Lifting the hammer
  • Everyone:tries to lift the hammer.
  • Thor:(◡‿◡✿)
  • Steve:tries to lift and it slightly moves
  • Thor:(ʘ‿ʘ✿).....
  • Thor:(◡‿◡✿)
  • .....
  • Vision:*nonchalantly takes the hammer no problem*
  • Thor:(ʘ‿ʘ✿)
  • Everyone:(ʘ‿ʘ✿)
  • Everyone in theater:(ʘ‿ʘ✿)
  • Random guy in theater:(ʘ‿ʘ✿)oh shit!!!
Summing up each character
  • Steve:is the precious old man he is and no one makes him forget it. "Language" "do you kiss your mother with that mouth" "Steve doesn't like that kind of language"
  • Clint:papa hawk taking care of youngings. Caring for Wanda and Pietro (who is a little shit)
  • Wanda:Precious. Cares about her brother. Let's face it she's a badass. Can't spoil her role.
  • Pietro:little shit. What a nerd. Precious nerd that denies candy offerings but then speeds off and takes one. thinks he can handle the hammer. HE CAN'T HANDLE THE HAMMER. He is 12 minutes older. You didn't see that coming.....
  • Natasha:flawless. Beep beep. Handles Clint's kids perfectly. Nathaniel is a traitor.
  • Bruce:protect at all costs. He's adorable. It's okay. Aweeeee precious ;~;. Tony fight me. Science bros.
  • Tony:fights hulk. Not a good idea. You knocked his tooth out run. Science bros. fight me Steve. Steve doesn't like your language. Mad scientist. Go to sleep.
  • Ultron:fight me. Fight you. Fight everyone.daddy issues.
  • Vision:I am not Ultron. I am not Jarvis. Protect at all costs. Ultron sucks eggs. Saves Wanda...... Now how about Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd ;)
  • Fury:surprise motha fucka
  • Jarvis:surprise good sir.
  • Rhodey:let me tell you a story. War machine. Wait what?
My Neighbor!5SOS Series Is Finally To A Close...

Attention everyone…

Thank you everyone who has stuck with me through this series and it ended on February 1st which is pretty cool (even though I planned for the 31st)

Another series will be coming soon and I hope you look forward to that as well.

My requests are still Closed because I need to work on the ones I have in my inbox since last year haha. Here are all the parts for you guys to read in order :D


#1- Young First Impressions
#2- Making Friends On The First Week of School
#3- Summer Sleepover
#4- The Class Thinks You’re Dating and Teases You
#5- Middle School Crushes
#6- High School and Social Media
#7- You Meet The Band
#8- You Realize Your Feelings And Things Change
#9- He Drops Out To Go On Tour, But Comes Back 6 Months Later
#10- He Visits You In College While Touring To Confess
#11- Star Crossed Lovers Back To Where It Started
EXTRA #12- Her After Story

Thank you for starting off the year with this series and I hope you are ready for the next!

Goodnight! *Knocks out*

PSA: (Not saying this to be a jerk) So, Michael is on Twitch.... But please

It’s so cool to see him in his natural habitat.

But guys, I don’t wanna be like an old lady or a jerk but if you do watch it….

  1. Do not spam the chat
  2. Be nice to everyone
  3. Do not randomly type “balls” or “penis” or “Michael slap me with your D*ck” try to keep it appropriate (???)
  4. Seriously don’t spam the chat
  5. No hating, (especially to all you other gamers) Michael is just playing to have fun with his friends okay?
  6. Don’t try to spam the chat
  7. Keep it chill okay guys? Don’t even try to ask him to follow you on twitter or something because let’s face it the comments that are pouring in, chances are he isn’t going to see it. 

Try to be fair to everyone okay? I really want everyone to be able to watch Michael play and all that and have a good time *let’s face it we are all secretly watching it and it’s probably really late where we all are*

Have an awesome Twitch night okay guys??? 


anonymous asked:

Do you have a masterlist if so can I have a link? If nah can I have the links to your high school series?

Hey Anon! I am actually posting an official masterlist somewhere at the end of this month in my masterlist tab on my blog. At the moment it’s a bit incomplete. However, since you asked, here is the High School!5SOS series so far.

#1- What Class You Have Together

#2- Spirit Week and Homecoming

#3- Bad Day At School

#4- Studying/ Tutoring

#5- People Think You Two Are Dating

#6- He Doesn’t Like Your Boyfriend

#7- You’re In A Relationship/ Single and He Confesses

#8- People Find Out You’re Dating

Just a heads up there are 4 more parts until this series is complete and when the month is over the official masterlist will be posted and completed. I hope you look forward to #9 which will be coming soon!

5SOS has arrived in Tokyo. You know what that means right?

Yeah, Michael can finally unleash his inner otaku and buy all the anime and manga he could carry in his suitcase.

Not to mention the Pokemon Center.

Yep, I can see it clearly. What a cute little nerd u.u

Pft, he tried to hide it, he can’t. He’s in too deep. He used Senpai and Waifu. Yep. We know your secret clifford.


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So I did a sketch to clear my mind of things before writing, I honestly kept staring at my new lock screen which is one of steakpanties drawings and I decided to draw it again for fun. Her original doodle is right over here XXX

I forgot how much I hate proportions….. and hands.

Not a doodle blog I just draw sometimes.

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