Subaru: What should I be for Halloween?

Kou: My best friend.

Subaru: Yeah, that’s pretty scary.

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Scenario where S/O got caught for speeding so now she has to call her lover, obviously one of the guys, to bail her our

Shu- “..Do I have to…?” (”Yes! Please! There are scary people her!”) “I’ll send someone in a few hours..” (”SHU!”)

Reiji- “Hello?” (”It’s (Y/N)”) “What did she do?” (”No, It’s me. (Y/N).”) “Oh… What did you do?”

Ayato- “…. What were you going?” (”35 in a 20.”) “Pussy, if you get in trouble, might as well fuckin’ floor it.”

Laito- “Ohhh what a naughty Bitch-chan! I’ll be right there~”

Kanato- “You did-… rEIJIIIIII!”

Subaru- “Why were you speeding?!” (”I couldn’t wait to see you again~”) *blushing* “TT-Tch, baka! F-Fine, I’ll be there soon..”

Kino- ((she had to text)) (Hey, can u pick me up? Im in jail..) Again? y (speeding..) lol -

To the Marvelous Man, One of Most Talented Voice Actor...

Aoharu x Kikanjuu as Fujimoto Takatora

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai as Hasegawa Kodaka

Charlotte as Arifumi Fukuyama

Full Moon wo Sagashite as Sakurai Eichi

Gin no Saji as Hachiken Yuugo

Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie as Hanafusa Gilbert

Haikyuu!! Second Season as Bokuto Koutarou

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun as Wakamatsu Hirotaka

Diabolik Lovers More,Blood as Mukami Kou

Joker Game as Kaminaga

Kimi to Boku as Asaba Yuuki

Joukamachi no Dandelion as Sakurada Shuu

Kuroko no Basket as Kise Ryota

Kyoukai no Rinne as Juumonji Tsubasa

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus as Charles Grey

Nanatsu no Taizai as Howzer

Natsume Yuujinchou as Nishimura Satoru

ReLIFE as Yoake Ryou

Tokyo Ravens as Ato Touji

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic as Judar

Psycho-Pass 2 as Kamui Kirito

Prince of Stride: Alternative as Yagami Riku

Sankarea as Furuya Chihiro

Tsukiuta. The Animation as Shimotsuki Shun

Servamp as Hyde “Lawless”

My♥Sweet Hubby as Minato Tsukimiya 

Tales of Zestiria the X as Sorey

Yuugen Romantica Uchouten Chou Micchaku ! Toritsukare  as Utashiro

Tokyo Ghoul as Taishi Fura

Yotogi holic as Akatsuki

Shinsengumi kyofuroku Wasurenagusa as Shinsaku Takasugi

Kuroyoshiwara Melancholia as Kuromela 


HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY KIMURA RYOUHEI ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ !!!!!


Angela (June 10, 1922 – February 12, 1987) and Luciana Giussani (April 19, 1928 – March 31, 2001) were two Italian sisters, famous for their comic book anti-hero series, Diabolik.

The character, created in 1962, has sold more than 150 million copies since he made his first appearance. The comic book also inspired a movie, a radio show, a TV series and countless parodies and pastiches.

Both sisters were born in Milan. Angela Giussani worked initially as a model and entered into the publishing world when she married Gino Sansoni, working for a series of her husband’s publishing house. Later she founded the publishing company Astorina, which launched Diabolik on November 1, 1962. Luciana collaborated with her on the series’ stories starting from issue #13. Luciana Giussani was educated at the German School of Milan.

After Angela’s death in 1987, Luciana carried on directing the publishing house and writing many of Diabolik’s episodes. She left Astorina in 1999 and died two years later. *

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What do the s and m boys think makes a girl sexy (body doesn't count, things like intelligence, humour ect)

Shu- A good sense of humor, cute laugh and a good heart.

Reiji- Intelligence, manners and likes equilibrium in life. 

Ayato- A good sense of humor, affectionate and a little hyper.

Laito- Perverse, smart and calm.

Kanato- A cute smile, being calm and gentle.

Subaru- Calm, gentle, and at peace.

Kino- A sense of humor, affectionate with a mischievous side. 

Ruki- Intelligence, cultured and inspired.

Kou- A bubbly personality, funny and active.

Yuma- Cute, interesting and calm.

Azusa- Affectionate, bubbly and has a good heart.


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What would Kino and Shu do,if they find their s/o in their room, in a single panties while she's aggressively playing a video game.I mean she's nervous and cursing. Somebody must reassure her if u know what I mean;)*I'm so sorry my englis is rly bad*

Shu- He would enter, raising an eyebrow before sitting down next to her, groping her as he hugged her close, “Turn off the game…”

Kino- He’d rush to the tv, ignoring her lack of clothes and frantically would point to the screen, “JUMP! NO NO NO! TO THE RIGHT, YOU IDIOT! OKAY, NOW SWING YOUR SWORD THIS WAY-”

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Best to worst Sakamaki boyfriends? As in how they treat their s/o

((Though each of the boys have their own.. well, they all are pretty well-… You get it.. Of course, this all actually depends on your personality))












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What kinks do the S and M brothers have

(Other than biting of course-)

Shu - Orgasm Denial, Degradation, and Cowboy Style

Reiji - Master and Daddy, BDSM (especially whips), and Maid

Ayato - Sexual Praise Kink (God Complex I think it is called), Big titties that he can… fuck, Temperature and Wax Play, Rough Sex

Laito - What kink does the man not have- However, he is into Orgasm Denial, Dominant and Submissive Play, Maid and School Girl, Temperature, Toys, Public Sex, and Degradation in particular~

Kanato - Dominance, Wax and Knife Play, Strangulation, and Sweets

Subaru - Dominance (but not full on like Kanato or Laito), Knife (to only put to her skin to rip off her clothes, nothing more), Teasing Kink (not full on orgasm denial)

Kino - Maid, Orgasm Denial, Dominant, Cosplay (video game ones-), Temperature

Ruki - BDSM, Master and Daddy, Maid, Livestock (like putting her on a leash), Toys, and a lot more…

Kou - Furry, Submission, and School Girl

Yuma - Rough, Dominance, Farmer

Azusa - Knife, Temperature, Masochism, and Submission to Her