Corvo tries to find a fancy new place for dinner
  • Old Man Corvo:This... isn't a brined hagfish, why would you call it that on your menu
  • Owner:I don't know what to tell you, m'lord
  • Corvo:*grimaces with his beard down into his plate*
  • Corvo:*handing back the plate* Just give me all the serkonan sausage and eels you have.
  • Corvo:Wait... wait. I worry what you just heard was 'Give me a lot of serkonan sausage and eels.' What I said was 'Give me all, the serkonan sausage and eels, you have.'
  • Corvo:Do you understand?
  • Owner:*nods*
  • Corvo:*Clenches fist gently so as not to bend time*
Harvey Smith takes us inside Dishonored 2’s insane clockwork mansion
Nerding out about narrative in games with Dishonored 2’s creative director. “What we do is commercial action games that try to have a soul – Harvey Smith” The level of Dishonored 2 Arkane Studios and Bethesda chose to show off behi…

Short interview on the Clockwork Mansion, a mission and location in Dishonored 2

young!Daud/the Outsider, “Come over here and make me.”

written for @kesskay a while ago, figured I might as well post it here! I’m also taking prompts for other Dishonored fic, just drop me an ask or something :)

The mark fascinated Daud, though he only dared to uncover it at the shrines he found hidden away in the forgotten places of Dunwall. Getting caught at a shrine to the Outsider was bad enough; Daud doubted being found to bear the Outsider’s mark would make the crime much worse.

He’d begun to make a name for himself before the Outsider had marked him. At times, he wondered if that was how he’d caught the deity’s attention; at others, he thought it hardly mattered why, only that he had. The Outsider was a force beyond nature, and Daud could scarcely understand why he was worthy.

But on nights like tonight, when he was high off another successful job made possible by the abilities the Outsider’s mark granted him- Well, he thought that he could see it. Who else besides Daud was worth the Outsider’s time in this filthy city?

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Anyone knows where to find long fanfics with an interesting plot, as close to canon as possible, and preferably with no smut? Smut is ok, just not my thing, I like adventures and suffering better.