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one thing I secretly think about you is your so awesome (; u ;) also you're one of those nicest people on tumblr 😌

Omfg thank youu ahhh ;v; you sweetgeart–

I wanna try to be the nicest xD

anonymous asked:

Brooklyn Nine Nine

OTP: Is this a question? JAKE AND AMY.

BROTP: Jake/Charles and Amy/Rosa

NOTP: Hmm, can’t think of one.

Fav Character: Ugh, so hard. Rosa or Holt. But it constantly changes.

Least Fav Character: IDK, Wutch is pretty awful but she’s funny. But yeah, she got Holt out of his captain job. That was awful.

the bird one on his back? he got it when he was like 17 cos he thought it was cool. he didn’t think too hard about the placement, he just wanted it to be easy to hide from his parents lol