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by Horns of Mischief (Rinelin)

Tony has to get creative to satisfy his lover’s needs.

Words: 2356, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2dl4uwT

i need this; nsfw, felching, mild comeplay, overstimulation, bottom dean]

Cas fucks into Dean steady and slow, his hands vise-tight at Dean’s hips and his mouth open and wet at the side of Dean’s neck. He murmurs Dean’s name. Dean moans and arches up into him, trying to get more, trying to keep Cas inside him. He curls his toes in the scratchy, motel sheets. The headboard bangs against the wall like a drum.

They rarely get the chance to take their time these days. Amara is an adult now, the same dark-eyed woman Dean had met in a gritty cloud of dust and ash, and she trails destruction behind her wherever she goes – sometimes soulless people, sometimes pockets of monster activity, usually both. They’ve been on the road nearly every day for the last three months, driving twelve or fourteen hours at a time and crashing in crappy motels, often sharing with Sam. Dean loves Cas with everything he has – he loves falling asleep beside him, loves jacking him in the shower and sucking him off in the back seat of the Impala – but he’s missed this. He’s missed feeling stretched open and full. He’s missed the soft, awed look that crosses Cas’ face when he’s buried inside Dean to the hilt.

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"Cronuts And Orgasms" - Kurt/Blaine

To znks, on her very special birthday.  :)

Also, coincidentally, as a fill for this GKM prompt.

Kurt shows Blaine just how much he loves his ass.

Contains: ass worship, rimming, spanking, barebacking, and comeplay.

“You’re insane.”

“Oh my god, it looks like cottage cheese. I have a cottage cheese ass and we’re not even married yet. I have a cottage cheese ass before my first Tony, Kurt.”

"Blaine Devon Anderson, get away from that mirror right now.”

Blaine turns, and makes the face that he makes when he walks in on Sam and Mercedes going at each other. "I mean, even if it were like, evenly cottage cheese-y I might—but it’s like, patches, and that’s worse? Oh my god, when did this happen?”

He wriggles, and turns, and wriggles, and turns.

And that’s only the first five minutes of this conversation. It goes on for the better part of an hour, and Kurt feels his blood pressure rising steadily with every passing minute.

That and his traitorous penis, which doesn’t seem to mind at all the fact that Blaine has been bouncing and wriggling his half-naked ass for most of that time.

Kurt doesn’t want to go overboard trying to convince Blaine of the attractiveness of his softer parts if he truly hates them and wants to change for his own happiness—but he doesn’t want to pretend that he dislikes any part of Blaine, either. This is shaping up to be one of those times when he wants to say the right thing but ends up saying the exact wrong thing.

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“I thought about it everyday.” Jensen admitted. “Every time I came home from work and you weren’t in my bed waiting for me. Every time I saw somebody walk by with brown hair. Every time I fucked a boy on my desk and he didn’t say my name like you.”