Stay (Teacher!Dean x Reader) The End

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Ya’ll are gonna hate me for this… but it leaves the ending open for more later. 

Warning: Smut

November 4th

Last day of school before the weekend and it went by smoothly. I got into math and Dean surprised me when he asked me to stay after class. I watched everyone leave as he followed them and shut the door.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Well, there’s a wedding tonight.” He said.

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                                                    Carry on my wayward son
                                            There’ll be peace when you are done
                                                   Lay your weary head to rest
                                                       Don’t you cry no more

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Stay (Teacher!Dean x Reader) Part 21

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November 3rd

I woke up to hear my alarm clock.

“Dammit.” I mumbled and curled up closer to Dean. He shifted and leaned over me to see the time.

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“Honey, we have to get ready.” He sighed.

“Dean…” I whined.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, talk of periods

Word Count: 1,913

Prompt: After a witch spews it’s spells on Dean and the reader, the reader wishes for something to happen to Dean, and Dean turns into a whiny bitch about it.

Special thanks to @lipstickandwhiskey for betaing.

It was nearly blinding when the purplish-grey dust flew around you and Dean. Before it could all clear out, and the two of you could actually see, Sam had nailed the witch. One bullet, directly through the back of her head, and you were fine. She collapsed into a heap on the ground, and that was that.

Sam’s nose scrunched up as he approached the two of you. “What the hell did she douse you guys with?”

“Some of her freak weirdo witch juice,” Dean grumbled, practically gagging at the stench that was coming from the dust. “I need to shower, like now.”

“Good thing we’re not far from the motel,” you chimed in. “So what do we do with Bellatrix over there?”

Dean scoffed, “really? Out of all the iconic witches, you pick the one from Harry Potter?”

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The Luckiest

Title: The Luckiest

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: After getting hurt in a hunt, Sam’s boyfriend-y senses kicked in.

Word Count: around 630 words

Author’s Note: Just a little cute thing I wrote! Sorry for any mistakes. 

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