I realize I’ve been falling behind on posting fic recs, which is not for lack of reading, because I’ve actually been doing a lot again! I’m just stuck in that place where I’m reading longer fics, which means less ones to update with, but okay! There have been some amazing MUST READS and some amazing FLUFF FICS in the fandom lately and I’m going to post this before it gets unwieldy.

It’s a mix of Thor/Loki and genfic, because, seriously, don’t discount genfic, you guys! Some of the best stuff comes from them and all you have to do is save aside a pwp or two for when you need the tension resolved and this is a great, great mix, okay. Anyway, here, a bunch of fics that I really need people to read and come talk to me about. (Especially “Acceptable Gifts” and “A Villain State of Mind” and, holy shit, “Postbellum”. TALK TO ME ABOUT POSTBELLUM–!!!)

The Night Before by kingloptr [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, fluff, 1.5k

“Thor. We’re to be married in about 12 hours you cannot—” Thor cut off Loki’s complaining with a swift and well placed kiss, and Loki tasted like sweet fruits and starlight, magic and royal mead.

Postbellum by Shiny_n_new, thor/loki (pre-slash?) + odin & frigga + other thor characters, 22k

While Loki is imprisoned for his attempt at taking over Earth, he discovers Thor is sneaking off to Jotunheim.

The Weight of Family by Shiny_n_new, thor/loki (pre-slash?) + odin & thor, thor 2 spoilers, suicide ideation, 6.2k

Loki sees the past through new eyes and learns more about Thor than he ever intended to.

A god’s best friend by Simarillion, thor/loki + balder, jotunn!loki, captive!loki, pet!loki, 1.6k

After his female human pet dies Thor accompanies his brother to the Asgard shelter to look for a new companion.

A god’s best friend by Simarillion, thor/loki + balder, jotunn!loki, captive!loki, pet!loki, 1.6k

After his female human pet dies Thor accompanies his brother to the Asgard shelter to look for a new companion.

No fear or shadows by mysticmjolnir (empressmaude), thor/loki, thorki kids, fluff, ~1k

Thor plays peek-a-boo with his and Loki’s baby girl, while Loki pretends it’s the dullest thing imaginable

Acceptable Gifts by Runie (Runic), thor/loki + frigga + odin, pregnant!loki, thor 2 spoilers, emotional fluff, 2.9k

She is given one more day to be with them, but the effect will last a lifetime.

Swell by Misaya, thor/loki + other mcu characters, NSFW, pregnant!loki, fluff, 4.1k

You never, ever use the words “Fat” or “enormous” or anything relating to size when dealing with a pregnant person. Just like you’d never invade Jotunheimr in the winter. Even Odin knows that.

Shadow Dancing by Mythtaken Identity (VR2LBast), thor & loki, bb!loki, journey into mystery, adventure fic, 31.4k

On their way to Phoenix, Thor and Loki stop over in Amarillo to check out local sights and spend the night. It’s only bad luck that brings them there on the night of Amarillo’s great mini-meet and demon summoning. Honest.

Stjarnasdóttir by Lise, jane & darcy + thor, some background mentions of pairings, thor 2 spoilers, sad ending, 4.2k

The one where Jane finds a dying Dark Elf after the Greenwich Incident, and experiences personally the price of heroism.

The Hand of a Vengeful God by Mythtaken Identity (VR2LBast), thor & loki + other asgardians, 2.7k

A meteor shower is an excellent excuse for a midnight picnic with family and friends. Such moments must be seized while they still last.

In Circulus Veritas by apiphile, loki + avengers, truth spell, 21.1k

In which Loki of Asgard is inadvertently made into an oracle of the truth and everything goes horribly wrong.

A Villain State of Mind by Mikkeneko, loki & charles xavier + other mcu characters, crossover, some scenes of torture/gore, trauma, therapy fic, 54.9k

Written for the Norsekink prompt: “SHIELD has Loki in custody, with the gag on to keep him from spellcasting, but they don’t really know what to DO with him. They can’t give him food or water or attempt to interrogate him with the gag on, and they don’t dare take it off. Their solution? Call in a telepath! But Charles Xavier may find more things in Loki’s head than SHIELD bargained for…”

Cover Up the Sun by Mikkeneko, loki & charles xavier + various x-men, thor 2 spoilers, grief/mourning, self-harm ideation, crossover, therapy fic, 41.4k wip

Following the invasion of Asgard by Malekith the Accursed, Loki seeks shelter in the one place in the Nine Realms he knows he will be welcome: Charles Xavier’s School for the Gifted.

The Dark World - Alternate by Velvedere, thor + loki + malekith + jane, thor 2 spoilers, alternate scene, 1.4k

An alternate version of a scene from The Dark World movie.

Age Gap by Lovelet, thor + loki + odin, fluff, humor, de-aged!loki, ~1k

Loki got caught by a jötunn sorcerer nosing around Jotunheim. He is waaay more experienced with magic and soon enough manages to subdue Loki. Not particularly hateful towards Asgard, but not particularly fond of it either, the sorcerer de-ages Loki as punishment (to either Loki or Odin), only to discover the boy’s a jötunn, and then world-walks to drop off the now infant prince in Asgard.

In which Thor is an Epic Troll by notbeloved07, thor + avengers + loki + other mcu characters, humor, 5k

This is the story of how Thor trolled the hell out of everybody, with a little help from Captain America, Dr. Jane Foster, and eventually the God of Lies himself. Because really, what sort of demi-god couldn’t win his brother back from darkness by the power of love trolling?

Sætta by StarsInTheRiver, thor & loki + avengers, kid!loki, 3.1k

Loki was killed in the battle of new york, and reincarnated as a young boy. Although he remembers nothing but a few blurred memories at first, the arrival of old enemies seeking revenge awakens the worst of them. Now, in order to keep his life, he must earn the trust of the Avengers, his brother, and himself. Some graphic violence and language. Avengers all living in Stark Tower. I’m going to tell you now, its going to be very long.

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“I want a Harry Potter/Durarara crossover. I can see Severus ranting to Celty, and her listening. Izaya would try to manipulate Draco. Mikado would always help Harry. Hermione and Shinra would be best friends. Luna and Anri would help each other. Hagird would try to calm down Shizuo. Kadota would be a part of the Order. And it’d be interesting seeing what houses everyone would be in. I think Erika and Walker might be in Hufflepuff, but I can’t be sure. Anyway, it needs to happen.”