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Ok so tonights episode messed me up. Like. I had chihiro eating onigiri level TEARS. I have ptsd and when those intrusive thougts and anxiety hits its JUST LIKE what steven was going through. It means alot to me that they touched on anxiety today


The subject of this episode was fantastic, and really provided for me I hope a better understanding of what you are going through. That is so much, and so see it visualized has to be such a powerful connector for people across the board


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I find it funny because Hinata and Komaeda who are a boi and are ikemen bois are both voiced by two female va. While Chihiro, who is a boi but looks like a girl was voiced by a male va

Y’know, I never knew Hajime had a female VA! …Huh.

Also, I had to google ikemen to see what it meant, and…

Thanks for the example of a good looking man, Google. ~ Mod Oddish

HOT AF ~ Mod Kuma

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Oooh what if the paladins cosplayed? Like what series they would cosplay from? I feel Lance would try and pull everyone into it XD

I have a few thoughts on this:

They’d probably do a group cosplay of either Sailor Moon or Dangan Ronpa b/c big casts and cute outfits.

If they did Sailor Moon:

  • They’d pretty much be the sailor scout with the corresponding outfit color (with Shiro being Sailor Moon)
  • Allura is Tuxedo Mask (and looks damn fine in a suit)

If they did Dangan Ronpa/SDR2

  • Shiro would be Ishimaru because they both keep everyone in line but aren’t completely in charge.
  • Hunk would be Celeste because he’d look amazing in her dress
  • Keith is fuckign Togami because they’re both little shits. Either that or Hinata because they’re both kind of assholes but care about their friends
  • Lance would be Junko (or Mukuro, more accurately) because fashion and they’re both the beauty queens of their groups
  • Pidge would be Chihiro because they’re pretty much identical techie cuties. 
  • Allura would be Sonia because they’re both princesses and I want them both to live happy lives
  • Coran would be Hagakure because they’re both under-appreciated and need more love