diannaagron Heart stopped a beat realizing that today it has been four years without this wonder human. This picture is a perfect representation of how funny and mischievous you were (I mean look at that grin) I could never contain myself when you were near. I remember this moment, those funny men in hand, feeling like maybe they had read the wrong names and what were we even doing there….how were we fooling everyone, what kind of magic was this? So lucky to have had our show, our cast and you. I miss seeing you every day on set, your supreme kindness and generosity. I miss every bit of you.


                      ♪ ♥  The Unholy Trinity 

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diannaagron Only about the second time I’ve been outta the AC (meetings) in this beautifully sunny place. And I’ve (oddly) chosen the shade and somehow, artfully matched my scenery. Only got about thirty minutes in this spot but it will be a thirty minutes well spent. 📷 @jasonagronphoto