Donna/Jackie fluffy headcanons ~

And this is also in a romantic way, if it wasn’t clear.

- Donna thinks it’s funny how much she has to bend over Jackie to kiss her. She teases her girlfriend about her height a lot and Jackie always ends up slapping her shoulder or throwing her hat to her face.

- But her small figure is also convenient when they are sharing the a bath, their bodies fit perfectly against the other and they can spend hours inside the bath doing nothing but cuddling and talking.

 - Jackie is always incisting in giving Donna make overs all the time, while Donna is always trying to convince her to joing her in her feminist reunions. None is never able to give up, and when it happens, it always ends up in “I’m never doing it again!”.

- They are always holding hands, always. It doesn’t matter where they are and with who, their hands are always joined together, fingers interlased.

- Clothes sharing is funny because Donna’s clothes are too big for Jackie, and Jackie’s clothes are too tin for Donna. But they still get to share some shirts and jackets, and things for their hair.

- Jackie in particular likes to use Donna’s shirt to sleep. She’s also always stealing her jackets for her normal use.

- While Donna does the most cooking, Jackie always makes dinner on especial ocasions and when the romantic gen hits her. Donna is always surprised at how good Jackie has gotten with time, but it wasn’t always like this.

- Donna’s favorite piece of clothe to steal from Jackie is her sweater on shades of pink and soft purple.

- They still call each other names, but in a loving way.

- Once they get in sync, they go out to buy icecream and donuts, then spend their days cuddling on the couch, watching soap operas or what not on TV.

- Donna almost died when Jackie started to call her ‘pumpkin’ like her father, she asked her to stop but Jackie refused. So she started to call Jackie ‘kitten’ like she knows Jack does, she stopped doing it immediately.

Kill, ice cream and strippers

“Argh !! I was so stupid! Damn it damn it damn it damn it!”

You throw your punch on the wall, creating a whole in it.

“Son of a bitch!”

Sam, Dean and Castiel didn’t knew what to do, they knew better than to piss you more off when you were angry.

“It is not your fault no one knew he was a demon.”
“Cass’, I’m a hunter! I should’ve known better ! Damn it !”

“Sweetheart, look at me.”

You sigh and look at Dean.

“I have an idea, we’ll hold him down while you knife him, then we all go out for ice cream and strippers!”

You scoff and nods.

“Good idea. Let’s go.”

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I don’t like the “The Donna” storyline, but in this episode it brought up something that I loved to see addressed: Donna was lead to believe that she was worth more than she is, starting with Harvey putting more money into her paycheck without telling her that it wasn’t the firm that was paying her. In this episode, she had to face reality: being confident and good at reading people doesn’t automatically mean that they’ll take you seriously, especially when you are trying to do business.

Business is full of sharks, and Donna? Donna is merely a fish that believes herself to be invincible. I liked that she got this wake-up call, it was time to show her that no, not everyone will fall at your feet if you act like you own the world.

I’d love to see Donna’s confidence more explored, honestly, this is the kind of storyline I want for her. Less magic-machine, more Donna’s character exploration.

And all this also brings me back to the whole thing about Harvey and Donna not being a match according to me because of the power imbalance: Donna is a legal secretary, she is not on the same level as Harvey, who has been shown seeking accomplished, challenging women. 

We were just slapped in the face with the fact that Donna is a little fish, and honestly if they want to make Darvey end-game it wasn’t a good move, it just reminded me of one of the reasons why I don’t like them.