!dave strider

Happy Pride month <3 I don’t get to go to the parade this year because of work (again) so I drew my favorite gay aliens as my personal celebration. Maybe one day I will figure out how to shade. Maybe.

I didn’t want to watermark each picture so please be respectful by not reposting my stuff and crediting me if you choose to use it. I also have individual and clean versions if anyone wants those.


hi, everyone! It could have been a fragment of a beautiful map, which me and guys wanted to finish way back in 2016, but something went wrong. I felt badly about this fragment being made in vain. For a long time it was kept on my computer, where no one could see it, and finally I’ve decided - 4/13 is a great opportunity to show it to you!
enjoy it and subscribe to my channel, it’s not the last time I post my animation!