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Hold a second, where are the scenarios about dr1 chics? We must fix it. How about girls (+Chihiro) going out for a first date with their s/o?

You’re right anon we need more DR1 ladies~ Here you go

DR1 Girls + Chihiro First Date with S/O

Kyoko Kirigiri

  • It would be a little
  • Awkward
  • Because she didn’t really know this scene
  • She hadn’t really done this before
  • So it ended up a little like an interrogation
  • She wanted to know more about you
  • But because she was so nervous
  • She just kinda
  • Reeled off a tonne of questions
  • Until you took her hands across the table
  • And just told her to relax
  • And then she would breathe
  • And just sit back
  • Listening to what you had to say instead of firing off question after question

Toko Fukawa

  • She’s too shy to ask first
  • So you’ll probably have to organise it
  • But once there she will be shy
  • Wanting to learn more about you
  • But not having the confidence to ask you stuff
  • Her questions would be accompanied by her blushing
  • She wouldn’t want to go anyway too big for a first date
  • Just somewhere where you could walk and talk
  • And as she gained confidence she would try lace her fingers with yours

Sayaka Maizono

  • She would want to go somewhere
  • Like a fair
  • Or a carnival
  • Dragging you around the attractions
  • She would want to know more about you through hanging out
  • Rather than asking questions
  • Getting you to play games
  • Or show things
  • Doing stuff together
  • And bouncing off each other’s energy
  • And when you departed she would give you a kiss on the cheek too

Aoi Asahina

  • Tbf she will want to get doughnuts
  • Maybe go shopping
  • She didn’t really mind
  • As long as she had doughnuts
  • And you could walk together
  • And just chat about things
  • She’d probably loop her arm with yours
  • And talk about anything that came to her mind
  • Laughing if you didn’t quite follow her train of though

Sakura Oogami

  • She would be romantic
  • Insisting you go somewhere for a meal
  • Where she could just talk to you across the table
  • Sharing a drink or a meal
  • And get to know more about you
  • When it was just the two of you
  • She would happily tell you anything about herself
  • Because she wanted to be completely open with you
  • She would insist on paying for the meal though
  • Or at least half
  • There was no way she would let you pay for it all

Celestia Ludenburg

  • She would also go for a meal
  • But a very high class one
  • Who cared if it was a first date
  • You had to have class
  • And it wasn’t really a meal
  • It was tea and cakes
  • In a cafe with a suspiciously attractive staff
  • Yet her eyes were only on you
  • And she would listen to everything you had to say
  • Opening up about herself a little too

Junko Enoshima

  • I mean
  • What wouldn’t you do
  • For a first date this was like a rollercoaster
  • She was doing everything
  • Taking you everywhere
  • Shopping
  • The park
  • The cinema
  • For a meal
  • To the beach at night
  • Walking with your toes in the water
  • You’d both be so exhausted
  • But at the end she would probably give you a bit of Marshmallow hell in an embrace

Mukuro Ikusaba

  • Would want to go for a picnic
  • Because she was always so busy
  • She just wanted to site and enjoy nature
  • With you at her side
  • She would make such an effort for the picnic
  • Making sure everything was perfect
  • And then just asking questions
  • To get the conversation rolling
  • But asking so much about you
  • Barely talking about herself
  • Because she just wanted to know more from you
  • Taking your hand and kissing it at the end of the date with a blush

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • Would probably go to the movies
  • Packing a bag full of snacks
  • And then going to see the newest thing
  • That you’d both wanted to see for a while
  • Glancing across at you throughout the film
  • And blushing if you caught him looking
  • He would shyly take your hand and just hold it throughout
  • And at the end of it he would give you a shy hug
  • Not wanting to kiss you on the first date
  • Despite how much he had planned to
  • He didn’t want to rush