Okay!! Officially done for the night. Almost there with finalizing the foundations; namely will have to rework Kurogane’s left arm & … gosh I can’t make proper checkered patterns for the life of me & will have to re-do that blanket. Then onto background detailing, before I fully start to work on subject colouring, so still quite a bit to do.

But overall v happy w how it’s coming together! This piece is super special to me & I hope my giftee will feel the same :3

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Kenma throws up in the bathroom at an away match and Kuro doesn't know- but he runs into Akaashi who helps him

There was nothing left of his self-control except for the few threads he desperately clung to to keep the contents of his stomach inside as he stumbled drunkenly down the empty hall.

He had no clue where he was. He knew Fukurodani about as well as he knew Karasuno’s foreign halls, despite having been here before. He was never one to wander, always most content sticking by his team’s side. Now he found himself regretting it. He didn’t even know if he was heading in the right direction towards the bathrooms, but there was no time to acknowledge his status as hopelessly lost.

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"If you stay quiet, no one will know.” + kara ?

totally pictured redkryptonite!kara oops

“Shhhh,” Kara tilted her head to the side as she clamped a hand over your mouth.  The two of you were pressed impossibly close inside a storage closet and you had panicked at the thought of someone walking in when she pulled the front of your blouse open.

“If you stay quiet, no one will know.  Can you do that?” Kara whispered.  Her lips were so close that you could feel her breath on your ear.  Seconds later, they attached themselves to yours after her hand pulled away from your mouth.  Kara pulled back, smirking to herself all the while.  “I asked you a question.”

“I can do it.”


@blanketed-in-stars tagged me! i’m taking a break before i dive back into my disgustingly overdue fic <3

relationship status:  single, it’s for the best

favorite color:  red, black, grey, rich deep blues

pets:  my beautiful baby child daisy, who got a bath with dish soap the other day because she decided to roll all over a dead bird

last song i listened to:  worth the tears, sheer mag

favorite tv show:  i haven’t been watching much tv lately but last weekend i got drunk with a friend in st. louis and watched this episode of the original star trek, it had abe lincoln fighting with captain kirk on mars? it’s the best thing i’ve seen in absolute fucking ages. my favorite show ever is either twin peaks or the xfiles, and recently i also fell in love with jonathan strange and mr. norrell too!

first fandom:  lord of the rings!!! the first fanfic i ever read was this eowyn/arwen thing featuring middle earth nipple clamps or the equivalent of (i didn’t know what nipple clamps were and had to look them up because i was sixteen and not yet inured to everything under the sun). i wrote some pretty fucked up fic around that time.

hobbies:  homoeroticism, attempting needlepoint, writing/reading fanfic, hiking, seeing local bands at bars for cheap, getting lost in cities even slightly bigger than i’m used to, inept canoeing, stress baking

books i’m currently reading:  i’m re-reading the english patient right now! this has been a year of re-reads for me; most of what i was looking forward to has been a little disappointing. also planning to read the prisoner of azkaban soon because it’s been too long

favorite book:  ahhh i don’t know if i can name one definitively, but the closest book i have to a one-and-only absolute all-time forever fave is the sound and the fury. i’ve read it so many times my copy is falling apart.

worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted:  i hate to do my grandma this way, but her cooking is… what it is….. anyway when i was 12 we were practically living with her, and sometime before christmas she made a meatloaf. her meatloaf is orange and vaguely uhhh coarse at the best of times (take this with a grain of salt maybe, i don’t like meatloaf at all), but for some inexplicable reason at the time rainbow-colored ketchup was really popular??? you could get green, blue, purple, and probably others, and maybe they still sell them, but anyway she decided to mix green ketchup and raisins into the meatloaf and it looked and tasted exactly as horrific as you think.

other than that, it was probably when i choked down some blood sausage at someone’s 50th wedding anniversary with the asshole family.

favorite place:  the lake where i live, especially after dark.

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Archaeologists uncover clues to life of Iron Age man - BBC News
Archaeologists have been able to provide insights into the life of a man whose remains were found at an Iron Age site on Orkney.

The analysis of the jaw bone and teeth, including the Orkney Archaeology Society-funded new radiocarbon dates, show that:

  • The man died sometime between AD120 and AD240 in the latter part of what is conventionally termed the Scottish Atlantic Middle Iron Age
  • The jaw belongs to a person of some considerable age for the period, perhaps 50, but he may well be several decades older than that
  • He seems to have led an active working life judging by the condition of his teeth. The jawbone had grown over most of the sockets of the missing teeth showing that these teeth had been lost during life, while the surviving two were “quite substantially worn down”
  • His tooth loss may have been brought about partly through the man using his mouth in the manner of a third hand, to tightly clamp materials, such as grasses and straw, while working on them with his hands, perhaps in making plant-fibre items such as bags and containers

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☺️😊☺️😊😱😱🙂😊😄 I LOVE Valohan!! It's just so cute!!! Can you please do Valentine comforting Rohan when their camping out on a mission and he has a nightmare about nearly dying. *Does happy dance*

They’re v cute!

  • It’s dark, but they still have to keep a look out, the mission only being half finish. Valentine takes the first shift, and everyone spreads out on the ground in the attic part of a building they’re temporary hiding in. It’s a small, tight space, but the small windows on either end allow a view of the city and provide relative safety. 
  • Valentine is sitting in the window sill, when his terrified murmuring reaches her ears. He’s already curled up close to where she sits, but as she crosses the small space, his body trembles in his nightmare. 
  • She’s a step away when he bolts upright, one hand automatically clamping over his mouth to prevent anyone from hearing his ragged breathing. 
  • Gently, she takes his face in her hands, whispering for him to focus on her, and his heartbeat. To listen to the air moving in and out of his lungs. He’s alive. He’s okay. Breathe deeply.
  • It’s a slow process, but his irises will rest on hers, and then his hands will overlap hers. His shaking body will only press closer to her.
  • Valentine will press her hand over his heart, telling him to focus on that to focus on her touch. She softly promises that she’ll never let anything happen to him. 
  • Rohan is murmuring over and over again about how he was dead and it hurt so much. He ramblings incoherently until Valentine shushes him. Gently, she’ll have him rest his head on her lap, and there she strokes his head, the nape of his neck. Her soothing, repetitive motions helping him to quiet down. 
  • Even then, his hand clutches tightly to her leg, an anchor to the storm raging his mind. Valentine waits patiently, until he finally lets his limbs relax. 
  • “Rohan, it’s okay. I’d never let anything happen, herzli.”
  • “Val… I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
  • She’ll give him a kiss on top of his mess of wild hair before shushing him softly, continuously petting his hair until it’s his shift for the night. 

Herzli — Swiss German for little heart of mine. 

Nakayoshi Announces New "Cardcaptor Sakura" Anime

NEWS - In the latest issue of Nakayoshi in Japan, they made a big announcement: A new Cardcaptor Sakura anime is in the works! No other info was teased, however, so it’s unclear if this will be a reboot or a continuation of some kind. We’ll have to wait and see until more details are announced!


My full piece for Catching Sakura: A Cardcaptor Sakura Tribute Gallery opening this weekend Dec 3, at Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton, CA!  This along with smaller prints will be available.

For those interested in purchasing, please email CatchingSakura@gmail.com with the subject line “Collector’s Preview”– preview sales open from tonight Dec 1st 11:59 PM PST till Dec 2nd 11:59 PM PST only.