i love that one scene where coran tells lance that the castle doesn’t have a siren but then immediately goes “but if you want you can make a siren sound and i’ll record you” i just…. what a dad thing to do. coran could’ve easily just said no and shut lance down because why would the castle even need a siren? but instead coran was like ‘you know what? i can roll with that. it’s a wholesome idea and it wouldn’t hurt anybody. i don’t want my son to be disappointed so if u want a siren we can make that happen’

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Clark actually has a pretty bland, tv newscaster type accent (because Kansas is midwest, not south) but he consistently fakes it whenever Bruce is around. He was originally trying to be funny/make a point about rural stereotypes, but Bruce never actually caught on, so Clark just kept cranking it up and trying to push it far enough that Bruce would HAVE to realize it was fake.... Ten years later Bruce STILL doesn't know why everyone else turns red and starts choking when Clark talks to him.

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happy belated valentines, i suppose! i just realized i never posted this spread…so without further ado, here it is!

The ground was so damp and slimy, not to mention cold, that Algy looked around for another perch nearby, and soon found a splendid seat among a collection of nautical paraphernalia which the humans had left lying about the place. When the wind blew - as it did most of the time - it was almost as good as a swing, and although Algy found it a wee bit tricky to keep his balance and avoid tumbling off when the stronger gusts took him by surprise, he enjoyed himself immensely… until it started to rain again.

Algy hopes that you will all enjoy a colourful, entertaining, and very happy Sunday :)