Eternal Eternity : Cosplay Music Video
Karachiel & Lady of Barians are back with a new CMV! This time we re-made the opening of the 3rd Sailor Moon Crystal Season "Eternal Eternity", we hope you l...

Karachiel & Lady of Barians are back with a new CMV!
This time we re-made the opening of the 3rd Sailor Moon Crystal Season “Eternal Eternity”, we hope you like it too!

The video was taken to the Bolongaropalace and the City Castle in Frankfurt-Höchst and also to the home and garden of Karachiel

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Sailor Uranus / Haruka Tenoh: @ladyofbarians
Sailor Neptune / Michiru Kaioh: @karachiel

Karachiel´s Father

Spider from Highness Cosplay


 @colourmekiddo as Mettaton Ex from Undertale.

In the process of editing but be sure to keep an eye out for our LSCC cosplay video which will feature amazing cosplayers like this and more! Follow our Twitter, FacebookInstagram and watch our other CMVs on YouTube so you don’t miss out. 


“Moves Like Homestuck” IN REAL LIFE!!!

based on Kylee Henke’s awesome animation


Cosplay - A Happy Parody


i made this edit at like 7am


Two time award-winning CMV from NärCon:14, for judge’s choice and audience’s choice!

The theme for the CMV competition was “Doors” and we decided to interpret it this way.


[S] Seadwellers: Rule this Place CMV

oh well, here it is.


Spoiler so many spoilers. Enjoy. 


Ahhh we got featured in this amazingly awesome cosplay showcase video made by our talented friend SonicJKevin! You can check it out here (we’re at 3:33 right when the music changes)!! It’s always such a privilege to be in our friends’ amazing work.


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At long last our Welcome to Hell CMV is FINALLY complete! Watch for dorky misadventures, angst, graveyards, edgy teens, confliction, and low-key shipping. 


Sound the bloopers!!
Enjoy the behind the scenes for our latest SNK CMV.


Happy Valentinesday!
You know that feeling when you watch a series and you see two characters who are just.. perfect for each other? Yeah, we do too. SO, we brought them all together in this CMV! It was months of work, a lot of travelling and meeting many new people. But we think the result was worth it!

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