for his story beneath the city with her face alit by green rock. And some assumed it was when he saved her father and for others, when he learned the fate of her mother. 

And for others, she fell for him when the world flashed with red hues, when his body crashed, washed in crackling blue. And when her hands pressed to his chest, and his heart sputtered in his breast, and when she cried, “I should be the one thanking you.” 

But those moments, as terrible, as memorable, as beautiful as they were, were not moments in which she loved him. Of course, he would argue that he loved her, but no- she did not love him. 

Not then. But now. 

She loved him in the sunrise, when his eyes matched the sky, because the cold gold that had met her gaze across packed snow was gone. The amber was soft, it was alive, it would dance with a tenderness that only she knew. 

She loved him in the quiet, when his smile - the one he hid away, lopsided and small - would curl his lips at the simplest cue. Her laugh, her touch, her kiss. She’d tease the silly grin, poking his ribs, and it’d come again. He always said, I smile because of you. 

She loved him in the night, when his arms brought warmth and his touch alone wrapped her skin in ribbons of light, when his face was soft with the clutches of sleep and worries of the world, all but beat. 

She loved him… just him… when he spoke, when he laughed, when he fought. For there was a dignity, a grace, something so intangible most dared not give it a name. He called it honor, his opposers called it lust and power, but she knew the truth… His stature was humble, his tongue full of wit, his reign known for discernment, a flame unwavering even in the harshest winds. 

He’d faced the world, the demons, the nightmares, coming out victorious, coming out… undimmed. In fact, he shown brighter, a brightness she admired, a brightness she cherished…. 

A brightness she loved, long before he said, I love you.  

special dedication to @these-are-the-first-steps because I want her to suffer with me
you can’t hide from the amnesia heartbreak, man

It felt like a hole piercing her side, seeing him like that. For months and months she’d known him as a different name in a different place. They’d been familiar. Friendly. Lovers, even, if she could struggle to admit that word now that he was…this. He was the monster in the mask. It cleared his face and her heart dropped to the lowest level of the Sith hells.


He faltered at his name. The name he’d told her to call him months ago when he first showed up on Jakku, dizzy from the heat and dehydrated to a frightening level. He went by something else to the outside world. Kylo Ren. A name she’d never expected in association with him. But they were always one in the same, the dark and the light.

His calm demeanor flipped. “Why are you calling me that?”

“Don’t you recognize me?”

“No. We’ve never met.”

How was she supposed to say yes, they had? Almost a year now she’d known him. She knew what happiness looked like in now-soulless eyes. Knew his lips were like a wine, knew how his body felt close to hers without all his garments. They’d fallen in love over the course of strangled stolen moments. Now she was strapped to some interrogation chair and he didn’t know her name.

He ignored her pleading and went straight into hounding her for information. He wanted the map she’d seen, would pry into her mind to get it. She resisted, but he was too strong. Instead of the map, she showed him memories they were supposed to share.

The night was closing in on a ship she’d grown to know, dark metal and safe. It was a small ship, room enough for a crew of three but only served one. It was warm, the walls keeping the desert’s fearsome chill from reaching her tired bones. His bed was warmer still, especially with his arms around her waist.

“That was incredible,” he said softly, voice already filled with sleep.

“Better than last time?” Her heart was still beating quickly, excitement waning into a gentle comfort.

“So much better.” He kissed her brow, her cheek, her nose. His touches were always calculated and controlled.

“Have you ever been in love before?”

“No. Not before. But…” More kisses, oh, he spoiled her to death. “I might be now. At least, I think it’s started.”

“I think so too.”

He pulled back from her mind, bombarded with flashes of skin, of heated kisses, of tangled limbs. Flashes of emotions, like the elation that came from her loving him. She threw it all at him and he stumbled backwards like a drunkard.

His eyes wide, something seemed to snap inside as he backed away. His voice was low and soft when he spoke. “I don’t remember. Any of it. Why?”

“I don’t know.”

“Was I really that important to you?”

“Are,” she corrected. “You’re still important to me.”

He tried to say something more, but the words died in his throat. He left her quickly, like a frightened animal bounding from a worse fate. He left her so the weight of reality could crash upon her shoulders alone.

I'll Show You (Part 2) - Theo Raeken Imagine

A/N: No actual SMUT in this part, just lap dance and stuff. Let me know what you guys think and if you want a part 3! (:

Note: Part 1
Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: SMUT, cursing, dirty dancing
Word count: 2459

“Again, why are we doing this?” Lydia asks while doing the dishes. “Because I want to show Theo that he’s wrong, that I’m not boring or whatever.” I reply as I open several packages of chips and put them in different bowls. “Honey, why do you care about what he thinks?”

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