Carry on my wayward son
                                            There’ll be peace when you are done
                                                   Lay your weary head to rest
                                                       Don’t you cry no more

The Luckiest

Title: The Luckiest

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: After getting hurt in a hunt, Sam’s boyfriend-y senses kicked in.

Word Count: around 630 words

Author’s Note: Just a little cute thing I wrote! Sorry for any mistakes. 

Originally posted by waywardsupernaturalgirl

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Dean x Reader

Requested by @thewolfpackkingdom

Warnings: Smut, Sex, Car Sex

“You know you can’t resist me.” Dean teased as you walked with him to the café where Sam was waiting.

“Shut up Dean.” You sighed playfully, greeting Sam when you sat down.

“So, get this guys…” You stopped listening to the boys as they discussed the case, more focused on getting something to eat.

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Stiles x Reader

Stiles stiffened and began to almost vibrate as anger coursed through him. He’d been tricked, trick by your lie to cover your tracks, so much so that he ignored Scott when the pack decided something was off about you.


“Stiles I can explain.” You said quickly and he slammed the papers in his hands down into your duffle bag.


“You used me.” He mumbled and you shook your head.


“No… I mean maybe to start with but I…!” You started to explain but Stiles threw his hands in the air and scoffed at you.

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