I was tagged by @biihanka 10 months ago but because im such an awful friend i didnt see it omg forgive me 

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#1 im Destiel trash

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im jared here 

#2 Stucky 

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#3 spirk 

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#4 gramon 

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ugh such husbands

#5 oh! Zelink

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i remembred that they were my first otp since even before i joined this hell of site just fyi lmao, theyre my only straight otp btw but now i just think of them as good friends :)))))))) fuk 

My Jensen-Misha photo from jibcon8 this morning. I posted this already from the @fandomnatural account I was livetweeting from but thought I would stick it here too. As soon as I can scan a high res version I will do that too.

Background: All I said was, mostly speaking to Jensen, “Given the events of the finale, could you [JA] just give this guy [MC] a hug?” I added to clarify “Like you just got your best friend back.” I didn’t say anything about expressions or how to stand. I actually had been picturing more just a big ol’ happy smooshy hug w both of them smiling, but what they actually did blew me away. What was interesting was seeing them both silently settle on the pose & expression in almost slow motion, like they were both thinking about it. Jensen kept adjusting his face & head angle. That tragic sad frown appeared kinda like he clicked it on, and he then literally adjusted it twice, like “This frown? This one? No, this one,” and his head also started dropping down, and meanwhile Misha was like slowly tilting his head against Jensen’s (which I also had not asked for) and arranging his face into that incredibly touching mournful/resigned look. Misha kept looking at the camera but in Jensen’s final adjustment he dropped his eyes. (Good lord these guys are pros.)

So every nuance of expression & pose is from Jensen & Misha. I think this is Jensen’s real take on how Dean would look if he got to grab onto Cas again. (and I ended up with this weird certainty in my gut that Jensen had just given me a preview of S13)