Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

Dialogue Prompt

“If you’re not with me, then you’re against me.”

“Why can’t I be a neutral party? What do you have against the Switzerlands of this world?”

todoloquetecaemal  asked:

hi! can you give me some character traits that may not go well together? for example, ambitious and lazy. things that may cause conflict between characters, maybe even conflict with their own emotions. thank you!


• Loud but shy

• Adventurous but cautious and careful

• Daring/bold but a scaredy cat

• Cowardly but selfless

• Logical but also a dreamer

• Book smart but no common sense

• Feirce/outgoing but sensitive

• A rule follower but mischievous

• Conceited but self loathing

• Timid but impulsive

• Bossy/a leader but reserved

• Mysterious but trustworthy

• Childish but wise

• Sweet but moody

• Charismatic but quiet

• Bubbly but a pessimist

• Loyal but a liar

Here’s a list of character traits:


@potterprideweek: pride in your identity → charlie weasley

It’s called asexuality. Lack of sexual attraction. And that hardly means there’s something wrong with me so shut it, Flint, before I find a dragon to sic on you.

sliding in here a few minutes late with my choices creates submission, sorry!! this round was hosted by @hollyashton and @zigisbisexual and the theme was “that was fun, let’s do it again sometime!” of course my hoe ass had to make it at least mildly nsfw lol

edit: now that it’s submitted and i’m not stressing out i wanted to say a little more. (if you don’t want to read anything cheesy just ignore this lmao)
i just made this blog like a week ago, but i’ve been creepin on the choices fandom for a while now from my main blog @trashdigger. i felt weird about starting a second account from scratch because i’ve had my other one for like 6 years, but this fandom has been so warm and friendly that the weirdness didn’t last for long. it’s made me really happy talking to you guys the past few days! i’ve also been kind of in a rut in my life bc i dropped out of college for art a year ago and haven’t actually drawn anything more than a doodle since then, but for some reason i was weirdly motivated by choices creates? probably because there was a short deadline and i haven’t had a deadline in a while lol. but anyway what i mean is this is the best fandom ever ok i will shut up now goodbye


I’m having an out of body experience over how monumental this remix is, I just had to share!