HEY EVERYONE!!! I have a little contest for all of you! If you can draw me or edit a picture for me, I will feature them and use the one as my profile picture/background. It can be of my icon or Yato. I will post two PNGs to help as an edit. NOTE!!!: It has to be anime related or video game related. NO HENTAI OR ECCHI! Just tag me in the post, summit it, or message me it! Here are a few people I’m tagging to spread the word. NOTE: THE SAME APPLIES TO @the-fallen-detective AKA MY DEATH NOTE BLOG!! That must be Death Note related.

People: @amberderr, @wolfieshinigami, @winter455 / @winters-art455, @godly-justice, @nimble-cannibal

Also… casual reminder again that XXX and I are separate people. Not alters in the same system. Physically separate individuals in physically separate bodies, in physically separate states in the country. Please stop treating our words like a collective hive mind of one person, we both have our own opinions about things and that deserves to be respected for what it is.

-J (of SN)

porfoct  asked:

DUDE you're 5'7" ?? youre so TALL!!

[sticks leg out]  im the tol friend tbh

Some hot trivia for you: I’m the same height as Mello and he also weighs less than I do ;} meaning, theoretically, no guns involved, i’d be able to benchpress the scrawny blonde kid. he can fite me


Pen name: spiritcrimson on Ao3, and lawlietsjustice.tumblr.com (my sideblog)

Works: http://archiveofourown.org/users/spiritcrimson/works

Major Categories: Shipping (Primarily MelloxNear)

Subcategories: AUs, fluff, light angst, one-shots and [one] multichapter.

Describe your fic aesthetic: My preference is to usually write in third person, and I usually tend to like writing AUs, placing canon characteristics and seeing how it’d play out in a different universe. I usually tend to write humour/romance/fluff, and very occasionally, there’s some light sprinkling of angst. So far, none of my fics have been heavy angst. 

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whats philly like?

fyudgishbh BYE dn’t ask me this ill talk forever bfdjksfhdd 

lemme keep this shortish lmao ok

THE ART!!! this city is so big on art and music ooh my gOD!! the museums and colleges are amazing ! HOUSE SHOWS? best 

its like a rlly historic city so theres all these pretty old ass places and then rlly nice modern places????

its just really nice like to live so close honestly

ALSO china town is real fuckin nice omg my friend takes me there all the time

theres just a loT of rlly nice shit and like parks and places and i love it here

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1) Spell your name with song titles;

(Using nickname bc I hate my real name)

Skeleton – Ghost Town

LDN – Lily Allen 

Yellow Flicker Beat – Lorde

2) Why did you chose your username?

I was originally Babyfaced-Yakuza, but i saw someone else with that name /after/ I made that url, so I tried to find a synonym for baby and got Youngster and I liked the alliteration of youngsteryakuza

3) If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be?

Satyr of course <3

4) Fav color/s ?

Cool Blue

5) Song you really like right now?

One Woman Army – Porcelain Black

6) Top four fandoms?

As of Now….

Dangan Ronpa, Ace Attorney, Persona, Yo-Kai Watch ((And technically Binding of Isaac Rebirth but that’s less of a fandom and more of a community of people interested in the science behind the game))

7) Tag 6 people

@disciplinxry @shsl-hopemobile @sleepyshsl @shsl-royalty @coding-the-future @gamblingqueen ((if you’ve already done it fel free to ignore it <3 ))

darkest night ;

Gideon wasn’t quite sure when he had fallen asleep, but it had happened during some inconceivable hour of the night in the workshop. Marlene was on patrol that night, and that meant that Gideon would be all alone in the flat, and that was the last thing he wanted. Still paranoid from the mission he had been on, he couldn’t stand sleeping alone, and so he had found himself meandering towards the workshop without even thinking about it. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep, just sit there and read his book until he could go back home, but somewhere along the line he had slipped into a deep slumber. 

That had been a mistake, however, as images of blood spatter and the memory of being dragged by his feet out of bed raced through his mind, taking an agonizingly slow time to remind him of how close he had been to getting killed and dumped in some field in Ireland, never to be seen again. He had woken up with a start just as they sent a blasting curse hurtling towards the stranger who had been forced to his knees next to James, and a small sound jolting from his throat as his eyes popped open and lurched forward slightly, immediately out of breath, as if he had run a marathon. He swallowed, looking around for a moment in bewilderment before he sank forward, his face pressing into his palms. 


EVENT: Fic Writer Feature Week!

Hello Death Note fans of fic!

I thought it would be fun to do an event that features to folks who are continuing to contribute awesome work to our fandom.

For the upcoming week (Aug 22-28) dnficfinder will be having a feature week for active writers in the Death Note fandom. To be considered “active” is simple– you just have to have written content for Death Note in the past year. 

If you wish to have your work featured please fill out and submit the following information. You are welcome to submit up to two of your fics as submissions to the page as well (you are welcome to submit anytime, but for this week I will only be adminning two at a time). 

Non-writers should pass this along, and show your appreciation for your favourite fic writers when their features come out!

Fic writer questionnaire is under the cut! Please do submit, let us show our appreciation! The event will be tagged under “dn fic writer feature week”. 

Excited to see who is out there!

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