[11/100 days of productivity]

I am done with 273 cards for my final which is on Monday! I’ve already gone through 80% of it and I’m gonna ace it!

Feels like I improved myself in comparison to me two weeks ago. But on the other hand I know that I’d been more productive. Mixed feelings: I am better, but not good enough. Success and depression lol.
That means only one: keep going!

I changed my table’s location and now I am completely satisfied with my place <3

I also got a forest app today. Add me if you want: idocerra@gmail.com

Hopefully I won’t forget about this app as I paid for it.


some photos from a recent spread!!! so i went completely mia for a while on both my study blr and my studygram but im back!!! and hopefully im going to use my study blr a lot more and get to know some of you better since im still pretty much a newbie here !! i’m thinking about doing a facts about me soon so stay tuned for that :)

During my afternoon’s break I’ve taken few minutes to start “This Will Make You Smarter: New Scientific Concepts to Improve Your Thinking” by John Brockman (editor)! (I shouldn’t be laughing at this, but his last name literally describes my financial situation 😂.. get it? Brockman Broke Man? :I’m out:

Edge.org is an organisation that promotes the spreading of cultural and scientific knowledge to a general public. The question of 2011 was “What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?”
So, many of the most famous thinkers responded to it and their answers are compiled in this book in 1-4 page essays organized thematically!
I’ll definitely not read this book in one sitting, I prefer to grab it whenever I feel the need to and read one or two essays and think about it!🤓🙌🏻