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¨"My lady~“ CHAT NOIR IS MY DAD DAD NOIR *HEAVY BREATHING* Dt: lizbeth and koneki||chan¨

By: 炎 Anime Flame | (DN)

Canadian Netflix-unblocker UnoTelly cut off by PayPal
Move comes after Netflix promises crackdown on people watching content restricted to other countries

A Canadian company that helps people watch U.S. Netflix from Canada can no longer accept PayPal after the online payment processor cut off its service.

“On February 3rd, 2016, Paypal has severed payment processing agreement unilaterally and without prior warning,” Toronto-based UnoTelly said on its blog Thursday.

“Paypal indicated that UnoTelly is not allowed to provide services that enable open and unrestricted internet access.”

UnoTelly apologized for the inconvenience and said customers who pay using PayPal can choose to use a credit card instead.

PayPal’s move comes after Netflix said it was implementing new measures to end the use of unblocking services like UnoTelly’s.

Toronto-based UnoTelly is one of many companies that offer privacy technology that prevents online services such as Netflix, HBO Now, or Hulu from determining what country they’re really visiting from.  

By using such virtual private network (VPN) or DNS proxy services, Canadian Netflix customers can “border-hop” and watch shows such asNurse Jackie or Hollywood movie blockbusters that are normally only available on Netflix in other countries, such as the U.S.

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• D O N T E N  N I  W A R A U : Character Appreciation Post ~ Kumo Tenka (left profil + smile) 

“Don’t place your hopes on me… I’m just a small man with his hands full just protecting the things around him.”

- just awesome character seriously -

Updated DS, now it won't turn on properly with the SD card in

I updated my DS as I wanted to wifi with someone on Animal Crossing, but when I went to add them it said I needed to update. The update wouldn’t work at first, so I changed the DNS back to normal from the homebrew one, then it worked. I turned my DS off after the update, but when i went to power it on, it wouldn’t load properly. The screen was clearly on, so were the power lights and the wifi switch light, but there was nothing on the screen. I took my SD card out and it worked fine, so the SD card is the obvious problem. How do I fix this? I really don’t want to not be able to hack anymore :/

Many thanks for the 100+ follows!

I always read the tags and can I just say that you all are very cuuute. Your kind messages inspire me to keep on contributing my art to this community!

On another note, DN SEA (finally!!!) released the Idol Ponytail hairstyle in the latest game patch. Someone did a cool makeover and officially ported our otp in the game hahaha ♥////♥ 

scattered-scientist asked:

[ * There's the sound of the door being kicked open. ] < R̵OOM̴,͢ H̶OL̢Y R̹̪͎̱͕͍ļ̺̟͇̟͙̠͖V̥͉̤̘͚̲D͏S҉̻̠̻̲̰͎w̖̝ͅ=̙̗̩͓̠̯=̞͖ͅ >

* [There’s a bit of a yelp from the other side of the room!]

* { hEY!!! HI YOU DI DN’T NEE D TO KI CK THE D OO R  O PEN,,, t hat hurt oh my god }

* [They huff, making their way over to Pathos. That, sir, was very rude, despite how memey it was. Shame on you.]