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consider: dave, but wearing jade's clothes and a wig

I didn’t have access to the ask when drawing this so I forgot the wig but uhh sorry about that? Btw it’s buy one get one free here u get an extra Jade with your Dave ; ) (they swapped clothes!! but not glasses bc a Strider needs their glasses to keep their Strider type coolness)

Ya nerd here with another AU that won’t be written (probably)

Howls Moving Castle.

  • Dirk is Howl- immensely gifted magician but highly flawed; also takes 10 years in the shower and uses up all the hot water. Prince of heart vs Howl who has a reputation for eating girl’s hearts/literally heartless. We’re going for Book Howl here, who is 40x as Extra as you see in the movies.
  • Hal as Calcifer. Halcifer. Bound to Dirk by some sweet majjicks and actually kjnd of hates it; their relationship would be considerably more antagonistic
  • Saw and Square would both have to be apprentices probably
  • Condesce can be the witch of the waste with Dirk’s Bro as the former Wizard (who got mixed up with a bunch of other dudes and cursed to turn into a dog?) And Rose as….Madam Solomon, mayb3
  • You can see my flagrant disregard for the separation between movie and book
  • We’re also gonna go for Book Sophie who is practical but also woefully Extra. This can either be Dave or Jake I guess depending on how you wanna play it but old age?? Not keeping this dude down (probably would be Jake given that Grandpa Harley did some shit)
  • That’d add an entirely different dimension honestly given that Calcifer had to convince Sophie to believe him and break the spell first
  • If it was Dave he’d probably be more inclin3d to like actually like him as the story progresses tho hmmm
  • Uhhhh
  • Yeah
  • Either way Jane’s a Princess and Roxy is an elusive BFF who assists Howl on slightly less savory things
  • FUCK but in The House of Many Ways there’s the high witch of montalbino and she’s horribly efficient she could also be Rose…..