16th Century Ornament Prints: 1. Charity trapped in a shell-like shape (1556), designer Cornelis Floris II, engraver Johannes or Lucas van Doetecum, publisher Hieronymus Cock 2.  Figures trapped in a shell-like ornament with a man and woman also clamped in shells (1556), designer Cornelis Floris II, engraver Johannes or Lucas van Doetecum, publisher Hieronymus Cock 3.  A fountain in the shape of a cage (1557), designer Cornelis Floris II, engraver Johannes or Lucas van Doetecum, publisher Hieronymus Cock 4.  Man surrounded by birds and various creatures (1557), designer Cornelis Floris II, Johannes or Lucas van Doetecum, publisher Hieronymus Cock 5.  Men and women surrounding a face (1567), designer Jacob Floris, engraver Pieter van der Heyden, publisher Hieronymus Cock


30 Days Clamp Challenge

~09. Favorite slash couple - [½] Kurogane x Fai~

This relationship, I swear.. they’re masters in both- making me cry ‘n making me laugh. To me, kurofai share one of those rare truest bonds, like, srsly. ono And it’s not like this popped up out of nowhere, no, they needed to get to know each other, building up a friendship under the worst conditions and with almost completely opposite personalities, but in the end they closed up to each other in a really wonderful way, k~


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Where u get ur inspiration from?

Usually from things that I personally like, like soft colors, space, art nouveau in general. When i’m out of inspo i like to look at Clamp’s and Mucha’s works to get inspired again :)

XXXHOLiC Rei - Chapter 41

XXXHOLiC Rei – Chapter 41

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社 Chinese scanlations available here. English translations: none yet. DISCLAIMER: If you enjoyed reading this story, please support CLAMP by purchasing the original or licensed material available in your country. Maru and Moro’s clothes are so cute in this chapter! Wait… Is that… a new client?! She looks like that mermaid from a previous arc, or maybe it’s really…

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xxxHolic Rei Ch. 41 Translation

Disclaimer as always: my Japanese is busted and whack, so if you see any mistakes please tell me! The guest in this chapter is a throwback to xxxHolic Chapter 197 and the following chapters. I also note this during the translation, but it helps to go back and reread. You can find the chapter raws here - as always, thanks to person who worked hard to scan them! 


Splash text: (The one) who has come to the ‘shop,’ the man with a completely changed expression. He continues to support the shopkeeper from the shadows, for the purpose of what’s to come…


Vertical text: Although he’s become the shopkeeper, although he’s gone back to the 'former time,’ the pleasant unchanging everyday days of Watanuki and the other shop inhabitants. Only, what’s changed is the cleaning methods?!

Mokona: Ya~~~~y!

Watanuki: That… by jumping around like that, isn’t the dust just flying around everywhere?

Mokona: How rude! It’s a proven method of cleaning with a long history!

Watanuki: Rather than a proven method, how about efficiency? Look at Maru and Moro.


Maru: Maru’s way is faaaaaster!

Moro: Moro’s way is faaaaaster!

Mokona: Kuikkuru – what the heck! What about a house cloth! What about a beautiful and refined way of cleaning!

(Note: This seems to be a joke about the product they’re using, which is called a Kuikkuru Waipa… a 'Quick Wiper.’ Hahaha. Apparently. I think Mokona means that Maru and Moro’s way of cleaning is… cheating. :P)

Watanuki: Rather than all that, efficiency. Something useful like this is good to use.

Mokona: Gunununu (frustrated)! But our culture!


Mokona: (small, in top corner) Oh! I’ll take it! But it’s frustrating!

Watanuki: (notices something from the storeroom)

(The sound effect is 'splash.’)


Watanuki: …it really is moving, huh.


Watanuki: The noise just now… could it be water inside?

Watanuki: Even though I don’t know what it is yet, if it’s something that’s meant to 'come at the defined time, to the defined place'… then I should too attempt to 'go to the defined place’ (with this).


Watanuki: So until that time, please rest inside this shop.

Watanuki: …it acknowledged me, so I wonder if that’s okay.


(we see Fai’s former tattoo and Celesian staff, along with the shop’s copy of Ginryuu)

Watanuki: …I hope they aren’t doing anything rash.


Maru and Moro: A visitor’s come!

Watanuki: Yeah.


Guest: Good afternoon.

Watanuki: You are…

(Note: The same girl from xxxHolic Chapter 197.)

Guest: You called me the Yaobikuni.

(Note: This is a term out of mythology. Basically, a long-living Buddhist nun that appears to be a beautiful teenager. The myth in Holic seems to be more specifically referring to a woman who ate mermaid meat to live forever and never age. In Ch. 197, the Jorougumo wanted a crimson pearl from this girl made from her tears.)

Watanuki: The Jorougumo is the same as usual, then?

(Note: Our favorite spider lady who ate Watanuki’s eye. And kissed him. Y'know.)

Yaobikuni: Yes, she hasn’t changed.


Watanuki: …certainly.

Watanuki: It’s the shamisen I lent her. I’m accepting its return. But, why did the Jorougumo suddenly want to play a shamisen?

Yaobikuni: It’s always on a whim.

Watanuki: Did it sound right? It seems it’s quite difficult.

Yaobikuni: At first, not at all.

Guest: The Jorougumo said, 'I want to talk.’ After that child went somewhere and came back, to be able to play something for him…

(Note: Would welcome clarification on this line.)


Watanuki: This is quite a good thing I’ve received.

Yaobikuni: ?

Watanuki: This has been replaced by a better bridge (of the instrument) since the time it left my shop.

Watanuki: The Jorougumo was surely won over by this.

Vertical text: The Jorougumo that skillfully used the woman’s heart that wants to create beautiful sound. The girl that came along to the shop with the shamisen that was a request to the man (person) once formerly loved.

(Note: I can’t manage to translate any of that right. Any ideas, guys? Original line: 三味線はかつて恋した男(ヒト)を求め「みせ」にやってきた女性だった。)

(Note: According to Wiki, “The Edo period legend has it that a beautiful woman would entice a man into a quiet shack and begin to play a Biwa, a type of Japanese lute. While the victim would be distracted by the sound of the instrument, she binds her victim in spider silk threads in order to devour the unsuspecting person as her next meal.” So… have fun with that, Watanuki.)

I wonder about the timeline of events with Clow though. I always thought that most of the reason Clow altered Keroberos and Yue’s memories to think he was dead, was so that he could fill in for C!Tsubasa!Sakura’s father due to the timeline being rewound and changed because of R!Tsubasa!Syaoran, and that in the end these events happened because of Clow. (as shown above)

But when exactly was it that Clow reincarnated himself, and how did he balance this through the timelines and dimensions. Because wasn’t it implied that Clow was the one who unintentionally created Fei Wong Reed in that instant where he thought to himself that he just wanted Yuuko to survive (Therefore stopping Yuuko’s time and creating a being solely focused on bringing her back). But then why did Fei Wong Reed not shatter sooner? (As we know because of C!Syaoran and C!Sakura disappearing that once a creation’s originator dies the creations disappear) so does this imply Clow was still alive at this point, or was it not Clow who had created him? Clow surely would have helped if he was still alive at that point, so it makes more sense that he had already reincarnated himself in CCS by that time (which also makes sense because CCS!Sakura gave the Star Staff to C!Tsubasa!Sakura already). But then it was also stated in Tsubasa that Clow regretted having such great power because of causing these events to happen (which then make sense why he would want to split up his magical power into two beings in the first place). So wouldn’t that imply that he didn’t reincarnate himself until Fei Wong Reed was already a being? Perhaps Fei Wong Reed was already a creation before and not a creation of Clow (He is canonically a descendant at least) and that he simply wanted to be stronger than Clow and succeed where Clow had failed.  

Actually though, why did the Clow Cards, Kero and Yue, not disappear? They were creations made by Clow. Was it because Eriol and Fujitaka were alive, and Eriol had inherited Clow’s magic that they were kept alive somehow? or was his magic simply such powerful magic that it stayed even after he had died/reincarnated himself (which would also explain why Fei Wong Reed was still alive). There are so many questions surrounding Clow, I wish there were a bit more information on him and his involvement in the stories.