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How do you feel about Valve implementing "paid mods" for Skyrim?

I feel like it’s ultimately going to be a clusterfuck and people defending it are only doing so because they’re reducing it to the most basic ‘people should be paid for their work’ level when it’s really more complicated than that. 

Poking around I’ve already seen tons of drama about mods that are extension of other mods, or use content other people made, or individuals outright stealing mods from nexus and putting them up, or collaborations being sold by one party, or people complaining they helped with X mod and now it’s being sold, or any number of other things. It fucks up the modding community because now if anyone asks for any sort of help or if they can do anything with any existing content the question will immediately be ‘are you selling it?’ 

And frankly I’m getting pretty sick of Valve’s ‘hand’s off’ approach to quality control. Consumers doing quality control pretty much demands at least some people get fucked before the word gets out, why should anyone be happy when any company does this? It’s not like it’s worked very well for Valve already anyway, Greenlight is a cesspool and so is Early Access. This won’t be any different. 

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do u think ull still stan after communismkills scalped u it was pretty harsh she doesnt appreciate ha fans

well my wig is on the floor and she took my scalp with it I don’t think I’ll ever recover. I looked up to her not only as an icon in the lgbt community but as a woman of color so for her to blatantly read me the house down and come for my look and to say I don’t paint fish is just, earth shattering

Call Out for all Trans and Queer Youth of Color in LA!

You are invited to be part of GWEN Project 2015, the 7th Annual Leadership Development and Community Building Training for trans and queer youth of color in Los Angeles!

GWEN Project 2015 is a five Saturdays training starting April 18th
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Named in honor of Gwen Araujo, the G.W.E.N. [Gaining Wellness thru Education and Nurturing] Project, was created by qteam to educate and empower trans and queer youth of color in order to organize and mobilize our communities for radical social change.

A group of community members and past participants come together once a year to continue this work; creating these spaces for youth.

Learn about leadership skills, humyn rights, trans and queer people of color hystory, and community building!

This training is FREE to all youth [ages 12-20] who identify as Youth, as a Person of Color, and as Trans and/or Queer.

The trainings will consist of workshops, games, activities, dialogues, etc.
We offer transportation, delicious food, a stipend, and loads of educational fun. If there is anything we can do to ensure your participation feel free to contact us.


*Space is limited, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

For more information email qteamlosangeles@gmail.com or 323.371.2194

things Horuss Zahhak is responsible for:

  1. casteism
  2. macking on Rufioh when he was in a relationship
  3. general obliviousness. 

things Horuss Zahhak isnt responsible for:

  1. Rufioh choosing to cheat on Damara
  2. Rufioh attempting to cheat on Horuss
  3. Rufioh refusing to break up with Horuss
  4. Rufioh making the relationship unhealthy by refusing to communicate and break up with Horuss when given ample opportunity
  5. Rufioh’s actions

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How would the signs act if they were in a group project for school/work?

Aries will for sure want to take the lead in a project! But these guys have to be careful about coming off as bossy or condescending in a group. One great thing about being in a group project with Aries is they will want to do their best and if there is a competition involved they will want to win!

Taurus is actually pretty cooperative in group projects. They pull their weight, can be creative, and knows how to balance passivity with calm leadership. They also have practicality and is a very dependable teammate. But some Taurus can get really stuck on one idea.

Gemini is a flexible and upbeat teammate and in a group project one of their useful qualities is their energy. Gemini is willing to stay up late at the library to get something done. They are good at brainstorming and communication. But some Geminis might be that person who is flaky or is always late to group meetings.

Cancer might seem like a passive member in a group project but their practicality, understanding, and good work ethic will come in handy. They can get things done and might be quick and thorough with their work. This sign might be a good mediator too in a group.

Leo is that person who jumps at the opportunity to lead in some way. Some Leos can be highly verbal and obvious about taking the lead in a group project while others are more chill about it, but no matter what you will find a Leo steering the wheel on a team. They can be a bit difficult or cocky but usually a Leo is very professional when working on a project.

Virgo’s gift in group projects is their eye for detail! They are also communicative, cooperative, naturally helpful, and usually respects and admires anyone with good ideas. Virgo makes for a great individual to work on a project with. But some Virgos who are more judgmental might try to work alone and could be too independent and will try do to all the work themselves.

Libra is highly cooperative, a great mediator, communicative, loves to brainstorm, is creative, respects others ideas, and all around is made for team work! Libra rarely has any downsides when working on a group project and is usually the glue for the whole team. But a highly negative Libra could try to make another teammate look bad, but this is rare.

Scorpio might be someone who prefers to work alone. When forced into a group project they aren’t afraid to take the lead, can get a bit competitive, tries to see who is good at what and balances every one’s skills, but might be a bit rigid when it comes to cooperation.

Sagittarius can make for an energetic and spunky teammate! They can be idea people, likes to keep everyone in a good mood throughout the project, and can see the big picture. But this sign might be the type to ride on someone else work or can be a huge procrastinator.

Capricorn is dependable, a hard worker, works well in a team, and is a great person to work with on a project. Some Capricorns have a work smarter not harder type of attitude which could benefit or hurt the group depending on the project. But most likely a team effort with a Capricorn will have great results.

Aquarius is totally the idea person when working on a group project. This sign might also fight to take the lead in a group. You might want to elect this person to be the main speaker if a project needs that. These guys can be charismatic and loves to share their work/ideas. But an Aquarius can also be a bit cocky about their ideas and stubborn.

Pisces is the nice person who helps everyone out when working on a group project. If you need to miss a meeting, no problem, they will take notes for you. But this sign can easily be taken advantage of and might do all the work. When it comes to young Pisces watch out for their sensitive side when working on a project together. 

Platonic Percico moments to think of
  • Percy teaching Nico to drive
  • In the heat of the moment of a particularly competitive video game Percy shouts “//how// are you that good?!?!” and Nico says “I have had seventy years practise”
  • playing with Mrs. O'Leary
  • sleepy Sunday morning kisses
  • hugging from behind respectively
  • singing along to the radio together at the top of their voice making stupid faces and over exaggerated dance moves
  • Nico deciding to go to uni at Camp Jupiter (idk, majoring in communication or something) and it’s near exams and Percy makes sure he’s eating enough and getting enough sleep
  • Percy making sure Nico is eating enough and getting enough sleep in general
  • neither likes to read because reading with dyslexia gives them headaches but they love stories so sometimes they lay together and listen to books (Nico pretends to be annoyed when Percy shouts out something like “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT” or “HE’S A JERK DON’T TRUST HIM” he really finds it immensely endearing
  • Nico trying to get Percy to clean their apartment but Percy keeps distracting him with kisses
  • Percy playing with Nico’s fingers as they wait for the subway, warming them up and making Nico blush
  • cosplaying as their otp

The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) has issued a disciplinary warning in relation to the recent kiss scene between two female students in the JTBC drama “Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators.” [Source]


The Black Sun, Denmark

During spring in Denmark, flocks of more than a million European starlings gather into a single group to form incredibly large and intricate shapes in the sky. These amazing scenes are only possible because of the flock’s amazing communication and coordination.

So I heard it’s Preservation Day?

Shabbat just ended and I’m a little shaky. I just found out that the board of my summer camp won’t be letting me return this year, despite what the camp director said. Apparently they weren’t “ready” to have transgender kids at their camp yet.

Lately, I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere, really. I transferred to a non-Jewish school for the first time in my life, in the middle of the school year, no less. I couldn’t go back to my old school because it wasn’t “ready” to make “the necessary accommodations.” (Notice a pattern yet?) I thought this new school would be better, but I feel like an outsider looking in on a community that will never belong to me.

But I preserve. I am an orthodox Jew, and being transgender does not take away from that in the slightest. Being detached from my community does not take away from that either. I still go to shul, I still keep kosher, I still wear tzitzit and a kipah every day.

I think I’ve been through a lot, but I also think it gets better. Next year I’ll be in high school, and I’m able to go to a Jewish school, even if the majority of kids that go there aren’t religious/orthodox. I found a more inclusive shul after I was told that I wasn’t welcome at my old one. It’s going to be okay. I don’t have to choose between identities or communities.

So, happy Preservation Day. Don’t let anyone change who we are.

Tumblr Knowledge

I have much wisdom to impart to you that I wish someone had told me before months had passed on this forsaken site.

Table of Contents

  • Helpful Links
  • Anatomy of Tumblr
    • Dashboard
    • Search Page
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  • Ways to Post
    • Original Post
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    • Posting Privately,
    • Drafts
    • Scheduling
    • Queue
    • Side Blogs
  • Where Posts Are Actually Located
  • Original Posts
    • Text Options
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    • Audio, Video Posts
    • Photo Posts
    • Quote Posts
    • Link Posts
    • Chat Posts
  • Tags
    • Making Tags
    • Organization
    • Communication
  • Notes, Comments, Likes
    • Notes
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  • Notifications
  • Communicating With Other Users Directly
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The hottest dude I was ever with was in to BDSM stuff, but like, you know how creepy people always say BDSM is about consent, but really tends to be unsafe and creepy? This guy would make me ask for everything before he would do it, and like, every single step he would make me ask before we kept going and it was really good for a first time thing. It was like, verbal consent times twenty. It was a good way to make the encounter both feel kinky and safe.

That’s a bit like how the Antioch consent policy turns into dirty talk I think. There’s no reason for consent and communication to be boring or unsexy except for the shitty oblique mystique we’ve been raised on around “sexy”

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Do you believe that you can be effected by rape without being the one raped? Ex. If your mother was raped, friend, sister etc. You guys seem to think that it's impossible for others to suffer from the consequences of rape if you're not the victim..

I think this is a for survivor resources and like going to a survivor resource that is struggling to help all the survivors that come to it- and demanding it helps non survivors is gross??????

like yes trauma can effect families and communities but above all else? it effects the survivor more. and it’s really gross to ask survivors to think about how their trauma effected someone else?????