Things to watch/play/read to get hyped/ready for Persona 5

Other than playing any other Persona game (especially replaying Naoto’s SL over 100 times is recommended) that is, c’mon that’s a given 8U So yeah, whether you’re waiting within the next weeks for P5′s JPN release or the next few months for the Western release, here’s some stuff that can help get you pumped for some phantom thieving in Tokyo~! ;D (also thanks @avatarem and @pandorargyneis for helping me with these!)

Watch (for Phantom thief tropes):

 Movies (western)

  • Now You See Me, both 1 and 2 (no seriously it’s like the P5 kids but as magicians, there’s even tarot cards involved in the movies)
  • Arsen Lupin movie adaptations

Anime (shows and anime movies)

  • Anything Lupin the 3rd (seasons, movies, specials, spin-offs all of it)
  • DN Angel
  • Magic Kaitou
  • Phantom Thief Jeanne
  • Cats Eye
  • Case Closed Cases revolving around Phantom Thief Kid (including movies and specials, and/or crossovers with Lupin the 3rd)

Read (for Phantom thief tropes):

Novel/Western comics

  • Any Arsene Lupin Novel
  • Catwoman (and/or Catwoman portions in other DC comcis)



(Video games with Phantom Thief Tropes:

  • Sly Cooper Series
  • Thief Series
  • Dishonored has a lot of sneaking around (and you technically steal stuff, Metal Gear recommended as well for just sneaking around)
  • Code;Realize (well you get to date Lupin :’D)
  • Uncharted Series
  • Tomb Raider Series
  • Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure
  • Lupin the 3rd: Treasure of the Scorcerer King

Video games with a setting in Tokyo to get you pumped with the Tokyo Setting (aka maybe get to know your way around):

  • Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed
  • Tokyo Mirage Session
  • Yakuza Series
  • Devil Survivor
  • The World Ends with You
  • Tokyo Jungle
  • Steins;Gate
  • Tokyo Xanadu (japanese release only so far, NA gets it in 2017)
  • Kenka  Bancho Badass Rumble
  • Tomb Raider:Legends (has a level in Tokyo?)

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rolls online like a zombie. every time i come to this blog i remember the dn fandom is a mistake y am i here wtf save me from these losers rip

darkest night ;

Gideon wasn’t quite sure when he had fallen asleep, but it had happened during some inconceivable hour of the night in the workshop. Marlene was on patrol that night, and that meant that Gideon would be all alone in the flat, and that was the last thing he wanted. Still paranoid from the mission he had been on, he couldn’t stand sleeping alone, and so he had found himself meandering towards the workshop without even thinking about it. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep, just sit there and read his book until he could go back home, but somewhere along the line he had slipped into a deep slumber. 

That had been a mistake, however, as images of blood spatter and the memory of being dragged by his feet out of bed raced through his mind, taking an agonizingly slow time to remind him of how close he had been to getting killed and dumped in some field in Ireland, never to be seen again. He had woken up with a start just as they sent a blasting curse hurtling towards the stranger who had been forced to his knees next to James, and a small sound jolting from his throat as his eyes popped open and lurched forward slightly, immediately out of breath, as if he had run a marathon. He swallowed, looking around for a moment in bewilderment before he sank forward, his face pressing into his palms. 


EVENT: Fic Writer Feature Week!

Hello Death Note fans of fic!

I thought it would be fun to do an event that features to folks who are continuing to contribute awesome work to our fandom.

For the upcoming week (Aug 22-28) dnficfinder will be having a feature week for active writers in the Death Note fandom. To be considered “active” is simple– you just have to have written content for Death Note in the past year. 

If you wish to have your work featured please fill out and submit the following information. You are welcome to submit up to two of your fics as submissions to the page as well (you are welcome to submit anytime, but for this week I will only be adminning two at a time). 

Non-writers should pass this along, and show your appreciation for your favourite fic writers when their features come out!

Fic writer questionnaire is under the cut! Please do submit, let us show our appreciation! The event will be tagged under “dn fic writer feature week”. 

Excited to see who is out there!

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