overboard part 4/?

Jeffersons dialogue is the darker text ((The colors scheme went a little wonkey but just remember that and you’ll be fine <33))

OKAY so I was awol for a while because I was having a major block both creatively and art wise AND I was busy with a con and commissions the whole nine yards. I’m back now!!! updates will be a little more scarce that usual for a little bit but I’ll be here and I missed you guys!!! 


Pages 75 and 76 of NMT

So.. In case theres some confusion between what those black faces are… they’re NOT souls!!

If we can recall in memoryheads fighting style, he sends little orbs which then expand into faces, and makes you hallucinate.

This is what I was trying to go for, but with the combination of Chara’s soul and determination.

The brown ring? Yes, this is part of Alex’s soul. From the game, we learnt each human had an ‘ability’ and 'object’; so.. Alex’s 'ability’ is shielding; and their object, a ring (like a finger ring). 

Yes, I know about the choice of characters resemble Glitchtale, please don’t remind me.