Writing With Color Top Posts + Other Useful Ones

Oh hey– here’s a list ranked by Writing With Color’s most popular posts since opening in 2014 up till now, the start of 2017. Pulled together for the interest and usefulness for readers like you. Thank you.

Top 7 Popular Original Posts 

  1. Words for Skin Tone - This two part guide offers an array of words for describing skin color. Part I focuses on the problems with food descriptors. Part II provides alternatives. (68k+ Notes)
  2. Common Micro-aggressions: African Americans and/or Black People - An extensive list of common micro-aggressions towards Black people with some links for further reading. (46k)
  3. Words to Describe Hair - As with the words for skin tone, an offering of words to describe hair, from curls to different colors. (34k+)
  4. Black and White Symbolism: A Look into the Trope - Discusses concept of black as evil and white as good, from its history & problem implications. Guide offers alternatives & solutions. (10k)
  5. Describing Accents - An example-based post for describing accents and voices. (5k)
  6. How to Research your Racially/Ethnically Diverse Characters -     Self-explanatory. (5k) 
  7. Describing Asian Eyes - A guide to describing Asian eyes with further useful commentary. (4k)

Honorable Mentions

Other recommended WWC Posts.

  • Stereotyping Tropes List - A categorized tropes list reposted from the TV Tropes website with links to their topics on the subject matter.



here’s a bunch of animal vines that i haven’t seen in other compilations

rip vine compilation


In honor of vine’s passing today, I finally got around to making this. Hope y’all like it


Vine Compilation (not mine)


I made a vine compilation.
This is it.

haraloveme04  asked:

Do you know of any fantasy vmin fanfics if so could you recommend some plz. Btw I love your account ❤❤

thank you! i hope you’ll continue to enjoy your stay on this blog :-)

call it magic, call it true by pjmin (rated e, 13.1k, ongoing)

The Mallow’s Curse causes insatiable lust and attraction if two or more people are affected. Park Jimin finds himself involved in quite a mortifying situation with the most incompetent witch he’s ever known, Kim Taehyung. (magic AU, mutual pining, jealousy)

☆ dreamlike by tseji (rated t, 1.6k)

Fairy tales are dumb. Which is why Jimin finds himself the main character of one. (knight!jimin, noble!taehyung)

☆ dragonsong by paldogangsan (rated t, 1.9k)

Jimin first meets Taehyung when he is ten years old, in the thick, balmy midsummer. (dragon AU)

☆ fire leaves by gooberzayn (rated e, 10.1k)

A Magic University AU in which Taehyung and Jimin are trying to get Kyungsoo and Jongdae together, and maybe Jimin realizes he wants himself and Taehyung to be together, too.

☆ i bend beneath the water top by stellar (rated g, 2.7k, ongoing)

Jimin befriends a mermaid and names him Taehyung.

submerge me (teach me to breathe) by vminism (8.4k, rated m)  

Jimin soars on wings that only know how to skim the water. (sense 8 + atla AU, abuse mention)

☆ this is fact, not fiction by knth (rated m, 24.5k, ongoing but on hiatus)

Park Jimin is an ordinary man with an extraordinary gift who just wants to live peacefully. Fate has different plans for him when it throws Taehyung into his life.

(Where Jimin can see the colors of peoples’ souls but he can’t see Taehyung’s.)


RIP Vine | Funny Vine Compilation
(Warning: some videos are abruptly extremely loud)

Funny Vines - Part 1, Funny Vines Part 2, Animal Vines (coming soon), Relatable Vines (coming soon)