The young geisha is ready to launch her attack. She opened her fan and was about to throw it. As she opened her fan by lifting her left hand upwards, she aimed it on a target- a XANA Monster. She immediately threw it and destroy them.

Bandaged chest Yumi~

Just tried to make her look cool and cute at the same time.

After rewatching Code: Lyoko on Spacetoon, I found a cool idea to draw with! This fanart is also inspired by a Vocaloid song: Samurai Girl by eve ft. Hatsune Miku

I like to imagine what if… Yumi, in the virtual world of Lyoko, wears some sort of bandages in the chest.
Since some Japanese people in ancient times use sarashi/chest-binding using bandages, so I know it would be cool to see. It was inspired by my friend’s idea.  Her kimono was partially open.

“So, if there’s a scene where Yumi was changing and applying makeup in the morning, We probably will see the bandages covering her chest again.We will explain that, She was taught in her geisha school that a female warrior should press her chest smaller to fight more easily.”

Sorry for low quality!

Some people were wondering why was Yumi’s chest flat on Lyoko.
Well, here is my cute idea:
Bandages on her chest may press her chest so she can fight easily. Y'know, there is a Japanese term for “sarashi”, means “bandaged chest/breasts” in ancient Japan


Voltron Week

Day 7 (August 16th): AU / Crossover

Click here for Code Lyoko Opening to compare! :)