So it’s actually all the Ghibli’s movies I saw ! Spirited away is definitely my favorite , then comes Howl’s Moving Castle , Ponyo and after them Princess Mononoke ! I thought it would be a good idea to draw them as Bookmark, so i did .
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my-light-to-the-future  asked:

Hello, Tia! Can I have scenario where Mayuzumi worked as writer/novelist and got stressed (because of deadlines, ran out of ideas, or anything you want to choose) and his s/o comforted him? Thank you!!

Since I’m going through writer’s block, I feel I can relate to this personally..  So  I’ll choose he’s stressed because of writer’s block and deadline is approaching (They go hand  in hand no?) Thanks for asking sweetie!

He sighs heavily, crumbling up  yet another ball of paper before tossing it behind him. Lately, things have been tough, and he knows you’re aware of it. He comes home angrier than normal, only to flop on the bed and ignore your worried glances.

He’s told you time and time again not to worry, it was only a small block.. It wasn’t anything major..

But lately, everything’s been one giant mess.

If he wasn’t stressed over ideas, it was HOW to go about it..  If it wasn’t that, it was the plot.. there was always something small standing in the way of his work.. Some days he wished he hadn’t chosen to be a writer.. But that was his strength, and he took great pride in his work..

Pretty soon, if he didn’t hand in an outline, he would lose his chance with this successful company..

He didn’t know what to do, or what was good enough..  Everything sounded the same, or looked like someone else had come up with.. he didn’t want to be accused of plagiarizing someone else’s work.. But time was of the essence, and he was running out of options fast..

He nearly jumps when your hand rests on his shoulder, and he almost  wishes he hadn’t turned to look at you.. Because there you were, staring at him with those worried eyes, bottom lip between your teeth, and he felt the guilt wash over his body.


“I know..” is all you can muster, rubbing his shoulder tenderly, yet cautious. You didn’t know what to say.. What would make him happy again.. So you chose to stand by him, figuring this would speak louder than anything you said.

He tentatively rests a hand on yours, rubbing the smooth skin gently, before releasing yet another sigh. He knows you’re worried without having to hear it. So before you can say more, he stands up, grabbing your hand between his.

“We’ll figure it out ____.. I just may need some time…”

You shook your head, bringing his hand to your lips as you kissed it softly, giving him that smile you know makes him calm.

“Take all the time you need Chihiro.. I understand.. And I want you to be at your best..”

You pull him away from the desk, shutting off the lamp and take him to the bedroom, slowly undressing him. You’re doing everything you can to keep from bursting into tears at his disheveled appearance..  But you don’t want to add onto his current stress. 

Instead, you lean forward to kiss his cheek, making him sit before smiling at him gently.

“Just relax… I’ll bring your dinner to you…”

You’d reached the door when you heard his voice, slowly turning back to look at him. You could see the appreciation in his eyes, the way his cheeks slowly turned a light pink before he looked the other way, and you could only smile, nodding your head.

It was just a little bump in the road, and you were determined to help him through to the end.

@adrinettemonth Day 19 is Studio Ghibli AU!  Spirited Away sounded fun, so I attempted a screenshot redraw with my own style.  I hope you guys like it!  (I spent way too long on it, lololol)  XD