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Cheese in the trap - episode 9-10

Episode 9 Cheese in Trap seemed a bit off, a little strange! But the episode 10 offset by the cuteness. 

Seol + Jung

 I understand Seol wanting to take a break between her and Jung! They need this time apart, I like how Seol always questions about his behavior and not accept everything just because she likes him. (just like a lot of relationships in Kdrama).

But I also liked that when she questioned him and he is direct and don’t lie, he was honest! In fact, every time Seol confronts Jung, he was always honest!

It’s fascinating in my point of view the way he couldn’t associate his share of guilt in the Young Gon’s mess (in Seol’s point of view, not so much).

But he really feeling guilty and beginning to understand the results of his actions, this don’t mean he needs to change completely, and I don’t expect that to happen abruptly, this is the way Jung thinks and acts, both Seol and he need make sacrifices to meet each other halfway.

We have several characters on television like Jung:

Gregory House (House M.D), Sherlock (the movie and BBC show), and maybe Sheldon (TBBT) & Walter O’Brien (Scorpion). They’re functional members of society, but they have difficulty identifying their feelings and the feelings of others and to channel these feelings into positive attitudes.

But that’s why they all have other important people in their lives.

House has Wilson, Dr. Sherlock has John, Sheldon had Penny in the first seasons, and Walter have Paige.

And Jung needs Seol. Together they balance each other out.

This hug was beautiful, because he doesn’t have anything else to say, what he can say to change anything? He hugged her in a way to apologize.

and like that Seol  want to understand Jung, without any illusion, and Jung is giving space to her to do that, this is quite mature.

From what we see in the promo of the next episode, another example that Seol feels comfortable being emotionally vulnerable in front of Jung, and this is huge for her, she always learned to keep everything inside, not showing to the world her concerns or fears (like Jung, that’s why they understand each other in some level). And he in return was always support

Min-Soo Mess

I liked the way that Jung dealt with Min-Soo this week.

He was manipulative, sure, but he never makes the last act, he gives the rope and the people who hang themselves alone.

We can judge how each person behaves in such situation, Seol (passive), In Ho (impulsive), Bo-Ra (noisy) and Jung (calculating), I’ve never dealt with a copycat or a stalker, and never knew anyone that dealt with these situations, so people have to deal in the best way that they think have to be dealt and pray to god that works.


In this situation Jung’s behavior comes as an advantage, he set up the copycat with the presentation and Seol’s brother.

But in any of these situations, he never encourage (or force) Seol to take action, or fight the battle for her, he leaves Seol free to take the initiative itself.

He only creates the opportunity to Seol resolve the situation,  and if she thinks it is necessary to do or not. It’s her choice.

I found beautiful that Seol just decided to go physical with the copycat because her brother was involved.

But the most important steps in these episodes was Seol finally being able to stand up for herself  and Jung questioning his father.

 We had 4 episodes focus on In Ho, but now I would like more focus on Jung, I want to find out more about him, the environment he grew up, his traumas, to try to understand him a little more.

In Ho (+ everyone).

 Can I say how much I love In Ho? I’m not against him and Seol together, even going deeper and deeper in Jung and Seol ship. I said I like that they can be very comfortable with each other, but I don’t think it means in the romantic sense, because I don’t feel anything romantic comes from them. But In Ho is so adorable and I just want him to be happy, but again it doesn’t necessarily mean he need to be with Seol.

I think I preferred him and Seol being just friends, supporting each other unconditionally, why can’t we have that in Kdrama? A man and a woman being just friends? They don’t needs use In Ho as a typical second leader.

With the flashback we see a little more of the relationship between In Ho and Jung, they used to to be really close. And In Ho seems to have helped Jung to stand up for himself and not let people abuse him.

Maybe In Ho got into a fight to defend Jung and that’s why his hand was damaged?

I just hope one thing from In Ho, he did ruined his sister’s dream, and although we see that he feels guilty about it and obviously cares about her, he needs to take a more active and significant step to try to help in Ha. She suffered physical and emotional abuse from her aunt, and grew up with this talented brother saying that she’s not good in anything, I’m not surprised that she turn that way. I just want him to take that step.

 In every episode I found In Ha annoying, but in episode 10 she was hilarious. She’s growing on me.

Final thoughts:

Almost two weeks without Cheese in the trap?

The promo of the next episode:

 Seol calling In Ho Oppa and he answered with Dog Fur. 

The hug between Seol and Jung.

I think deep down, I’m still undecided.

Into The Dorama World

* Places, part 1 *

Did you ever like a drama/movie so much that you wished you were living in its world? Well, unfortunately this is still not possible, but at least we can visit a few drama-related places and feel a little bit closer to our favourite stories and leads ^

Schools & Universities

1. Hana Yori Dango:

Eitoku Gakuen where F4 ruled, is actually Seikei University, in Tokyo!

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Si le preguntas a alguien si es feliz ahora, muchas personas dudarán.
Ellos tendrán mucho que hacer o muchas preocupaciones.
“¿Soy feliz?” “¿O no soy feliz?”. La felicidad es algo que sientes por ti mismo. Pero somos ignorantes y no podemos confirmar nuestra propia felicidad.
Tal vez es porque estoy poniendo demasiada expectativa en la palabra “felicidad”, pero cuando pienso en felicidad, no es la gran cosa.
Yendo al mercado, como de costumbre, en el metro, camino a casa, o conversando con viejos amigos, es cierto, esas cosas están bien. Si pienso en ello, a eso es lo que llamo “felicidad”. No esta sucediendo nada tan bueno o tan malo. Esta vida ordinaria, debe ser el momento donde estoy cerca de la felicidad.
—  The lover.