torcon is coming up and i need photo op ideas!
[panel questions & meet and greet questions are also welcome!]

here are the ones i’m getting :

-Briana & Kim
-Jake Abel
-maybe misha??

If you don’t have any ideas, please signal boost! especially the Cockles one.

[Keep in mind, I’m a chubby & short little teenager(who looks like a 5 year old)]

I’m going to sign up for the SPN reverse bang (as soon as I’ve updated my icon from Cockles to god!Dean). I have an idea already but I’m not sure if I’m going to do it or something else instead. Depends on how much time I have next to work, commissions, DCBB and con preparation.

anonymous asked:

Babe youre 100% beautiful and like now 200% more beautiful to me because you love yourself, thats some good shit there 👌

:) :)  positive posts about people supporting each other in their self-love journeys!  this warms the cockles of my spooky doe heart. <3