before and after watching a sports anime

Im allowed to give relationship advice even thought im not in a relationship because ive read enough shoujo manga

What if

The swimming club from Free!
The basket club from Kuroko no Basket
The volley ball from Haikyuu
The SKET DANCE from Sket dance
The baseball club from Ace no Diamond
The soccer club from Inazuma eleven
The American football club from Eyeshield 21 
The tenis club from The Prince of tenis
The Kurata club form Chihayafuru

- Were all clubs in the same school.

Just Killing Stalking Things <3 (Sorry it got blurry)

I’m going to hell for some of these

My Favourite Anime Pairings

                                          Okita x Kagura {Gintama}

                                         Natsu x Lucy {Fairy Tail}

                                    Roy x Riza {Fullmetal Alchemist}

                                     Hak x Yona {Akatsuki no Yona}

                                   Andrew x Akko {Little Witch Academia}

                                        Alibaba x Morgiana  {Magi}

                                   Taichi x Chihaya {Chihayafuru}

                                           Hinata x Yachi {Haikyuu!!}

                               Atsushi x Kyouka {Bungou Stray Dogs}

                              Souma x Erina {Shokugeki no Souma}


Froggy’s Sports Manga Recc List!!!

as a quick excuse EXPLANATION: I generally don’t like sports manga.  And despite the domination of series such as Haikyuu, Kuroko and Daiya in the current anime/manga fan landscape, I like to imagine that there are others that are like me….  others who find sports manga tedious for a variety of reasons.

And thus, this list was born out of me doing backflips around the definition of what counts as a “sport.”  Basically, it came down to this: if the manga takes on a structure that is standard of a sports manga, or people are competing for something, I decided it was a sport!!!

Additionally, I tried to find manga that subverted a major thing that I don’t like about sports manga, and that is a complete lack of female characters.  You can expect most of these titles to have a strong presence of female characters in the plot (purely fueled by my bitterness at how much of a misogynist furudate is) !!!!

Anyways, titles and basic explanations under the cut!

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