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Hello! i love your blog and the way you write. if requests are still open can you write mibuchi and rakuzan's female manager reader-chan in a platonic relationship? like they'd perhaps be talking about who the better boyfriend in the team is or just taking care of hayama and nebuya? if its closed you can ignore this. thank you!!

Awww I love Reo! He is the essence of beauty lol. Thanks for the wonderful Ask! 


Sneakers squeaked and the distinct sound of dribbling echoed along the gym rafters. Your laugh was muffled by your hands and you looked at Reo in glee. His smile was mischievous and he nudged you with his elbow, pointing at Nebuya again. You leaned into Reo and couldn’t help but giggle again.

“Reo! He doesn’t say ‘muscle’ that much…” You tried to hold another laugh back but were past the point of pretending it wasn’t true.

“I beg to differ. Have you heard all the moves he named? Every single one contains the word muscle. It is rather entertaining. Though no one can fault him, he really does have quite the physique.” His grin widened at your slight blush.

“I suppose he does. Eh, Reo-chan. Who do you think is the best boyfriend material? You spend a lot of time around them. What do you think?” You pull your legs up onto the sideline bench, crossing them in front of you.

“Depends what you are looking for ____-chan. What does your little heart desire hmmm?” He smirked over at you, water bottle paused mid sip. For the past year you two had bonded, having a close friendship that meant the world to you. It seemed you two were usually joined at the hip, especially with you being the Rakuzan’s manager. You shared classes, sports and even time outside of school hanging out. He knew you more than you knew yourself at times.

“I don’t know Reo-chan, they are all sort of pretty aren’t they.” Your laugh was mirthful and you bit your lip at watching the rest of the boys run the court.

“Let us start with Nebuya. Chiseled muscle and a confidence that can put many to shame. He has quite the appetite but that assures plentiful outings for dates. Though he can be a bit hard headed and quick tempered.” His hand tucked under his chin and his head tilted in thought.

“Hmm he definitely has a short temper at times. Especially with Hayama.” You motioned toward the blonde ball of energy that was rambling a mile a minute to some first year.

“Oh I know.” He sighed in annoyance, remembering all too well how noisy the pair could be. He could almost feel the phantom migraine that threatened to spur at just the thought. “They are always squabbling over something. Though Hayama has his own pros. Energetic, positive and attentive. However he is a bit thick at times. He might forget important events and such.”

“Too true! He barely remembers to be on time to games. Imagine some poor girl waiting for hours at a restaurant!” You both chuckled at the clueless look Hayama would probably sport at forgetting a date.

“And then there is our rather intriguing Captain.” He side glanced you with another smirk, voice dropping a bit.

“Ah, yes…Akashi-sama…” You were a bit quieter, trying not to stare at the Captain too much since he was much more aware of his surroundings than the other teammates.

“Intelligence, class, talent, and good looks. Does seem to be the perfect package does it not?” Reo rested a hand on his cheek, eyeing all the different team members.

“You are forgetting something important Reo-chan. He is a complete control freak! I mean the sheer arrogance he-”

“Who is arrogant?” A calm voice cut you short and your eyes widened slightly, recognizing the voice of the red head you were just discussing.

“That first year who was trying to buddy up with Hayama. A bit arrogant thinking he can weasel his way in, right Sei-chan?” One thing you currently adored was Reo’s quick wit and fantastic ability to lie. Akashi seemed to believe him and looked over to the first year in question. Part of you felt bad for any repercussion the boy would face, but it sure beat the wrath you would have felt from the Captain. Akashi walked away toward the boy and you looked over at Reo, finally breathing in the air that seemed to have evacuated from your lungs in Akashi’s presence.

“Can we add intimidating to the list?” You whispered, nerves still on fire.

“Only if you don’t know how to handle him.” He spoke with confidence but even Reo quieted down after almost getting caught.

“YOU WANNA SAY THAT AGAIN?” Nebuya’s voice boomed from other side of the gym and you both looked over curiously. The first year boy was cowering away from an angry Nebuya while Hayama seemed to try and defend the poor boy. Akashi looked impassive, merely watching the events unfold.

“We left them alone for a few minutes, what the hell happened?” You grunted, running your hands through your hair in frustration.

“I suppose I did put that poor boy in this situation, I better go simmer the flames.” Reo patted your head before sauntering over, intervening between Nebuya and Hayama. You laughed at the sight, wondering how you got surrounded by such different personalities. Leaning back to grab a water bottle you felt your hand bump something and gasped at seeing Mayuzumi behind you, novel in hand.

“C-Chihiro-kun. How long have you been there?”

“The whole time.”

Well shit.


Anai Chihiro Google+ English Translation

2015/05/26  20:25

Good evening.

Today, I had a CM recording with Haruppi
For “Avispa Fukuoka x HKT48”!!

We were given opportunity to do it with
The players of Avispa Fukuoka, Kanemori and Kamekawa^^

On June 6th, Avispa Fukuoka will have a match against Tokushima Vortis, while we have Senbatsu Election、、、

Both are battles we can’t lose(`ェ´)

We definitely want to win, right!!

Everyone in Avispa Fukuoka
Please do your best!!

I shall support you☆

I shall not lose either(`ェ´)

The CM is scheduled to air from June 1st♪

The photos are from today’s offshots^^

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Somehow this pic (41( . )media( . )tumblr( . )com/bcb6bb742a1f6c0b7c4ee72a3a74c7b4/tumblr_n19y262hEB1rebih1o1_1280( . )jpg) always makes me think of Chihiro and Mondo and I thought I'd share this wonderful thought with you


Anai Chihiro Google+ English Translation

2015/05/27  08:38

Good morning.

I ate delicious croissant this morning♡

Yesterday, my family bought it for me~♪

As I thought I love breads too much(´._.`)

I shall work hard at the recording and theater performance today!!

The photo is my outfit from yesterday♪

Pure white and simple.

But it seems kind of lonesome so
I put on small accessories like
The sunglasses and the hat to look stylish☆

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"Ah Minako-chan! Watch out!!!" Chihiro began to fall as she tripped over herself while carrying boxes of supplies from the Student Council room.

“Oh my by.. here let me help you.” Minako grab the supplies box from her student council member. “I’m so sorry.” She placed the box down, take her hand and pull herself her. “There you go.”

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Hi! Can I have a cute scenario with the poor mayuzumi please? (I don't find the rules, I hope this ask is correct. Good luck with your blog!

IHello! I’ll think of the poor you’re referring to is being bullied type of poor. And thank you!


After the Winter Cup, people in school started to make a big fuss about the turn out of events. He started to gain attention and it wasn’t anything near pleasing. 

Playing just to please himself…psh…how selfish.

“He should’ve just read light novels instead. ”

Normally, he wouldn’t care at all. And so what if people didn’t like him? It wasn’t like the trash talkers were the ones who’d define his future or anything right? However, things were different after the tournament. He started to snap at people who’d give such comments about him, especially at the rude underclassmen. The subject matter of respect was something they seriously need to dwell on.

It was an average afternoon at the rooftop. The breeze was welcoming his body. From time to time, it brushed off the hair from his face, exposing his silvery irises. He was too engaged in the novel he was reading that he didn’t even notice that you were already beside him.

You smiled softly before giggling, which happened to finally get his attention. “So it is true…”

Cocking an eyebrow, he lowered the book a bit to catch a glimpse of the intruder (he kinda treats the rooftop his territory). “What? That I’m a sore loser? That I should’ve really just stayed with light novels than to be with the basketball team?”

“Of course not, silly,” you snickered. “You see, I really love the color silver, like really! Then I once saw you passing by the hallway and your hair color really intrigued me. Then I started to make assumptions about the color of your eyes since they’re usually covered by your bangs.” You swept the locks covering his eyes, not really feeling awkward and all. “They’re really cute…and beautiful. I suggest that you should try to show them more to everyone.”

He immediately blushed due to your actions and words feeling so confused about everything. He wanted to swat your hand away and tell you to leave, but he couldn’t. There was something about you that prevented him from being grumpy. 

“Mayuzumi-senpai, if you need someone to have lunch with and talk to, please don’t be afraid to approach me. I must admit that I would like to see more of those orbs of yours.”

He smiled as he stood up, pocketing the little novel. He did realize that maybe he should try to eat lunch more often. He also recognized the fact that you could be the one to give color to his monochromatic senior life (well other than basketball and his light novels, of course).

List 10 fave characters (one per fandom) then tag 10 people. Tagged by lafonfuck :)

1. Lafontaine - Carmilla
2. Poussey - Orange is the New Black
3. Asami Sato - Legend of Korra
4. Pearl - Steven Universe
5. Arthur Shappey - Cabin Pressure
6. Jem Walker - In the Flesh
7. Fat Amy - Pitch Perfect
8. Chihiro - Spirited Away
9. Steph - Pride
10. Ramona Flowers - Scott Pilgrim

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