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david bowie fans: 

- gay 
- obsessed with glitter 
- dress like a 70s groupie 
- want to do cocaine

hole fans: 

- fights everyone that says courtney killed kurt 
- a ball of anger 
- smudges their lipstick on purpose 
- sleeps with everyone

nirvana fans: 

- probably depressed 
- buys vintage clothes 
- cries themselves to sleep 
- hates courtney love

amy winehouse fans: 

- cries about their ex 
- wears too much eyeliner 
- sleeps with their best friends crush 
- probably smokes weed

tøp fans: 

- depressed 
- makes weird conspiracies about blurryface 
- really emo
- never stops crying 

lady gaga fans: 

- gay 
- watches rupaul’s drag race 
- "LG5 will be soon”

eminem fans: 

- “i hate women”

sky ferreira fans: 

- have an aesthetic tumblr blog 
- smoke 
- “masochism will be released soon" 
- knows deep down that it wont

lana del rey fans:

- have a daddy kink 
- flirts with their older brothers friends 
- pouts 24/7 
- wants to do acid and fuck everyone 

melanie martinez fans: 

- wears babies clothes 
- bitchy af 
- cries about everything 
- fights anyone that says something bad about mel

the beatles fans: 

- lowkey bitchy 
- cry over paul mccartney 
- listens to vinyl 
 - wish they were alive in the 60s

mcr fans: 

- emo 
- think there will be a mcr reunion 
- have black hair 
- wear 20 wristbands

oasis fans: 

- thinks theyre a roadman 
- wears parka coats 
- uses ‘your mum’ as an insult 
- says 'fight me’ to everyone

the doors fans: 

- write poetry 
- read jack kerouac 
- do drugs
- love boys with beards

marina + the diamonds fans: 

- that FROOT is familiar! 
- electra heart is the best era 
- calls themselves a heartbreaker 
- has never had a bf

halsey fans: 

- vegan 
- wears foundation darker than their face 
- has an aesthetic blog 
- probably sad

miley cyrus fans: 

- smokes weed everyday 
- hannah montana is dead ! 
- literally wont shutup about weed 
- weed weed weed weed

rihanna fans: 

- ready to fight a bitch anytime 
- never stops twerking 
- dont fuck with them 
- wears leather bras

the smiths fans: 

- never leave their room 
- depressed 
- tweets that pic of morrissey holding his tit all day

5sos fans: 

- rats in human form 
- start wars with other fanbases 
- never stop screaming over everything 
-need to shut up

fka twigs fans: 

- probably have a ouija board 
- angelic but deadly 
- always wear black clothes 
- perfect lipstick all the time

drake fans: 

- still not over their ex 
- bitches about their ex’s new gf 
- has fake gucci bags 
- eyeliner so sharp it could kill a bitch

velvet underground fans: 

- only ever wear black 
- smoke cigarettes for the aesthetic 
- love andy warhol 
- probably bisexual

by @francesxox on Twitter.


A little collection of my favorite celebration pics from tonight

Today I don’t care what has been going on this season.
Today I don’t care about all the things that make me question the people that rule this club.
Today I only care about this single game and that game makes me a proud Bayern fan.

That’s why I would like to say thank you to the whole team today.
Thank you to Fips for being the best captain the football world has ever seen.
Thank you to every single player actively playing today, especially to the ones who despite lacking in match practice played so well.
Thank you to every single player benched today for the smiles and the support, especially to the maestro himself, Mr. Alonso.
Thank you to the players who couldn’t celebrate with the team yet for celebrating with us via social media nevertheless.
And thank you even to the trainer team for providing me with new hope for the next season today.

Mia San Mia,
Mia 5an Mia,
Thank you FCB

A celebrity with the same sign
  • Aries: Liza Koshy, Emma Watson, Tyler Oakley
  • Taurus: John Cena, Joey Graceffa, Melanie Martinez
  • Gemini: Kanye West, Dan Howell, Marilyn Monroe
  • Cancer: Luke Hemmings, Lele Pons, Markiplier
  • Leo: Shawn Mendes, David Dobrik, Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Virgo: Cameron Dallas, Beyonce, Honey Boo Boo
  • Libra: Jacob Sartorius, Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron
  • Scorpio: PewDiePie, Leonardo Dicaprio, Drake
  • Sagittarius: Charlie Puth, Tyler Joseph, Walt Disney
  • Capricorn: Zayn Malik, Elvis Presley, LeBron James
  • Aquarius: Harry Styles, Michael Jordan, Ellen DeGeneres
  • Pisces: Justin Bieber, Simone Biles, Albert Einstein
Bayern in college

Xabi is the cool, effortlessly classy and fashionable guy; a finance major.

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Neuer, a marketing major, is an all around good guy, very confident, and doesn’t mind getting up front and talking, giving presentations. He likes to help out the younger students adjust to college life - a good mentor.

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Lewy. Oh, lewy. He would be the guy that is really cool, but you’re not sure in like a good way or not. He’s a business major - and his girlfriend is like a karate champ

Originally posted by leomaier

Muller is the funny guy, all around prankster, asks the questions in class. He’s a physical education major :) He’s good friends with Manu, which is kinda strange given they’re so different, but they balance each other’s personalities well

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Lahm is a quiet guy, a management major, but very intelligent and knows how to motivate and lead. 

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Joshua is quiet but strong. He’s very serious about studying and getting good grades and doesn’t act crazy. He’s a pre-law major.

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Thiago is a super smart guy, but likes to have fun too, however he hasn’t decided on a major yet…he’s not great at getting to class on time, but teachers don’t have heart to get mad at him yet

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Alaba is really fun and nice too and everyones’ good friend - always has a positive attitude. He’s going to be getting a communication degree. 

Originally posted by neymerjr

Poor Javi, he’s always trying to concentrate and the dorks keep distracting him…and that’s why he tries not to sit next to them in class…if he could ever have a peaceful moment with all the commotion around, he could decide on a major.

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Arjen is the guy that’s super smart, but doesn’t act all arrogant about it…he’s an engineering major.

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Mats is a bit intimidating, but once you get to know him, you know he’s kind too. He’s a criminal justice major. 

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Cinnamon Roll Ratings: Leigh Goes to NYC Edition

Thayne Jasperson

20/10 best most greatest cinnamon roll, hugged me not once, but T WO times! A giggly adorable child

Jonathan Groff

17/10 heck yeah dude, super chill and shy and nice. What a babe??? anyways he liked my shirt and was a total sweetheart

Jeremy Jordan

10/10 He was a bit shy and quiet but nice dude!! He ( sortve ) liked my art ??? he thought the blue paint was dirt though lmao

Lucas Steele

16/10 kind dude, put my art backstage so he wouldn’t lose it, and pointed at the shirt after realizing it was a shirt he actually wore and was kinda like ???? But liked it none the less, also signed an egg shaker and took a pic with me

Nick Choksi

15/10 nICE so kinda and funny like a little scruffy dog tbh. Anyways told me his eyeliner was guy liner and apon telling him Preparations was my favorite he told me that he wouldn’t tell the other bc they would get “jealous”

Tommy Bracco

18/10 !!!!!! FUCK YEAH !!! We kept on saying thank you to eachother bc he would compliment my art and say thanks and I would say thanks for the compliment and that went on for a little while. Plus he trusted me and my shaky ass hands to hold his tea??? Like thanks???? And he liked my tweets and retweeted my art that one time!!

Adam Kaplan

12/10 super kind and patient, was genuinely concerned when I told him I was missing school, his face got all sad an was like “high school is important…..”

Aaron J Albano

11/10 super nice, didn’t talk to him much tho, I asked him what his favorite Disney movie was and he was like"I C AN T CHOOSE" ( he did choose, said it was Moana )

Tommy Martinez

11/10 super nice too, I asked him where he got his heels and I completely forgot what he said bc he was being so kind to

Jack Scott

12/10 Also super nice!! We told him about the Barney Peanuts fan page and he was so?? Happy???

David Guzman

13/10 so nice?? Tbh I thought he would be a total Bro but like he was so kind my man. Liked my insta photo and my tweet :,)

Brittain Ashford

16/10 LET ME TELL YOU SHE IS SO NICE AND FUCK like I told her her voice makes me cry and she was like “yeah I have that effect on people haha” ( like she was joking that she was bad ) so I was like “Wait! I mean in a good way! I messed up!” And she reached out and touched my shoulder while saying “Hey, it’s okay!” She smiles “You’re doing great” and I think my heart stopped

Gelsey Bell

12/10 smiley happy, genuinely kind my dudes

Blaine Krauss

13/10 okay I didn’t MEET him, but he did reply to my tweet and he seems like a goofy, kind guy, plus he’s from HOUSTON

Paul Pinto

15/10 so so super nice omg, I told him it must be exhausting to do the show bc he has to run around a ton and he was like “Yeah well after the 300 th show you got used to it ” and I DIED

Scott Stangland

12/10 I met him twice and he’s super kind and heckin awesome Pierre! He totally didn’t recognize me but I was like “I’m back!” And he said “Welcome Back!” So yep!

Sumayya Ali

14/10 I told her I loved her dress and she looked so fuckin happy and was like “Oh my god thank you so much!! ”

Gregory Haney

16/10 totally wasn’t expecting anyone to see him leave the stagedoor before the show got out, but I was there early and saw him and was like “!! Hey! I follow your Snapchat !! Can I get a pic?” And he was like ????????? “Sure!” So yeah kind and awesome dude

( okay these ratings are shit but I miss all these beautiful people someone please take me back to NYC )


On this day 7 years ago, Andrés Iniesta led 2008 European Champions to their first ever World Cup after scoring the game winning goal in the 116th minute, beating the Netherlands 1-0


sharing this for those of you who weren’t able to make it.